50 Publishers Who Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts

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“50 Publishers Who Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts” by Joan Y. Edwards

Updated July 1, 2022.

Please write me at joanyedwards1@gmail.com if this list helps you get published. Also, let me know if a link no longer works.  Publishers change their websites often. Thank you for reading my blog.


Your revised and edited manuscripts are saying:

“Send me to a publisher.  Send me. Send me. I’m ready!”

It’s okay if in the past you didn’t submit your work. Forget the past. Focus on right now. Check the guidelines for the publisher you’ve chosen. Look at the books they published. Do you like the illustrations on the covers? Are the books appealing to you?

If you’re like me, one of your stories says, “Send me to a publisher. Send me. Send me. I’m ready!” It’s waited anxiously for submission for days, months, or years. Now is the time to send your manuscript to a publisher. How can you turn down your sweet manuscript?

What? You’ve decided to do it now. Hurray!

It’s important to follow the very latest guidelines on the publisher’s website. Does this publisher accept unsolicited manuscripts?  Do they want paper or online submissions? Are there certain months, they don’t accept submissions?

Some companies may offer you the opportunity to self-publish or vanity publish with them. Don’t do it. Go to a traditional publisher who does not charge you money for anything. 


 1. Algora Publishing (Adults, Non-fiction)

Algora is an academic-type press, publishing general nonfiction for the educated reader. We publish works by American and international authors.

Subjects relating to anthropology, business/economics, creative nonfiction, diplomacy, education, government/politics, health/medicine, history, language/literature, military/war/peace, music, nature, philosophy, political economics, secular analysis of religion, science, sociology, translations, travel-foreign experiences, women’s issues/studies may be considered.

2.Baen Books (Adults) Submission Guidelines Specialized – Science Fiction and Fantasy

Baen Books is a science fiction and fantasy publisher. It accepts unsolicited manuscripts for all books and prefers electronic submissions through its manuscript-submission form. Baen is very accepting of new authors and has a large e-publishing department.

3. Bancroft Press (Adults) Fiction and Non-Fiction

4. Blaze Vox Books (Adults) Submission Guidelines – poetry and fiction submissions.

5. Chelsea Green Publishing (Adults) Submission Guidelines Specialized.

Chelsea Green specializes in books that promote the “politics and practice of sustainable living.”

6. Carina Press  Romance

7. Chicago Review Press (Adults) Nonfiction, Memoirs

Chicago Review Press publishes nonfiction in the following categories: African American interest, autobiography/biography, DIY, film, food and drink (not cookbooks), history, music, parenting, politics, popular culture, popular science, social science, sports, regional (Midwest), nature/outdoor/travel, true crime, and women’s interest.

8. DAW (Adults) was bought by Astra Publishing. I am checking about their submission guidelines.

DAW is actively seeking new works of science fiction and fantasy written by and/or featuring people of color, Native people, disabled people, neurodiverse people, LGBTQIA+ people, and those from other underrepresented or marginalized communities. They may be closed to unsolicited submissions at the present time.

9. Harlequin Romance

We accept unagented submissions for Harlequin Series (sometimes known as “Category Romance”) books.

10. Hub City Press (Adult)

Hub City Press publishes books of literary fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, regional nonfiction, nature, and art.  Uses Submittable Software for submissions.

Hub City Press is not looking for submissions in the following categories: romance, science fiction, true crime, mystery, cookbooks, how-to books, horror/paranormal or specific-religion inspirational books. We also can no longer accept queries for poetry collections. We do not publish books for young people (YA, middle grade or children’s).


11. Kensington Publishing Corporation (Adults) Fiction and Non-Fiction.


12. NCM Publishing (Adults and Young Adult, Fiction and Non-Fiction)

NCM editors are seeking tasteful provocative, intelligent fiction manuscripts in the areas of sexuality and erotica, romance, urban and street, science fiction, Christian fiction, and general interest, as well as nonfiction, and lively stories of all genres of fiction for the general population between the ages of 18 and older (as well as Young Adult fiction). 

Along with your submission, please include a book marketing and promotions plan. 

13. McFarland Books

Non-Fiction only. McFarland welcomes proposals for nonfiction manuscripts on a wide range of subjects, not limited to the following: popular culture and performing arts (especially film, television, dance, gaming), military history (especially World War II and Civil War), international studies, health topics, sports (especially baseball, boxing, American football), automotive (and planes and trains), literary studies (including both classic and genre fiction, mystery, SF, fantasy, horror), medieval studies, mythology, folklore, and women’s and gender studies. Multicontributor manuscripts and edited collections of essays are welcome.

14. Persea Books (Adult)

They publish fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. They do not publish genre fiction (romance, fantasy, science fiction, thrillers), self-help, textbooks, or children’s books.

15. Press 53 (Adults poetry and short stories)

Uses Submittable Software for submissions.

16. Regal House Publishing  (Adult and Children)

Regal House (literary, historical, contemporary fiction, poetry via our Terry J. Cox Poetry Award, memoirs, short story collections via our W.S. Porter Prize), and our imprints Fitzroy Books (childrens, MG and YA fiction) and Pact Press ( full-length fiction, memoirs, essay collections, anthologies), are open for submissions from authors and literary agents.

17. Persea Publishing (Adult and Young Adult) Scroll down their page for submissions.

We publish literary novels and short story collections, creative nonfiction, memoir, essays, biography, literary criticism, books on contemporary issues (multicultural, feminist, LGBT), and literary and multicultural anthologies that are assigned in secondary and university classrooms.

18. Quirk Books(Adults-Fiction and Non-Fiction)

19.  Redleaf Press (Adults Caring for or Teaching Children)

Established in 1973, Redleaf Press is a leading nonprofit publisher of exceptional curriculum, management, and business resources for early childhood professionals. 

20. D.A. Owen Publications (Adults)
Science Fiction and Fantasy, Romance

21. Shambhala (Adult)

Currently our acquisition interests are on the topics of Buddhism, mindful living, yoga, psychology, health and wellness, nature, parenting, crafting, creativity, and cooking. 

22. Sky Horse Publishing (Adult Non-Fiction)

23.Wolfpack Publishing  (Adult)
men’s adventure, mystery & suspense and action-adventure (currently closed to unsolicited submissions.

24. Poets and Writers Small Presses Database for Poets and Writers (Adult)

Search for small publishers who publish poetry or collections of poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction (memoir), etc. You can filter the genres and it will show you your choices.


Adults and Children

25. Andrew’s McMeel Poetry, Humor and children’s books

26. August Books (Adults and Children) Adult books about storytelling and collections of folktales.

Adults  For our general trade line, we are interested in acquiring books related to folktales, stories from the oral tradition, stories from diverse cultures, scary stories and resource books about using stories or storytelling in the classroom. 

 Children For our Little Folk children’s picture-book line, we are seeking single-story manuscripts that feature traditional folktales.

