Joan’s Elder Care Guide

Joan’s Elder Care Guide:
Empowering You and Your Elder to Survive

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Voted Third Place! Best Nonfiction Book.

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“A compact resource that addresses the typical concerns of those who care for the elderly.”– Kirkus Reviews

“Overall, the book is strongest when the author shares tips from her own experience providing in-home care and when discussing communication–between the caregiver and elder, with health providers, and with substitute caregivers. In these moments, she effectively shares practical methods and systems that worked for her. The prose is conversational in tone, breezy at times, but clear throughout; readers who have already used hospice care, for example, will find her descriptions spot-on. She approaches every discussion, from relationships to religion, in an inclusive, nonjudgmental manner, and her hard-earned empathy shines through.”– Kirkus Reviews

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