What to Do When You Feel Powerless

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“What to Do When You Feel Powerless” by Joan Y. Edwards

A friend of mine and fellow author has been going to very rough times physically and mentally. To protect her identity, I’ll call her Mimi.

Mimi felt like her life was swinging out of her control. Her counselor suggested, “Do something  you truly enjoy and that you can feel in control of setting up.”

Mimi planned several zoom video interviews with students. She did the interviews and it took away a lot of stress and added warm  feelings to her heart and mind.

thank you for image Robin Higgins
Thank you to Robin Higgins and Pixabay for this image.

Mimi said her counselor was right. Doing those interviews helped her feel more relaxed because she viewed them as enjoyable and felt she had control over them.

Here are other things you can do that will help you feel more in control and reduce stress for you

  1. Pray. Ask God to help you.

  2. Do a chore that only takes 10 minutes to complete.
    a. Set the table.
    b. Take out the trash.
    c. Take out the recycling.
    d. Take a short walk around the house or inside the house.
    e.  Put on a load of clothes to wash.

  3. Call a friend who makes you happy.

  4. Watch your favorite movie. You know how it ends. No stress there.

  5. Fix your favorite meal.

  6. Visit a friend.

  7. Listen to your favorite song. Music is mood changing.

  8. Email someone and tell them how much they mean to you.

I hope these ideas help you. A special thanks to my friend, Mimi and her counselor  for sharing her lifegiving advice.

Please leave a comment. Tell us what helps you get out of a stressed, powerless feeling.



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Do Something You Love and Have Control Over

Never Give Up
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12 thoughts on “What to Do When You Feel Powerless”

  1. Excellent advice.

    I set the table when I unload the dishwasher. When I go for walks, they’re usually at least an hour in duration and in miles, but they’re great for clearing the cobwebs cluttering up the grey matter.

    If you live close to a train station or at least the railway line, go watch trains. Or watch boats on the river, if you have that option.

    1. Dear Melanie,
      Thank you very much fir writing. I am glad you thought my blog article contained good advice. Thanks for sharing that you walk and suggest visiting a train station and watch the trains.

      Never Give Up

    1. Dear Billy,
      Thank you for writing. What a great idea! I am glad that thinking about your hobbies and your future brings uou joy and relieves stress. Awesome.

      Never Give Up

  2. I like to plan a new flower bed design and select and plant flowers and shrubs to complete the look. It feels good to see it come to be. This is also an ongoing project with fertilizing, watering, etc. I find joy in doing this. Pulling weeds–not so much. Lol!

    1. Dear Linda,
      Thank you for writing and for sharing what helps to relieve stress for you. It is so wonderful that planting flowers and shrubs gives you much joy. Not so much the weeds. lOL i have seen your gardens and they are well-designed.

      Never Give Up

  3. One of the most iconic songs which when listened to is the one by Baz Luhrmann called ‘Wear sunscreen.’ So many true sayings within the lyrics.

    Listen to it on youtube you may have heard it before but never listened to the words. Sit back and have a listen you’ll be surprised at the content. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQlJ3vOp6nI

    1. Dear David,
      Thank you for writing and sharing the YouTube video “Sunscreen.” It was intriguing to listen to. It gave good advice and interesting thoughts.

      Never Give Up

  4. As always, good ideas. I like the one about setting small chores to accomplish. Mine in a minute will be to dust my desk. I’m celebrating cleaning it up!!

    1. Dear Carol,
      Thank you very much for writing. I’m glad you found my blog has good advice. It’s so neat that you decided that doing a small chore could help lessen your stress and you cleaned off your desk! I like that idea! Congratulations!

      Never Give Up

  5. Dear Joan, Thank you for such a lovely post. I agree about prayer as well definitely a big part for me. Prayer,counselor advice, friends (like you) 😊,and my mom along with doing something I love is getting me through. The anxiety attacks still happen but not every day and not always lasting as long. Love, Mimi 🥰

  6. Dear Mimi,
    Thank you for writing. It is good to hear from you. I am honored to be your friend and that God has surrounded you with strong loving people to help encourage you and to make your life less painful and more fun.

    I love you
    Never Give Up

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