27. Dreaming Big Publications Submission Guidelines (Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Children)

28. Familius (Adults and Children)

Familius is a mission-driven company. We believe that the family is the fundamental unit of society, and all of our books reflect that in some way. Our categories include parenting, marriage, family fun, education, cooking, health and wellness, children’s books, and fiction for both adults and young adults. Basically, if your book can help us achieve our mission of helping families be happy, we want to talk to you.

29. Free Spirit Publishing (Children, Teens, Parents, Educators, Counselors)

Free Spirit Publishing publishes high-quality nonfiction books and learning materials for children, teens, parents, educators, counselors, and others who live and work with young people.

30. Gibbs Smith Adults Nonfiction and Children’s Books.

Our main emphasis is on interior designarchitecturechildren’s, and cookbooks. Additionally, we accept submissions in the following subjects: arts and craftswestern humor with general appealgeneral humor, and gift books.

31. Sourcebooks Adults and Children

32. TouchPoint Press Fiction and Nonfiction for Adults and Children

TouchPoint Press publishes titles across multiple genres and sub-genres. Our focus is not so much on a specific genre or sub-genre but on acquiring manuscripts that are exceptionally well-written, fast-paced, and engaging. At this time TouchPoint is only accepting submissions from the U.S.A.

33. Regal House Publishing

(Adult and Children) Regal House (literary, historical, contemporary fiction, poetry via our Terry J. Cox Poetry Award, memoirs, short story collections via our W.S. Porter Prize), and our imprints 

Fitzroy Books (childrens, MG and YA fiction) and 

Pact Press ( full-length fiction, memoirs, essay collections, anthologies), are open for submissions from authors and literary agents.

34. Seven Stories Press (Adult and Children Fiction and Nonfiction)

35. Shadow Mountain Publishing (Adult and Children – All genres.

We publish general fiction and nonfiction for all ages, all genres. We have a strong interest in middle grade fantasy and clean romance.

36. Sterling Publishing (Adult and Children)


37. Stone Pier Press (Adult and Children)

We’re looking for books about good food; books that inspire support for climate-friendly, agriculturally sustainable, and good-for-us eating. We tilt toward stories that feature solutions and problem-solvers. But what’s most important is that your book inspire greener eating, and be a really good read.

We’ll consider narrative nonfiction, guidebooks, memoirs, young adult novels, biographies, and children’s books. Among the books we’re developing is a handbook for the backyard carbon farmer, the intensifying hunt for a humane burger, and a funny kid’s book that kicks off a barnyard rescue series by introducing a pig named Sprig.

38. TCK Publishing (Adult and Children)

Fiction and Non-Fiction

39. Turner Publishing

Turner currently publishes 5,000 titles. Turner has a broad array of titles in fiction & non-fiction, including business, young adult, history, romance, mystery, cookbooks, health & wellness, animals, design, and more.

40. Albert Whitman & Company (Children)

Picture book manuscripts for ages 2-8. Novels and chapter books for ages 8-12. Young adult novels. Nonfiction for ages 3-12 and YA. Art samples showing pictures of children.

42. Andrews McMeel Publishing

Andrews McMeel Publishing is a leading publisher of humor, inspiration, poetry, and middle grade children’s books and licensed, pop culture-relevant calendars, publishing as many as 150 books and nearly 200 calendars annually.

43. Charlesbridge (Children)

Charlesbridge offers free activities to readers.

44. Chronicle Books (Children) Fiction and Non-Fiction Requires paper submissions.

45. Eerdmans Publishing Co. (Children)


46. Flashlight Press (Children)Flashlight accepts only picture books.

47. Holiday House (Children) Holiday House is a publisher of children’s books only. We specialize in quality hardcovers, from picture books to young adult, both fiction and nonfiction.

48.  Peachtree (Children)

49. Ripple Grove Press (Children) Picture Books only (Ages 2-6)

50. Sky Pony Press (Children)


Free Lance Writers
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Bethany Carl. “Ultimate Guide to Being a Freelancer:” https://www.websiteplanet.com/blog/ultimate-guide-to-being-a-freelancer/

Places to get published:

Jacob Jans. Authors Publish Magazine sends you publishers accepting submissions of creative writing.

Emily Harstone. Ten Respected Publishers Who Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts.
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Short Story

John Fox. Publishers of Short Story Collections:” https://thejohnfox.com/publishers-of-short-story-collections/

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Charlotte Dillon has an awesome list of publishers and agents and many resources: http://www.charlottedillon.com/PubsAgents.html

Meera Nair. Writing Oasis. 20 Publishers Who are Accepting Unsolicited  Submissions

Emily Harstone. Ten Respected Publishers That Accept Unsolicited Submissions

Library.wise.edu. Publishers of Feminist, GWS, and LGBTQ+ Publishers (may or may not accept unsolicited manuscripts)

Looking for an Agent? Check out “22 Literary Agents Who Are Looking for You:” http://joanyedwards.com/2013/09/06/22-literary-agents-who-are-looking-for-you/

Information to help you submit your work:
You Have the Writer Essentials for Submitting: Go for it. 

Step 1 Get work critiqued, revised, printed, and proofed.

Step 2 Choose the publisher, editor, agent, or contest for this writing project.

Step 3 Write the pitch, query letter, cover letter, resume, bio, and/or proposal as required by the guidelines of the editor, agent, or contest you chose for submission this time.

Step 4 Proof and Send your pitch, query letter, cover letter, resume, bio, and/or proposal as required by the guidelines of the editor, agent, or contest you chose for submission this time.

May you reach all of your heart’s desires!  Good luck with all your writing endeavors and your life.

Thanks for being here.

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Never Give Up
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Never Give Up
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    Love the clipart. I’ll be saving this post for future reference. 🙂

    1. Dear Tracy,
      Thank you for writing and for saying my post is worthy. 4RV Publishing is a small publisher. They only had the money to publish a certain number of books a year. I knew it would be that long when I signed the contract. They are working to try to release it sooner.

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    Thank you again for such a good posting. I am thankful for you and all the work you do in checking out information for us and letting us know your condensed versions. They are most helpful to us who are new to the business and don’t know the terminology. I especially appreciate the publishers listing in this post.

    Bless you today, Barbara

    1. Dear Barbara,
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  5. Thank you , Joan, for the gift of this list. I can’t wait to check these all out. You give me HOPE!!!

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  6. I published with Albert Whitman and can assert that it is a wonderful company. Everyone I worked with there was patient, professional, and completely devoted to children’s literature.

    1. Dear Mike,
      Thank you very much for reading my blog and staying a while to leave a comment. I am so excited that you are published with Albert Whitman and assert that it is a wonderful company. It is wonderful that those you work with there are patient, professional, and completely devoted to children’s literature. Thanks for sending encouragement to me and all the readers of my blog. Hip Hip Hooray for those who fill us with hope. Good luck in finding publishers for all of your works.

