7 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up

“7 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up” by Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2013 Joan Y. Edwards It takes determination, belief, and courage to Never Give Up

“7 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up!” by Joan Y. Edwards

The theme of my blog is “Never Give Up.” It takes determination, belief, and courage to Never Give Up. Most of my blogs encourage you to keep going toward your goals, your life’s dreams. Today I’d like to encourage you by telling you about the lives of 7 famous people who were rejected many times before they were successful. Their behavior shows 7 reasons why you should never give up. Each of these people had three essentials necessary to Never Give Up: determination, belief, and courage.

  1. Did you know that J.K. Rowling was on welfare before she sold Harry Potter? Twelve publishing houses rejected Harry Potter. That’s why you should keep on writing. Keep on rewriting, revising, and submitting your manuscripts.

  2. Did you know that Roget invented the Thesaurus at age 73? That’s why you should keep looking at the relationship of things that interest you. Write about what keeps your heart-strings strumming.

  3. Did you know that Colonel Sanders, founder of the world-renowned Kentucky Fried Chicken chain got 1009 rejections from restaurant owners before he got one “YES,” when he was selling his franchise licenses to use his famous recipe in exchange for a percentage of the pieces of chicken sold? That’s why you should never say you’re too old or stop when one person says, “No.” Become proud of yourself, no matter where you are and how much money you’re making. Accept yourself as being good. Celebrate you as you are right now. Study and learn to get better.

  4. Did you know that teachers said Thomas Edison was “too stupid to learn anything” and was fired from his first 2 jobs for not being productive enough. He tried 1,999 times to invent the light bulb. He was successful at try number 2,000. Keep on trying. Look at things from a different point of view. If you’ve written it in first person, write it as an observer. There is a way to succeed. You just haven’t figured it out yet. Believe in you and the success of your ideas. Your belief is a key ingredient to keep you going so that you Never Give Up.

  5. Did you know that Toyota Motor Corporation turned down Soichiro Honda for an engineering job. He had no job so he started making his own scooters at home. His neighbors encouraged him and he setup his own company. Honda Motor Corporation. That’s the way to do it. Show the naysayers that you’re built of solid stuff. Show them they were wrong about you. You may make mistakes. However, you are not a mistake. Be determined that you’re going to succeed, no matter how many mistakes it takes to get there.

  6. Did you know that people told Sidney Poitier to “stop wasting people’s time and go out and become a dishwasher or something” during an audition. Later he won an Oscar for Lilies of the Field. He became one of the most respected actors ever. In 2002, thirty-eight years after receiving the Best Actor Award, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave Poitier an Honorary Award in recognition of his remarkable accomplishments as an artist and as a human being. It takes courage to continue when someone tells you that you’re wasting your time. Sometimes I believe that people are occasionally blind to good talent. Get a new pair of glasses to see yourself and others as opportunities to grow and succeed.

  7. Did you know that Wilma Rudolph was paralyzed in 1 leg due to polio and told by doctors she would never walk again. Yet she later won 3 Olympic gold medals in track and fields. Talk about determination. That’s what you need to have to succeed. Determination. Be determined beyond anything that might happen or get in your way. You can do it. You must believe that you can.

Okay. You tell me you had a really bummer day. You got 50 rejections. Your cat died. Your dogs are lost. Your rent is due and your pockets are empty. Your car broke down on the interstate and there is no food in the pantry. You’re still not convinced that you should go on. You dug a hole and at this moment you are sitting at the bottom of a very deep pit of sorrow. Oh my. Here are 7 quotes of famous people who finally succeeded after many failures. Maybe this will get your enthusiasm genes in action to steer you to your goals.

  1. “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

  2. “Sheer persistence is the difference between success and failure.” – Donald Trump

  3. “How many people are completely successful in every department of life? Not one. The most successful people are the ones who learn from their mistakes and turn their failures into opportunities.” – Zig Ziglar

  4. “When you reach an obstacle, turn it into an opportunity. You have the choice. You can overcome and be a winner, or you can allow it to overcome you and be a loser. The choice is yours and yours alone. Refuse to throw in the towel. Go that extra mile that failures refuse to travel. It is far better to be exhausted from success than to be rested from failure.” – Mary Kay Ash

  5. “Failure is just a resting place. It is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” – Henry Ford

  6. “If we try and fail, we have temporary disappointments. But if we do not try at all, we have permanent regrets.” – Bern Williams

  7. “Be the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment, own it.” – Oprah Winfrey

Oh my goodness. You dug the hole even deeper! Here are links to other stories and quotes to help inspire you. Ask God to help you is a good plan. He knows what he put you on earth to do. God gave you the talent, the resources, the time, the energy, and everything you need to accomplish the dreams in your heart. Go for it. Today is a great day to believe that you can do it. I believe you can.


