Which Pet Would Your Main Character Love, Fear, Hate, Abuse, or Kill?

Which Pet Would Your Main Character Love, Fear, Hate, Abuse, or Kill?

What would your main character do if he found one of the following in his bedroom at night? What would your main character do if he found himself in a forest with an animal he’d never seen before? What would your main character do if he was at the beach and found a dolphin on the sand? What would your main character do if he found evidence that someone was setting up dog fights for money?

Would it be a lazy, playful cat?

Cat – Thank you Morguefile.com

Would he be so afraid of dogs that he would hide from any dog he encountered?

Dog www.moreguefile.com

Would he study, love, and protect a dolphin?

Dolphin www.moreguefile.com

Would he kill a hamster?

Hamster www.moreguefile.com

Would he abuse horses by having too many, not caring for them, or worse?

Horses www.morguefile.com

Would he be so afraid of a mouse that he’d climb on the couch to get away from him? Would he chase it all over the house? Would he set a trap for it? Would the trap work or will the mouse keep pestering him?

Mouse www.morguefile.com

Would he raise parakeets to sell for pets? Would he have a detective to check to make sure the new owners will care for them? Would he offer classes in how to care for a parakeet?


Would your main character find a lost sheep near the highway and load it into his truck and care for it until he could find the owner? Or would he kill it for food for his family who is starving?

Sheep – morguefile.com

Would your main character have a pet snake that gets out and creates a hilarious situation? Or would it lead to death of a person or the snake?

Snake www.morguefile.com

Thanks for reading my blog. Please leave a comment and let me know what your favorite pet is and which animal scares you the most.

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8 thoughts on “Which Pet Would Your Main Character Love, Fear, Hate, Abuse, or Kill?”

  1. Joan,
    I have included a poodle as a character in one story, but no other animals that I recall. Animated stuffed animals do take major roles in one work-in-progress though. I’ll think on including animals more often. Thanks for planting the idea.
    By the way, I hope those snakes pictured don’t get loose!

    1. Dear Linda, Thank you for writing. Thanks for sharing that a cute little poodle is a character in one of your books. I love stuffed animals. I have several who ride in the car with me. I’m with you. I hope the boa constrictor doesn’t get loose! It would be a tight squeeze to have him in the front seat of the car with me!

  2. Hi Joan, I don’t know What animal my character would dislike or like, but I freaked out when viewing the snake. I hate them so much I can’t even look at them. ugh! I think my character can be one who lives for furry freindly critters. lol

    1. Dear Susan, Thank you for writing. I am sorry that the snake caused you a lot of tension. I hope you have been able to find a safe haven away from him. I hope you find pictures of the soft, furry, friendly creatures or meet them in person to help you smile!

  3. Joan, I have always had a fondness for dogs. We always had at least one in the house when I was growing up. We also owned fish, gerbils and canaries. A snake would have been out of the question for a pet. My grandmother used to say “the only good snake is a dead snake.” She would search for a hoe immediately if she ever saw one. I have quite a fear of them that I probably inherited from her. A character in a story that I would write would share my feelings towards animals as well. I love your blog. Thank you for your encouragement to aspiring writers.

    1. Dear Suzanne,
      Thank you for writing. I’m glad that you enjoyed having dogs for pets when you were growing up. That’s an interesting saying that your grandmother had about snakes. I believe there are quite a few people who would agree with her. It wasn’t until I was in college that I learned that not all snakes were poisonous or dangerous. Sometimes we might kill a snake thinking it was dangerous and it was only a green garter snake that wouldn’t hurt you…it might scare you, but wouldn’t hurt you. You’re right, we sometimes put our own likes and fears into our writing, which is what makes it interesting and fun to write and to read. Thank you for saying that I am an encouragement for aspiring writers. I am honored by your opinion. Good luck with your writing. I’m proud of your blog: myfavoritepastimes.wordpress.com. You have great pictures and interesting text.
      Celebrate you
      Never Give Up
      Celebrate you.

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