      Celebrate you and your gift of compassion and understanding
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    1. Dear Richard,
      Thank you for writing and for following my blog. You’re welcome for the publishers list. I read a little of your biography on your blog. I taught school for 35 years. I understand some of the problems you faced as a teacher. I’m proud of you for pursuing your writing dreams. Celebrate you.

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      1. thanks. that was very kind of you to take a moment to do that and to extend good wishes. and you may have seen, i’m working on a new novel, finishing chapter 10 today of a likely 30 total chapters, and a likely 85,000 words. i have five others finished, but i’m greatly intimidated about querying. it’s one of those things for which you have to just jump in the water. good luck to all of us.

        1. Dear Richard,
          Thanks for writing me again. I am honored. Wow! You’ve done a bunch of writing. The more you write, the better you’ll get at it. I have a few blog posts to help with querying. The Pub Subber Week 1, 2, 3, will help you get it all in line. The tabs for those are at the top of my blog.
          Thanks for your good luck wishes for everyone. You are right. You have to jump in the water. Believe in yourself. You can do it.

          Celebrate you.
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          1. thanks. i wish i could hire someone to do the agent/query part and give them a percentage of whatever happens. just like you give an agent a percentage of whatever happens also.

            i wonder if anyone does that.

            1. Dear Richard,
              Thanks for writing. What you want is a Pre-Agent? I agree that would be great. If you write your query right, you can be your own Pre-Agent. Pay yourself! That keeps the money in the family. I hope you liked my touch of humor here. Sometimes Literary Agencies have contests. Keep trying and believe in you and your writing!

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  9. Were is the best place or website to send my written and typed story’s..plots manuscripts ?
    I am a creative writer…I’m always looking websites to send my notarized manuscripts

    1. Dear Champ,
      Thanks for writing. I’ve been out of town. Thank you also for calling me. You don’t have to have your manuscripts notarized. Are you possibly talking about getting them copyrighted? Anything you write is copyrighted to you the minute you write it. Make sure you put the date on it and your name. I’d print a copy.

      Choose a publisher that matches the manuscript you’ve written. If it’s a manuscript for children, make sure the publisher accepts queries or manuscripts for that type of writing. If you have an agent, he will submit your work. Many writers do not have agents. I don’t yet. If I can help you more, please write again or call me again. I’ll be glad to see if I can help you more.

      Never Give Up
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  10. Hello there! What a wonderful blog, I will be sure to subscribe. I am a young emerging author who has done a lot of reserach on getting an agent but I think its wise to spend more time writing. I try to write as much as possible and have had my manuscript peer reviewed as much as possible. I am almost done with my novel which is a romance-fantasy-thriller. Which company do you suggest I solicit do being that I don’t have an agent? Your insight is most appreciated.

    1. Dear Maryam,
      Thank you very much for writing. I would submit it to a Romance Publisher. Make sure your ending is “they live happily ever after.”
      Look through the publishers listed who accept unsolicited manuscripts or other publishers who who are not on my list who accept unsolicited manuscripts. This means you do not need an agent.
      Good luck with your submission.

      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

  11. Very interesting post. I thought that you’d also be interested in a new publishing house as well. People can submit short stories, poetry, art, or editorials to us at Brine Books Publishing or Brine Books

    We are actively seeking for submissions and are doing our best to raise awareness so as to raise funds for human rights organizations and charities around the world

    1. Dear Admin at Brine Books Publishing,
      Thank you for writing. I will check out your website. Do you pay royalties like traditional publishers?

      Celebrate you and all you do to help others.

      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

      1. Unfortunately we cannot afford to pay royalties at this time, as a good portion of our funds go toward the non-profits and charities including of what would normally go toward us — the publishers.
        As we grow, however, we hope to be capable of offering programs to help writers as we can afford to do so. But to make up for this, we require no exclusivity and wish to find ways to talk up and promote anyone that contributes. And we don’t publish novels, as our business model would not be fair to those that submit if we did. We do not mind if writers take the work of theirs, after copyediting, and then resubmit elsewhere. It is our hope for writers to succeed in what they do.

  12. Looking for a publisher who will read an educational book that is written for adults. Both my husband and I are Special Education teachers and we have written a book that is about special needs children and the obstacles they have overcome. The book is fiction, but most of the events and techniques are not. We have used them in our classrooms and they work!

    Can’t seem to get a publisher to publish the work. Some have written back to us, after reading sample chapters, that the book is good, but not what they want. Others have ignored us. The e-book people are like vultures. They want a fee. We were willing to pay a fee, thought we found a reputable company,but the company turned out to be a complete scam. Fortunately, we got out without having to pay. We had to block a credit card and eventually cancelled the credit card.It could
    have been a lot worse.

    Any advice is welcome.

    1. Dear Barbara and William Johnson,
      Thanks for writing. What a bummer that you haven’t been able to find a publisher for your book about special needs children and their obstacles. Try Woodbine House. Woodbine House mostly publishes books for parents of special needs, but said they would look at submissions for children’s books, too.

      Both of them publish books about and for special needs children.

      Good luck. Please let me know how it goes.

      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

    2. Hello,

      May I suggest trying Kindred Rainbow Publishing? They have accepted my book for publication, and without revealing too much, lets just say it is not your typical book for children 🙂 Also they are not a vanity publisher so will not ask for any money from you either.

      Good luck with the search!



      1. Dear Jo,
        Thank you very much for writing. I’ll check out Kindred Rainbow Publishing. Congratulations on the contract for the publication of your children’s book. Hurray for you and Kindred Rainbow Publishing. Their website is not up yet as of January 16, 2014. There is no information on Preditors and Editors that list good and not so good publishers. When I have more information, I will post it. I don’t know enough about them to recommend them.

        Good luck with your publication. Please keep me informed. Let me know how it goes with Kindred Rainbow Publishing.
        Never Give Up
        Joan Y. Edwards

      2. Hi jo. I have had interest from kindred rainbow but couldn’t find any information from them online. Have they ever published anything before? Couldn’t find a single book they’ve published and so find it all a bit weird. Any info would be great!

        1. Dear Liz,
          Someone else suggested Kindred Rainbow Publishing. It is a brand-new publisher. Their website is not even up yet. They are taking submissions. They are not listed on the “Preditors and Editors”list of good and questionable publishers list on line. Have a good lawyer read over your contract before you sign or Wait until you see what kind of quality books they are going to come out with. You will have to use your own personal judgment.

          Thanks for reading my blog and for writing.
          Joan Y. Edwards

  13. Dear Joan,
    Thank you so much for this list! I love the detail and the information! It has given me a little hope for submission!

    Thank you again,

    1. Dear Laura,
      Thank you for writing. You are welcome for my list. I’m glad the 18 Publishers list has given you hope for submission and publication! Go, Laura, go.

      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

    1. Dear Sajianim,
      Thank you for writing. You’ll have to contact a publisher or agent for that. I listed these resources to help you find one that you believe will be interested in your work.

