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  1. Hi,

    I’m interested in writing a piece for your site that encourages entrepreneurs to think about developing a “green” business and marketing strategy. Do you think the topic would be useful?

    Let me know what your thoughts are.

    Tina Martin

  2. Joan
    I have a problem. My son passed away some years ago age 29. He wrote plays, poetry and also a musical. He wrote all the lyrics of the 18 songs for the musical but not the actual music. I am having the music composed. I have no idea what to do to have his works produced and would appreciate your advice. I do not want all the incredible time and effort he put into all of this to just disappear.

    1. Dear Viv,
      I am sorry about your son’s passing. You can try to pitch your son’s work to company’s that print plays. Or you can publish it yourself in your son’s name. I don’t know a company that publishes plays. There are companies that will to self-publishing for you. Editing and formatting. Make sure you choose one that does not charge you an arm and a leg and gives you good royalties.
      Good luck.

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