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You Can Do This!

man running up the word success with a briefcase
Thank you Open Clipart Vectors and Pixabay!

“You Can Do This!” by Joan Y. Edwards

You Can Do This!

No matter the challenge!
No matter the time
You can do this!

No matter how difficult!
No matter the place!
You can do this!

No matter the yay or nay of the voices inside or out,
No matter how humiliating when you hear these voices shout,
You can do this.

What does this job need?
Power, patience, money, love.
You can do this.

Why do I say this?
I know that God will help you.
He will give you an abundance of what you need emotionally and financially. He will give you the patience and energy; the time and perseverance to do the job.

God placed this idea in your head. He will give you what you need to accomplish it. I may not have named what you think you are missing to get this job done. You name it. Ask God for it. He will send it to you by his UPS (Upper Power Supply) Delivery Service.

A delivery of encouragement is expected to arrive for you in approximately 24 hours.

Do you want it delivered on your front porch? In your mailbox? In your mind?

Will you accept this delivery from God’s UPS Delivery Service? Remember to say, “Thank you.”

If it wasn’t delivered, perhaps your belief system needs a booster prayer. Believe in you and your abilities. Believe in the God who made you.

Please leave a comment. Please share with me who in your life has helped you to believe in yourself and your abilities.

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards, Author

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Enthusiasm Is the Key to Success

girl smiling playing soccer
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“Enthusiasm Is the Key to Success” by Joan Y. Edwards

You have enthusiasm when you show intense enjoyment, interest, and approval for your goals. You may have ups and downs in attempting a project or striving to reach a goal. Sometimes all you need is to give your enthusiasm a little boost.

You have had ups and downs in your life. 
Some people may have stated that you were a failure in a few areas. However, they didn’t elaborate on all the areas in which you do quite well. You may have to look for them and supply this list of good things yourself.

Yes, you may become depressed for a short amount of time. Then, you discover something that makes you enthusiastic about it.  It makes you feel playful, gives you high-energy, optimistic, and you think up new ideas to help you succeed. You look for solutions to the problems that show up.

Let’s say you are a teacher and you haven’t gotten rave reviews. So you study different techniques to make your teaching better or that help you teach in such a manner that others perceive you as being a great teacher. 

Many of you may have been taught not to question those in authority. You may have to learn to speak up for yourself. You must say to yourself, “I may not do it their way, but my way still works.”

Some people may declare themselves as failures if they lose a job. Don’t do that. Chances are you may be in the wrong job or you need more training in the job you have. You may need to build a better belief system with education and loving yourself.

If you want to be a published author, be enthusiastic about your chances to be published. No matter how much the odds are against you. You are the key force in obtaining the publication of your story, your book, your screenplay. If you lose your belief that it can and will happen, you lose your enthusiasm. The belief and enthusiasm are tied together. If you seem to lack enthusiasm, check your belief system. Chances are, someone or something has tampered with it and destroyed a bit of it. It seems to me that if someone shakes your belief system, it is like a tower of blocks. Pull one block out and all of them go tumbling down. 

Believe in yourself. No matter what you’re doing. Believe in you. If you’re a dishwasher learn to be the best dishwasher in town.
In some situations, you may take things too personally.  However with support from family and coworkers, you may realize that what others say is not necessarily the truth, it’s only their opinion. Opinions are not always facts. 

Winston Churchill was a very wise man. He said, “Success Is Going from Failure to Failure with No Loss of Enthusiasm.” You have to find enthusiasm every day to continue to work toward your goals, to live happy. You have to believe you’ve got what it takes, even when others don’t.

Love yourself. Look for the good in you. Educate yourself to build your skills. Take opportunities to expand your horizons beyond your comfort zone. Don’t blame someone else for your failures. Realize this experience does not define how strong you are.  You can improve. Realize that you have many strengths. Take advantage of them. Improve your weaknesses so that they will not hurt you.

Bloom where you are planted. 
Celebrate each day. Celebrate each step you take to improve your situation. Celebrate each step you take to improve your attitude and your enthusiasm. Believe in you. You are a success.

Thank you for reading this article. I wish you success in all your endeavors. If I can help you, let me know. God will help you. Ask him.  Please leave a comment. I love hearing from those who read my blog.