      Celebrate you.
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

  14. Thanks Joan, I really like your blog. It will help me in promoting my dreams to writing a nature awareness book. I will surely take a look at Dawns Publisher. Regards Kingsley

    1. Dear Kingsley,
      Thank you for writing. I’m glad you really like my blog. Please let me know when you reach your dream of writing a nature awareness book. I wish you good luck in getting it published, too.

      Please let me know if there’s a topic you’d like for me to write about.

      Celebrate you
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

  15. Thank you for sending me information to add you to my list of publishers who accept unsolicited submissions. On behalf of all writers, I appreciate you for giving unagented writers a chance.

    Celebrate you and what you do to help others.

    1. Dear Jack,
      Thank you for writing. You’re very welcome for my featuring SkyAsure Publishing on my revised list. It’s a good feeling to be appreciated.

      Thanks for your good wishes.
      Never Give Up

  16. hi, i have been trying to get a publisher to publish my collection of poems a 100 in total in my hometown kashmir which is ravaged by conflict, i want ppl to know about my land. but it seems to fall on deaf years.. any suggestions?

    1. Dear Asad,
      I am sorry about the conflict in your hometown of Kashmir. I pray that the conflict is over soon and peace fill your hearts and those of others there. There are publishers who publish poetry collections.
      http://www.pw.org/small_presses – many of these small presses publish poetry. You’d have to read and follow their guidelines.

      Good luck to you.
      Thanks for writing.

      Never Give Up

  17. Joan…I appreciate the information you provided to all of us aspiring writers. I’ve read each publisher’s submission criteria and will “never give up,” on my desire to be published. Many thanks.

    1. Dear Carole,
      Thanks for writing. I’m glad that you have found the information in 18 Publishers Who Accept Unsolicited Manuscripts helpful to you. I am especially happy that you will “NEVER GIVE UP on your desire to get published. You’re very welcome.

      Celebrate you.
      Never Give UP

  18. Here’s a letter I received from Krystal Russell Tall Tails Publishing Company
    Good evening Ms. Edwards,
    I came across your blog and thought your readers might be interested in submitting manuscripts to Tall Tails Publishing House. We’re a small independent children’s press, and we’re expanding our catalog with two new imprints this year. One is for non-fiction and reference, and the other is for fiction chapter books. I have included our wish list below, but other genres may be considered.
    Non-fiction and reference:
    • Writing guides and reference books
    • Biographies of (often overlooked) historical figures
    • Accounts of historical events using primary sources, especially from a child’s POV
    • Oklahoma history and biographies, especially from a child’s POV
    • Science and technology guides, tutorials, and reference materials
    Fiction Chapter Books:
    • Legends, myths, or fairy tales—with a twist!
    • Science Fiction set in outer space
    • Post-Apocalyptic stories (remember the audience!)
    • Stories featuring multicultural or non-traditional family groups, especially during the holidays or special events
    • Scary chapter books
    Our current response time is about six weeks, but if an author doesn’t hear from us in that time frame, they can send us an email. Please read our Submission Guidelines carefully before submitting.
    If you would like further information about Tall Tails Publishing House, please let me know.
    Thank you!

    Krystal Russell
    Tall Tails Publishing House

    tel: 918-770-9923

    1. Here’s the letter I sent in reply:
      Dear Krystal,
      Thank you very much for sending me the information about Tall Tails Publishing House. I plan to do an update on my 18 publishers blogpost. I’ll add yours when I do.

      Celebrate you and all you do for readers and writers
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards
      My Books:
      Flip Flap Floodle, even mean ole Mr. Fox can’t stop this little duck
      Paperback, Kindle and Nook
      Joan’s Elder Care Guide, Release 2014 by 4RV Publishing

  19. I have written the 1st 4 chapters of a book. This is a book for teens and older.
    how do I get my book published? I know I can go through Amazon but I would rather not at this time.


    Tiffany Robinson

    1. Dear Tiffany,
      Thank you for writing. I suggest that you finish your book and then submit it according to the guidelines of one of the publishers that is suitable on this blog post. Good luck.

      Celebrate you.
      Never Give Up

  20. I love people who share their research with others. My publisher, S & H Publishing, Inc. did not even exist when you wrote this, but we already have 6 authors and 15 quality books. We’d love to be included next time you talk about small presses. We are always looking for talented writers, and we never take money from our authors. We provide the advantages of having a publisher (like quarterly promotional campaigns) with the freedoms self-published authors love.
    Check us out: http://www.sandhpublishing.com

    1. Dear S and H Publishing,
      Thank you for writing to let me know about your new publishing company. When I update my post, I’ll add yours. It’s good to know that you are there to help writers achieve their publication dreams! Thank you for doing that.

      Never Give Up

            1. Dear Dixiane,
              Thanks for replying so quickly to my request. Having your name for the update will make it more meaningful.

              Celebrate you and all you do to help others,
              Never Give Up

  21. Im a four times published, 6 times approved,author sitting on 10 books id like to have published…. & an.additional recently written a childrens series I would like to have published & im still working on the other books that will be included in the series… About five books written at this time… I have very little money, & am autistic so I dont comprehend a whole lot, words end up running together… My series is titled the adventires of gator bait, then one book is about potty training, & another about learning to ride bikes ecs… The illistrations will need to be pictures drawn from actual photographs ive taken of gator I use pictures of him, to create the adventure books which are dedicated to his life story…. Can I submit my manuscript online, by email or only by mail?

    Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android

    1. Dear Misty,
      Thank you for writing. The guidelines of the publisher you choose for your submission will tell you whether to send your manuscript through email or snail mail. Good luck wtih the publication of your books.

      Celebrate you.
      Never Give Up

  22. Dear Rob,
    Thank you for writing. Congratulations on your new publishing company. Thank you for setting out as a primary goal to help beginning writers get off to a good start. I checked out your website and guidelines. I’ll add your name to my list. Thank you for sharing your information with me. I am honored.

    Never Give Up

  23. Thank you for this post. I have just completed a manuscript on relationship advice for women, so I am definitely in need of a publishing house accepting unsolicited manuscripts. If that does not work out well, I will then review self publishing. However, I have faith the former will work to my favor.

    This post was worth reading. I am sure it took some time to complete, so I felt it was necessary to share my appreciation. Thank you once again. Would you recommend someone in one country, to submit to a publisher in another country? For instance, the writer resides in the UK, but the publisher is in the US.

    1. Dear One Gentleman,
      Thank you for writing. I’m glad that my list of publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts is going to help you. The shipping price for your books might be different. Emails drop the cost for communication except the actual contract. Internet sales will come from different countries.
      I’d say have a lawyer look at the contract. If you feel good about the contract and offer, perhaps it would lead to a publisher in your country noticing you and offer to purchase your next book.
      Good luck with your book. Celebrate.
      Never Give Up

        1. Dear One Gentleman,
          Thank you for writing. You are welcome. It is my pleasure to respond and provide insight to help you along the road to publication.

          Please write and let me know when it’s published and send me a link to it.