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Copyright © 2013 Joan Y. Edwards

22 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up”

  1. Joan, you managed to inspire me. 🙂

    I’d just spent an hour or more updating my web site to make allowance for my newest book, Ascending Spiral, and then checked my email. There was your announcement of this blog, and wanting a rest from concentration I clicked on it. I am so glad I did.

    You left out Albert Einstein, who was considered to be a poor student at school.
    And another quote from Henry Ford: “Whether a man thinks that he is a success or a failure, he is right.”


    1. Dear Dr. Bob,
      Thanks for writing. I know there are hundreds of others. I chose 7 but there are more than that listed in the resources. I love the quote you gave of Henry Ford’s. It is so correct. That’s why your belief is so-o-o important.

      I’m glad I inspired you.

      Send me a link to your updated website when it’s finished.

      Celebrate you.
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

  2. What a nice way to start the day. So if/when the skies are gray today, I’ll remember your advice. 🙂

    1. Dear Beverly,
      Hearing from you was a great way to start my day! Whenever your skies are gray inside, remember that you are on the right road to your destination. All roads lead you there. The only thing that can keep you from getting there is if you stop.

      Celebrate you and your love of writing,
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

  3. Your blog is an inspiration! I like all the quotes and ideas, and here’s another: “Writing,” said the French philosopher/writer Gide, “is a long patience.”

    1. Dear Maureen,
      Thank you. I like the quote from the French philospher/writer Gide: “Writing is a long patience.” He is definitely right about that. Celebrate you and your sense of humor.
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

  4. Thanks Joan for another inspiring, encouraging, and motivating blog post! Your timing is perfect to pick me up from the downy dumps after another week of rejection. Have a great day!!!

    1. Dear Brenda,
      You’re very welcome. It is my pleasure to pick you up from the downy dumps of another week of rejection. Sorry about the rejections. They are your personalized stepping stones to your success. Glad I inspired, encouraged, and motivated you! Awesome to hear that. Let me know when you hear the “YES.” It’s on its way.

      Celebrate you
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

  5. Once again you inspire! Just what I needed today. I’m going to pursue a difficult task, force a difficult decision that I’ve been struggling with all because of your blog today. Thanks Again!

    1. Dear Sandra,
      Thanks for saying I inspired you. I’m glad that I gave you the words you needed to hear today. Difficult tasks with difficult decisions surround us. When we realize that we’ll get to the place of our dreams and accept that we are good and can make good decisions, it makes it a little easier. Celebrate you and the courage you have to do what it takes.
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

    1. Dear Mary, Thanks for writing. You’re welcome. Celebrate you and your research skills today.

      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

    1. Dear Linda,
      I’m glad you enjoyed this one. I enjoyed writing it, too. It is kind of funny,,,like laughing all the way to the bank funny. Thanks for writing. Celebrate you on this fine Sunny Day.
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

  6. Interesting statistics. It’s easy to forget the famous weren’t always that way, and the overnight successes that took decades to achieve. Good luck on your goal. Helen

    1. Dear Helen,
      It is so good to hear from you. Thank you for writing. I’m glad you think the statistics are interesting. You are right. We sometimes forget that the famous have not always been famous. Thanks for wishing me good luck on my goal.

      Celebrate you.
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

  7. Great post, Joan! I especially like “Write about what keeps your heart strings strumming.” What a great message! Thank you for always lifting my spirits! = )

    1. Dear Becky,
      Thanks for writing. I’m glad you especially liked, “Write about what keeps your heart-strings strumming! It is my pleasure to lift your spirits. You light up my life!

      Celebrate you.
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

  8. Dear Joan,
    I think you have been reading my mind This blog is just what I needed!
    Thank you for writing it.


    1. Dear June,
      Thank you for writing. I’m glad that this blog post is just what you needed! Accept yourself as being great where you are. You may not be able to see it, but each day you’re getting better and better. Keep studying and taking action to get where you want to be. Celebrate each moment.

      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

  9. My brother, Richard Bunker Maury, is consider one of the world’s best realist painters, but his kindergarten teacher told our mother, “Never encourage Richard to draw. He has no talent.” Didn’t stop him. Good, encouraging post, Joan. Sarah

    1. Dear Sarah,
      Thanks for writing. I am very glad that your brother, Richard Bunker Maury did not let his teacher’s words stop him from being a great artist. I am proud of him. Thank you for sharing his story. Thanks for saying my post was encouraging.

      Celebrate you.
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

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