INeedMotivation. “10 Ways to Have Amazing Enthusiasm:” https://ineedmotivation.com/10-ways-to-have-amazing-enthusiasm/

Joan Y. Edwards. “10 Paths to Inner Peace.:” https://www.joanyedwards.com/2017/10/09/10-paths-to-inner-peace/

Thank you to subscriber David Parle for suggesting this resource: Arnold Swarzenagger. Video. “I Hate Plan B:”

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Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards, Author
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Don’t Let Failure Define Who You Are

don't be down on yourself...study and try again
Thank you John Hain and Pixabay for this Depression Image.

“Don’t Let Failure Define Who You Are” by Joan Y. Edwards

It is difficult to fail. It hurts your ego. It is emotionally hard to handle. However, you can handle it. Don’t let this failure define who you are.

List all the things you are thankful you can do easily and well.

Say to yourself silently and aloud: “I can do this. I know I can do it.”


Keep on trying; learn more
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay. Thank you. Acquire more skills and try again

Study how to succeed and try again. You will do better the second time. Learn knowledge and skills. B Become better able to perform certain skills. Become better able to accomplish goals. Gain competence and experience. Attain growth in all areas.

1. Ask a friend how to do it.
2. Search the internet on how to do what you want to be proficient at doing: https://www.google.com/.
3. Read books that explain how to do it.
4. Watch Youtube.com videos of how others do it.
5. Pay a professional to teach you how to do it.

Try again. If you fail a second time, it doesn’t mean that you are a total failure. Dust yourself off. Try again. It means you only failed at one thing.  Study, pray, and try, try again.

Success is in your future. Go for it.


Joan Y. Edwards. “7 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up:”https://www.joanyedwards.com/2020/08/09/never-give-up-youve-got-this/

Joan Y. Edwards. “Never Give Up – You’ve Got This!”  https://www.joanyedwards.com/2020/08/09/never-give-up-youve-got-this/


Thank you for reading this article. I am praying it fills you with hope and confidence that you can do whatever is bogging you down with a lack of confidence. Please leave a note to encourage others. Tell me what helps you try, try, again.

Never Give Up
You can do it.
Joan Y. Edwards, Author
Copyright © 2009-2022 Joan Y. Edwards

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7 Strategies for Success

Copyright 2015 Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright 2015
                    Joan Y. Edwards

“Seven Strategies for Success” by Joan Y. Edwards
All of you, both men and women,  like to get what you want when you go shopping. You want what you want. You have certain ideas about what you’re shopping for. In your mind, you designate rules that this new purchase must meet:

Fits you to a “T”
Simple to Use

In life when you make goals, you also designate rules for what things will look like when you reach your goal. Some of them are assumptions based on what you’ve learned about the situation from others and part of it you learn from personal experience. Sometimes your assumptions and reality are different. That’s when you have to realign your thinking to make sure you get where you want to go.
I realize that each person has different goals and aspirations. I’m not going to tell you what goals to make. This blog post focuses on beliefs, thoughts, and actions that will help you reach your goals successfully, no matter what they happen to be.

  1. Immerse and surround yourself with positive thoughts, words, actions, and people. State your goals as affirmations in the present tense. I am a best-selling author. I am a prize-winning illustrator. I find the best deal for a computer, dress, suit, shoes.
  2. Believe in you
    If you think you can’t do it, learn how. If you don’t think you can do it, change your thoughts. If you made a mistake, forgive yourself and let it go. When you’re down, give yourself three days to rest, recuperate, and realign your thinking. Talk with God. He understands. Talk to a friend, they can help you look at the broad picture. Be your best friend. Never give up. Be determined to get to your goal.
  3. Be thankful to God/Universe.
  4. Encourage others and share your time and talents with them.
  5. Use available resources: library, books, videos, blogs, Google search, and others. Ask questions. Talk to people who’ve done what you want to do. Ask for help, information, support, sales. Ask people to buy your book, illustration, or other product. Give them something extra free when they buy.
  6. Take action. Take a chance – Do what brings you joy! Put your money where your goal is: Take lessons. Build an audience (a group of followers who could possibly buy your product or help you find what you’re looking for. Write, draw, create. Get your work critiqued by your peers and by professionals, too. Submit your work to a publisher or self-publish.
  7. Celebrate baby steps and achievements. Reward yourself. Have a writing or illustrating party with other writers and illustrators.