          Celebrate each step on the way
          Never Give Up

  24. Dear Joan,
    How lucky I am to find Joan Y. Edwards and the thoughtful work she shares with anyone interested in finding a publisher. Apparently you never give up! and I shall take that philosophy for my own. Now I can’t give up on checking out the guidelines and info on the fine list of many children’s publishers you have provided.

    How can I help you in return?

    1. Dear Belva,
      Thank you very much for writing. I’m glad you have decided Never to Give Up! Hip Hip Hooray for you. Do check out the publishers I listed. I am happy to share them with you. If you would buy a copy of my book, Flip Flap Floodle, . That would honor be greatly. Or pray for me. I would appreciate that very much. And what would even make me smile from here to Australia is for you to tell me you found a publisher for your manuscript.

      Celebrate you
      Never Give Up

  25. We too accept unsolicited manuscripts, and we’re especially interested in high-quality detective mysteries, thrillers, and suspense novels

  26. Dear Jasper,
    Thank you for writing. Thank you for accepting unsolicited manuscripts. I understand that you only publish Kindle versions of the books you accept. You have great covers and titles. Why is it called “Not So Noble Imprint.” Some people might not want to be associated with “not so noble.” Please explain.

    Look where you’ve come from
    Celebrate you.
    Never Give Up

  27. Hi Joan,
    Thank you for your kind words. Yes at the moment we only publish kindle versions, which is something we’re very focused on, and expert at. I see that link no longer works.

    The original not so noble books, came from the idea of doing something less idealistic and more practical than we’d done before (being an artist in my case). We believe in wonderful authors and books, but we want to make sure they make some money, too!


    1. Dear Jasper,
      What about changing it from not so noble to practical then. I think writers would want their work to be noble…Noble – Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster …
      having, showing, or coming from personal qualities that people admire (such as honesty, generosity, courage, etc.)

      Just a Thought…

      I’ll add your company when I update the blogpost again. Thank you.


    1. Dear Lizard Yoga’s People,
      Thank you for reblogging this on your blog! I appreciate it very much. That is true. We want to help as many writers as we can!

      Celebrate you
      Never Give Up

      1. You’re welcome. If there’s one thing every piece of advice I’ve ever heard has in common, it’s ‘don’t give up. Persevere. Keep going.’

        1. Dear Lizard Yoda,
          Thanks for writing. I’m glad we agree that we should keep on going. I wish you energy, love, and acceptance to keep on going!

          Celebrate you.
          Never Give Up

            1. Dear Lizard Yoga,
              Thanks for letting me know about my spelling error. Lizard Yoda has a good ring to it, too. Now you have two appropriate names for yourself.

              Never Give Up

  28. Hey there,

    I am the owner of Dream Big Publishing. We are accepting submissions. We love these books in particular
    – Romance
    – Historical
    – Dystopian
    – EROTICA!!!!
    – Paranormal
    – ZOMBIE!!!
    – Fantasy- Werewolf / shifter

    But we are always open to other genre as well! You can check out our website dream big publishing

    We are open for NEW authors and well established authors. We take unsolicited and unagented and we accept agented authors as well.

    We’d love to hear from you.

    Thanks! Lindsey Owens, Dream Big Publishing

  29. I have been feeling so lost as a writer, wondering when my moment will come and how long I will have to go on without doing what I love the most for a living. This gave me renewed hope and I know it is an answer to my prayers as to what is around the corner. I know many other fellow writers would’ve felt the same, but I don’t know how many of us would’ve put something like this out there. Thank you for your selfless act and may God bless your writing and make it more successful and fulfilling than you could have ever imagined!

    1. Dear Lily,
      Thank you for writing. I’m glad that my 27 Publishers post gave you renewed hope. I’m glad you believe it’s an answer to your prayers. Believe in you and your writing. Do what it takes to be a writer. Write. Believe in you. Write. Believe in you. Submit. Believe in you. Write. Believe in you. Submit. Tell everyone that you are a professional writer…an author of books that thousands of people want to read. Find the books or workshops to teach you the skills you need. Go for it!

      Celebrate you.
      The World Is Waiting to Read Your Words
      Never Give Up

  30. Hi what a wonderful idea to write down this list and all your tips, Thank you so much for your work!. I have a question, because I am a bit confused,
    These are publishing companies who do not charge if they choose to publish your book, correct? I noticed that in all of them in the submission rules, they all require you to write a marketing plan and sales figures? Why is that, what is the reason why they ask for this, isn’t that part of they would do instead?
    I appreciate if you can answer to this question! Thanks

    1. Dear Anna,
      Thank you for writing. You are welcome for my research.
      Here’s the story on a marketing plan:

      Publishers want to know 3 successful books that are similar to yours. They also want to know about your marketing plan…how you are going to help promote and sell your book.
      Do you have a blog? Website? How many followers do you have? How many people will you be able to reach to tell about your book?
      Will you do guest blog posts to tell about your book? Have book signings at book stores? Readings at the public library? For organizations?

      They want to know if you’re in to help as much as they are in selling your book.

      It’s good to know your competition. It’s good for them to know you have plans on how to get the word out about your book. It used to be that this was essential only for non-fiction books, but it is getting where more publishers want a commitment from you that you will help promote and sell your book, too.

      I hope this helps. Follow your gut feeling. If a publisher doesn’t seem right, don’t submit to them.

      I hope you will subscribe to my blog. I have posted lots of information to help writers!

      Celebrate you and your gift of writing.
      Never Give Up

      1. Joan,
        thank you so much, yes, of course I will subscribe to your blog,what you say makes so much sense, so that means that even if they do the major part in putting the book on the market, I have to do my own part as well? correct? But then it is not much different than just doing it on my own via Amazon and other similar sites? I guess the difference is that they also give you the opportunity to sell the hard copy in non-online bookstores, correct?
        Plz let me know how to subscribe to your blog, and where is the link to do so? I am checking the option to receive new posts too
        Thanks again 🙂

        1. Dear Anna,
          I see where you subscribed to my blog. Thank you. Traditional Publishers have the ability to reach many more people than we usually can as a self-published author. Sometimes distributors won’t sell self-published books, although Amazon is now using Ingram to distribute its books. You are right, book stores do not usually stock Self-Published books. Your local book store might in a section called “local authors.”

          Either way, it’s good to have a marketing plan for your book – whether you self-publish or have Scholastic publish your book.

          Good luck with the publication of all of your writing.
          Believe in yourself.
          Never Give Up

  31. I appreciate this website. I have finished a manuscript on the timely topic of Race. In it I take a very open approach to the discussion of Race sharing many stories from my life, my parents and family’s experiences and some suggestions to bring down the increasing walls that seem to be building that separate people. I am shopping for a publisher and since this is my first manuscript have been stymied on where to begin. Thank you for your encouragement.

    1. Dear Milton,
      Thanks for writing. How caring that you are writing a story about race! Questions to help you:
      You got me wondering. What is your focus? Acceptance, similarity, universal needs, hatred, or other? We definitely need insights into alleviating the problems that people deem have to do with race, but may be related to other things as well. Thanks for getting me thinking about all of this.

