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You Can Do This!

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“You Can Do This!” by Joan Y. Edwards

You Can Do This!

No matter the challenge!
No matter the time
You can do this!

No matter how difficult!
No matter the place!
You can do this!

No matter the yay or nay of the voices inside or out,
No matter how humiliating when you hear these voices shout,
You can do this.

What does this job need?
Power, patience, money, love.
You can do this.

Why do I say this?
I know that God will help you.
He will give you an abundance of what you need emotionally and financially. He will give you the patience and energy; the time and perseverance to do the job.

God placed this idea in your head. He will give you what you need to accomplish it. I may not have named what you think you are missing to get this job done. You name it. Ask God for it. He will send it to you by his UPS (Upper Power Supply) Delivery Service.

A delivery of encouragement is expected to arrive for you in approximately 24 hours.

Do you want it delivered on your front porch? In your mailbox? In your mind?

Will you accept this delivery from God’s UPS Delivery Service? Remember to say, “Thank you.”

If it wasn’t delivered, perhaps your belief system needs a booster prayer. Believe in you and your abilities. Believe in the God who made you.

Please leave a comment. Please share with me who in your life has helped you to believe in yourself and your abilities.

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards, Author

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