      I am glad that you’ve written a manuscript about this. Good luck in submitting it. The right publisher is looking for you. May you find each other soon.

      I’m glad my 27 Publishers post is helping you.

      Celebrate today. Don’t wait.
      Never Give Up

  32. Thank you for this awesome information. I was getting a bit down in the dumps and then stumbled upon this! (it is like gold in my pocket).

  33. What do I do if I am not sure how to classify my book? I ask because two are BDSM books, the other an erotica novel and the other two books are easy to classify.

    1. Dear Tracy,
      Thank you for writing. It seems to me that you already have the classification of your erotica books, correct. Good luck with your writing.

      Joan Y. Edwards

    1. Dear Douglas,
      Thanks for writing. I checked out your website. Thanks for letting me know that you are taking submissions. Good luck with your publishing endeavors. Thanks for helping writers get their work published!

      Never Give Up

  34. Thank you so much for this site. chock-full of wonderful, useful information; and thank you too for proudly flying the flag of optimism.

    I’ve now had four books published through PODs, and one through an e-book, but I’d really like to get finished by a brick-and-mortar publishing house (every author’s dream, if they’re being honest)

    My latest MS I’m quite proud of and hoping I can sell it. It’s in the tradition of Mice and Men but of course different, about a young man riding the rails during the Great Depression. Because of the narrative it comes in at 130,000 words, well over the industry standard of 90,000, and I’m really hoping . it’ll catch someone’s attention.


    1. Dear Robert,
      Thank you for writing. You are welcome for the information on my blog. I am glad you have found helpful information there. If there is information you’re curious about, let me know and I’ll research it and maybe I’ll do a blog post about it. Here is a BookEnds Literary Agency blog post about word counts for books: http://bookendslitagency.blogspot.com/2009/07/word-count.html.

      Are you in a writing critique group? Perhaps a member could tell you if your writing is riveting all throughout? Or see for yourself if you can condense or drop scenes that do not forward your plot and your readers forward.

      I hope you’ll subscribe to my blog from the left-hand column. Two free gifts.

      Read about Pub Subbers. If you want to join us, that would be great. We have 2 men in our group and about 20 ladies. We encourage each other to submit our manuscripts to publishers, agents, critique groups, and contests.

      Celebrate you.
      Never Give Up

      1. I think you’re right, Joan. The MS is way too long. I knew that but I hoped the integrity of the storyline would save the day. Now I doubt it, even though I’ve had a nibble. And if anything comes from that I’ll probably have to shorten it anyway. I’ll leave the original as is, copy and paste it into a new document and go from there.

        Live some, learn some.

        1. Dear Robert,
          Thank you for writing. When you tighten it, search through to make sure every paragraph is about the main problem. If it doesn’t, delete it. Save it in a folder for other great stories of Robert Hunting. It’s possible that you can shave off a bunch of words that way.

          Celebrate you!
          Know that in revising your manuscript you are creating more gold in it.
          Never Give Up

  35. Dear Joan,

    ‘Never give up.’ My late father used to say that to then put it straight into practice. He would add, ‘There is no such thing as defeat, only experience.’ With this in mind, he made many a time the impossible possible. Thus, I try to follow his example.

    I have never published a book before. I have written and revised (ten times) a memoir with a self-deprecating title. In Australia, the sole mention of the title has made a number of people laugh. Set in the 1950s and 1960s, interspersed with significant national and international events as backdrop, it is in great part the story of my then famous radio announcer father, a great philanthropist, and that of my family who at times suffered the consequences of his fame in a country of which very little is known.

    Among the dispossessed, my father buried hundreds, but it wasn’t a crime because they were already dead. In order to accomplish this, he had in place contra-deals with funeral parlour owners in exchange for radio advertising. He even buried on contra-deal basis a poor family member.

    Despite these tragic-comic episodes, those were zany,creative,liberating times. People were free in the true sense. Free to laugh and ridicule authority, the local politicians, even the President of the nation, and for mostly a Catholic country, even the Pope. Albeit, looming in the horizon was an unfamiliar dark cloud.

    Now, where is the question: this is an easy to read story that is refusing to stay in eternal hibernation, it wants to be published. I think it seeks an international, mature readership. In my forthright way, what moves would you make to accomplish this? I have no agent, I am solo with my 850-page finished memoir.


    1. Dear Fernando,
      Your father’s story sounds intriguing. If you could take it out of pitching it as a memoir and do it as a biography or historical fiction, it might help you find a home and readers who’d want to know about your father’s antics and times.

      Good luck to you.
      Never Give Up
      Go for it.

      1. Dear Joan,

        Thank you for your encouragement and advice. I will try to find a home for my story.

        Kind regards,

    1. Dear Linda,
      You are very welcome for the update. You are right. My list has almost doubled. I’m glad you’ve found a few possibilities for your memoir project. There are some in the publishers listed in the poetry and small publishers website.

      Celebrate you
      Never Give Up

  36. Dear Linda,
    Thanks for writing.
    You are right. It is always good to check their guidelines for the day you’re submitting. Times change. Submission guidelines change.

    Good luck.
    Never Give Up

  37. Dear Tori,
    Thank you for writing. I’m honored that you love my blog! It’s good to learn about Febella.co.uk. When I update my publishers site, I’ll consider adding it.

    Thank you for all you do to help authors and illustrators of picture books.
    Celebrate you
    Never Give Up

    1. Dear Toni,
      Thank you for stopping by to say Thank You. I hope you’ll subscribe to my blog. More importantly I hope you find a publisher for your writing.

      Never Give Up

  38. Hi, everybody who loves read. I will take the nerve of recommending my series here. It’s called “Facing the desert”: a phisophical crime novel series, and it starts this Sunday at night (May 10).
    Thank you, and good luck. Enjoy it.

  39. Hi there. We are Copyhouse Press. We are based in London. We accept all genres. Although we operate a pay-to-publish model we heavily subsidise it. If you’re okay with our type of model, could you please consider us for inclusion in your list, thanks.

    1. Dear Copy House, I am honored that you wrote to tell me about your company. At the present time,I am not including pay for publishing. Good luck with your company.

      Never Give Up

  40. Thank you so much for posting our opening for submissions. But I just wanted to point out it looks like the link is not correct…I provided it below.

    Dream Big Publishing

    Thanks so much

  41. Hi am happy to read about the publishers.so if I send a manuscript and it is accepted do they publish for free?

    1. Dear Leonard and Liz,
      Thank you for writing. Look at the guidelines of the publisher. Choose one that publishes the kind of story you’ve written. Follow the guidelines! Good luck.

  42. Thanks so much for your information! It’s so practical! I definitely will reach out to some of these companies with the plans for my second publication, a children’s picture book.

    1. Joan, my first children’s picture book was self published through Authorhouse. I was very happy with the results. I would like to do a second book using some of the same characters and setting. I have completed the manuscript. Is it possible to try to do that through one of these publishers, or do I need to go through Authorhouse and stick with the same illustrator? He did a great job, but I’d like to try to submit to a traditional publisher if possible. Patricia Hopkins

      1. Dear Patricia,

        Thanks for writing!
        I’d suggest trying a traditional publisher. If they liked your first one, they could republish it with new cover and the additonal book, too.

        Give yourself a time limit of a certain number of years to go full-speed and then make a decision of whether to wait longer or self-publish.

        I believe your gut feeling is God telling you what to do. Go with your gut feeling! Trust yourself. Believe in you and your book(s).

        I hope you’ll consider subscribing to my blog, if you haven’t already. A link to subscribe is at the top left or at the bottom of one of my latest blog posts.


  43. I love this list! I have a book being published and it is scheduled to be released in May or possibly before.
    My book is the first in a series of four children’s books.
    My publisher doesn’t accept multiples. I would like to have the other three published, too.
    Would you advise waiting until the first book comes out?

    1. Dear Tina,
      Thanks for writing. I’m glad that you like my post about publishers. That’s a tricky question. Are these novels or children’s books? It seems that it would be better to have all the books in one series with the same publisher. However, if you have each story complete in itself, it won’t have to be published as a series. Good luck in finding the best publisher for you and your books!

      Never Give Up

      1. Hi Joan, my books are short stories that are all connected to the original first book.
        I agree with you that the books should be with the same publisher and I wish they could have been published together.
        I have contacted kindredrainbow.com
        Wish me luck and thank you for your encouragement. I never gave up!

          1. Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen
            Call me Viola
            I am new in this field and a first time writer .I don’t know if I can call myself a good writer.I written a mystery suspense thriller with 104799 words.462 pages and it is 1/3 books.Getting it published is a different story.English is my second language.Never went to school in the USA .Just German
            school.I love what everyone has to say on her.I have stumble on this side per accident.
            Thank you all

              1. Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen
                Call me Viola
                I am new in this field and a first time writer .I don’t know if I can call myself a good writer.I written a mystery suspense thriller with 104799 words.462 pages and it is 1/3 books.Getting it published is a different story.English is my second language.Never went to school in the USA .Just German
                school.I love what everyone has to say on her.I have stumble on this side per accident.
                Thank you all

    1. Dear Luna,
      Thank you for writing. Especially glad that you let me know that TOR just stopped taking unsolicited submissions.

      I checked and they are closed to short stories and to novellas. However, they are still open for nonfiction for their blogs.

      I am sorry. I hope you find the right publisher for your manuscript. I deleted TOR from my list.

      I added more publishers. I now have 40.

      Never Give Up


  44. Dear Jack,
    Thank you very much for letting me know. I am honored. I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know if you open your door for unsolicited submissions again.


    1. Dear AJ,
      Thank you for writing. I’m glad you like my blog post.

      Austin Macauley is a vanity publisher. You pay them for publishing your book, according to what I’ve read.

      Go for one that doesn’t charge you for anything.

      Never Give Up

      1. Hi Joan,

        Thanks for your feedback. I will most definitely take your advice. I’m waiting for them t reply to my last mail. If they want an upfront contribution I will know how to react!

        Thanks again!

        PS – They have updated their website… they seem to me to be very transparent about the possibility of writers having to contribute…

  45. Dear A.J.,
    Many years ago I submitted a manuscript to a company they said they would publish it but I would have to pay a certain amount of money. It broke my heart because they wordrd it saying how wonderful my story was.

    If you want to self-publish there are companies who have fees for designing a cover, fees for editing, fees for illustration, and fees for ISBN numbers, fees for formatting. However, you can pay others to do that. If you can format your book yourself, you only pay for the cost of printing your book and for the ISBN Print on demand. Pay $3.65 for the book, and sell it for $10.00.

    I guess what I am trying to tell you is shop around. Make sure the deal is what you really want. Some publishers change midstream Try to use one that has been in good standing for awhile. Ask the better business bureau about them. There is a website to check called Editors and Preditors. Check for information about them there.

    Never Give Up

    1. Dear Sagheer,
      Thanks for writing. I am not a publisher or an agent. Look through the list of publishers for one who publishes the kind of story you’ve written. Good luck.

    1. Dear TCB Cannon,
      Thanks for reblogging my 40 Publishers post. I appreciate that you left a comment to tell me that you think my list is worth looking into for those who are looking for a publisher. I hope you find just the right one for you from my list or elsewhere!

      Believe in you.
      Never Give Up

    1. Dear Mike,
      Thanks for letting me know that your company, City Lights Press accepts unsolicited manuscripts.
      Do you have a return policy so that book stores more readily accept your books?

      Believe in You
      Never Give Up

  46. I am certainly revising book 1 with my co-author. To make it ready for publishing do you think it takes about five times to redo it before it gets published?

    1. Dear Ms. Albina, I wish you good luck with the publication of your book. Revising is a good plan. Proud of you for continuing to submit your work to a publisher. I hope your next submission is the one that gets you published. It could be that your fifth time is the charm for you. It could be more…it could be less. No special number. Keep believing in you and your writing.

      Never Give Up

  47. Hello thank you for the information on paranormal publishers ” I have a true life account of a life time war with a psychotic magician sniper assassin who was set up by a devil and arrested for sexual mayhem on two children. This is a prelude to a story of total recall of a federation Starfighter captain who lost his first love to a federation doctor who was her father. He ended up saving the planet “Dream Earth” from humorous Aliens that had explained that we are bigger than you and decided to steal a planet on which scientists where working on zylotropic energy analysis a means of attaining infinite or close E=MC2 matter energy conversion his lover Carrilion a sander relander relain a elven goddess put a 100 gigaton matter implosion device in his starfightet and made him fly into the heart of the sun, this caused the sun to flux into a sub-space and the Earths zylotropic-energy teleportation grid caused the planet to find a parralell dimension to rest in a feat that all thought impossible but for an act of Carrie’s Swan Song the federation star captain was reborn on Earth 9 as an army assassin an Android named johnny 01.

  48. There are many publishing companies who accept unsolicited submissions. Here are 4 more for you
    Love Knot Books – Romance
    Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications – SciFi and Fantasy
    Tumbleweed Books – General fiction and non-fiction
    Wicked Tales – Horror

    Tumbleweed books did publish an award-winning book last year.

    1. Dear Doug,
      Thank you very much for the names of these publishers. I will check them out and add them the next time that I update the post.

      Good luck with all your publishing dreams.
      Never Give Up

  49. What an informative site! It is my first visit, but I know it will not be my last. Thanks for all your hard work. Have you heard or have seen the category, New Adult? Supposedly they are transitional stories from YA to about 22-25 years old. Thank you again for such an informative site.

    1. Dear Mary,
      Thanks for writing. I’m glad you found information you like on my blog. Publishers who publish adult might do the New Adult. If a publisher only publishes Children’s books, they probably wouldn’t publish New Adult. Check the guidelines or call and ask.

      Good luck with your writing!
      Never Give Up

  50. My child has been writing a short story for years trying to make it great and she really wants to publish it. Is there a way to send it through email for feedback?

    1. Dear Megan,
      See if there is a writer’s critique group in your town and have your daughter meet with them. Or pay to have a professional editor review it.

      Good luck.
      Never Give Up

    1. Dear TCC,
      Thank you very much for telling me that you believe this is an awesome list. I hope it leads you to publication!
      I am trying to update it every 6 months or so. Sometimes time passes quicker than others, so it might be a year between updates.

      Thank you for subscribing to my blog! I look forward to hearing from you.

      Never Give Up
      Believe, Believe, Believe

  51. Hello!
    ReInvented publishing is accepting unsolicited submissions!
    They are new company but not new to tje publishing world. They have been involved in the publishing world for 7+ years.

    They do not charge fees for their traditional publishing. They do also offer services by service by service basis. Which are low cost and you dont have to be a published author through them to request those services either.
    Their website isnt fancy and is growing and changing all the time… and should improve within the next month or so.

  52. Hie, thank you for this lists. I wrote a fiction novel and trying to look for traditional publishers since i do not have enough funds. Please help me.

  53. Thank you. I submitted my manuscript to a few looking for comedy! Feel free to check it out also: 55minutedrive.blogspot.com
    Be Blessed!

    1. Dear Purple Queen,
      You have to be represented by a literary agent for Random/Penguin. Here’s what I copied from Random Publishing’s website http://www.penguinrandomhouse.biz/manuscripts/
      Penguin Random House LLC does not accept unsolicited submissions, proposals, manuscripts, or submission queries via e-mail at this time. If you would like to have your work or manuscript considered for publication by a major book publisher, we recommend that you work with an established literary agent.

      Good luck with the publication of your work!

      Never Give Up

    1. Dear Ken,
      Thanks for writing. There do seem to be more publishers in the children’s area who allow unsolicited manuscripts. Do you know any publishers I should add?
      Good luck in finding the right publisher for all of your books.

      Never Give Up

  54. I’ve written a full length work of fiction that I think is worth consideration. I know most major publishers don’t accept unsolicited manuscripts and I’m not certain I want to get tied up with an agent. I was amazed that many publishers require months to respond to a submission. Beacon Publishing Group (not to be confused with Beacon Press) claims they will respond in 3 weeks. But how do I know that I can trust them or anyone else? Do you know of them or do you know any publishers you can recommend that accept unsolicited manuscripts and don’t take forever to respond? At this point I am not keen on self-publishing. Thank you.

    1. Dear Mikey,
      Thank you for writing. I have not heard of Beacon Publishing Group. I checked online and didn’t find anything that raised an eyebrow or two. They say they are traditional publishers. Check the covers of the books and the reviews of at least 3 of the books on Amazon that were published by them. If you feel good about them, follow their submission guidelines. If they offer you a contract, then read it thoroughly and ask plenty of questions before you sign on the dotted line.

      Good luck!
      Never Give Up

    2. This note is from Ken Simpson Ken W. Simpson
      I am in the same situation. I submit as widely as possible – avoiding the traps. such as the self – or vanity publishers.. I know nothing about Beacon. I was published very quickly by Cholla Needles. It was a mistake.. I think you should accept the fact that getting published by a genuine publisher takes time – around three months or more to either get accepted or rejected.

      Ken W Simpson . .

      1. I feel so much in the same boat Ken!
        It’s a heartbreaking business! Either cheating hybrid or vanity publishers or “helpers” to get you self-published OR a traditional publisher who responds with your work not being the right fit….or having to be very selective / subjective……or simply no reply at all.
        But we must go on trying

        1. Dear Charles
          Thank you for writing an answer to Ken‘s letter. I am not sure he will check here for your answer. You seem to be navigating the publication world with a positive attitude. Keeping on trying is a great frame of mind.
          Good luck. Let me know how it goes.
          Never Give Up

        2. Here’s a reply from Ken to you Charles. He sent it by email to me:
          Dear Charles,
          Yes – indeed – I also have problems getting published. I now have seven completed poetry collections unpublished – lingering hopelessly with publishers – many of whom don’t bother to even send a rejection – and they tell you that. It’s demeaning and appalling.

          Ken Simpson

          1. Hello Ken
            There is a good website Poetrysoup where you can publish your poems online. Unfortunately it’s for free – but at least that’s a lot better than the vanity publishers who make us writers pay!
            Perhaps you can send your work there

            1. Thanks Charles Wielgus Barry for your comments. My problem is with publishers of poetry collections – not editors of literary journals – although getting individual poems published is very difficult when you (as I do) lambast the establishment with my themes.

              Ken Simpson

  55. Thank you for all the helpful information!
    Also, I for one truly appreciate you adding the statement Never Give Up!
    I needed to see that!
    God Bless You,
    Angela B

    1. Dear Angela,
      Thank you very much for writing. I am glad that the information I posted helped you.
      I’ve had a few times when I wanted to give up. Therefore, I want to help others on my path to believe in themselves and never give up. I hope you’ll search for other posts that might help you never give up on my blog.

      Never Give Up

  56. Joan, just read some lists of agents and also short story venues, and feel somewhat hopeful. I appreciate the research you put into your posts and lists – awesome! I’m a “mature” (lol) woman who started writing about five years ago and have self-published a few titles. My editor tells me that I should try to get a publisher for a group of my stories, but I haven’t been able to get even one published in a periodical, so felt discouraged. Now I feel renewed hope, so thank you for that. Your site is a wonderful resource for writers!!

    1. Dear Maura Beth,
      Thank you for writing. Thank you for the compliment about my site being a wonderful resource for writers. That is one of my goals.
      I wish you good luck. You are going to make it. Keep working on your writing and submitting to publishers and/or agents.

      Never Give Up

  57. Hello Joan
    I am in the midst of despair getting the regular publisher jargon about “right fit” and “passing” on my growing number of novels that are just accumulating and going nowhere…
    How they love saying about what a “subjective market” it is and how another publisher / literary agent might like my work….
    Thanks for your services here at any rate.
    I would like to remind you and your readers that Persea (17) may exist as a publisher but I sent them a draft of my work this morning and got the response that their email “does not exist”
    Anyone who can help me to get my novels pubished – please help me!!

    1. Dear Charles,
      Thank you for writing. You’re right getting published is tricky. I’m sorry that Persea is evidently no longer in business, since you got that note saying their email does not exist. It’s time for me to check all the resources listed on this page.
      Good luck with getting your work published!

      Never Give Up

  58. Thanks Joan for your helpful comments
    The great thing about your website is that it helps us struggling authors to have a shoulder to cry on !
    Nice to know that we are not alone and that we must NEVER give up!

    1. Dear Charles,
      Thank you for writing. What a pleasant thing to say about my website! You have given me a good reason to continue putting posts to encourage you and other writers.
      Never Give Up


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