You, the readers, are an indispensable part of my blog. Thank you.
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Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards, Author
Copyright © 2015 Joan Y. Edwards
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7 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up

“7 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up” by Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2013 Joan Y. Edwards It takes determination, belief, and courage to Never Give Up

“7 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up!” by Joan Y. Edwards

The theme of my blog is “Never Give Up.” It takes determination, belief, and courage to Never Give Up. Most of my blogs encourage you to keep going toward your goals, your life’s dreams. Today I’d like to encourage you by telling you about the lives of 7 famous people who were rejected many times before they were successful. Their behavior shows 7 reasons why you should never give up. Each of these people had three essentials necessary to Never Give Up: determination, belief, and courage.

  1. Did you know that J.K. Rowling was on welfare before she sold Harry Potter? Twelve publishing houses rejected Harry Potter. That’s why you should keep on writing. Keep on rewriting, revising, and submitting your manuscripts.

  2. Did you know that Roget invented the Thesaurus at age 73? That’s why you should keep looking at the relationship of things that interest you. Write about what keeps your heart-strings strumming.

  3. Did you know that Colonel Sanders, founder of the world-renowned Kentucky Fried Chicken chain got 1009 rejections from restaurant owners before he got one “YES,” when he was selling his franchise licenses to use his famous recipe in exchange for a percentage of the pieces of chicken sold? That’s why you should never say you’re too old or stop when one person says, “No.” Become proud of yourself, no matter where you are and how much money you’re making. Accept yourself as being good. Celebrate you as you are right now. Study and learn to get better.

  4. Did you know that teachers said Thomas Edison was “too stupid to learn anything” and was fired from his first 2 jobs for not being productive enough. He tried 1,999 times to invent the light bulb. He was successful at try number 2,000. Keep on trying. Look at things from a different point of view. If you’ve written it in first person, write it as an observer. There is a way to succeed. You just haven’t figured it out yet. Believe in you and the success of your ideas. Your belief is a key ingredient to keep you going so that you Never Give Up.

  5. Did you know that Toyota Motor Corporation turned down Soichiro Honda for an engineering job. He had no job so he started making his own scooters at home. His neighbors encouraged him and he setup his own company. Honda Motor Corporation. That’s the way to do it. Show the naysayers that you’re built of solid stuff. Show them they were wrong about you. You may make mistakes. However, you are not a mistake. Be determined that you’re going to succeed, no matter how many mistakes it takes to get there.

  6. Did you know that people told Sidney Poitier to “stop wasting people’s time and go out and become a dishwasher or something” during an audition. Later he won an Oscar for Lilies of the Field. He became one of the most respected actors ever. In 2002, thirty-eight years after receiving the Best Actor Award, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave Poitier an Honorary Award in recognition of his remarkable accomplishments as an artist and as a human being. It takes courage to continue when someone tells you that you’re wasting your time. Sometimes I believe that people are occasionally blind to good talent. Get a new pair of glasses to see yourself and others as opportunities to grow and succeed.

  7. Did you know that Wilma Rudolph was paralyzed in 1 leg due to polio and told by doctors she would never walk again. Yet she later won 3 Olympic gold medals in track and fields. Talk about determination. That’s what you need to have to succeed. Determination. Be determined beyond anything that might happen or get in your way. You can do it. You must believe that you can.

Okay. You tell me you had a really bummer day. You got 50 rejections. Your cat died. Your dogs are lost. Your rent is due and your pockets are empty. Your car broke down on the interstate and there is no food in the pantry. You’re still not convinced that you should go on. You dug a hole and at this moment you are sitting at the bottom of a very deep pit of sorrow. Oh my. Here are 7 quotes of famous people who finally succeeded after many failures. Maybe this will get your enthusiasm genes in action to steer you to your goals.

  1. “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

  2. “Sheer persistence is the difference between success and failure.” – Donald Trump

  3. “How many people are completely successful in every department of life? Not one. The most successful people are the ones who learn from their mistakes and turn their failures into opportunities.” – Zig Ziglar

  4. “When you reach an obstacle, turn it into an opportunity. You have the choice. You can overcome and be a winner, or you can allow it to overcome you and be a loser. The choice is yours and yours alone. Refuse to throw in the towel. Go that extra mile that failures refuse to travel. It is far better to be exhausted from success than to be rested from failure.” – Mary Kay Ash

  5. “Failure is just a resting place. It is an opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” – Henry Ford

  6. “If we try and fail, we have temporary disappointments. But if we do not try at all, we have permanent regrets.” – Bern Williams

  7. “Be the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment, own it.” – Oprah Winfrey

Oh my goodness. You dug the hole even deeper! Here are links to other stories and quotes to help inspire you. Ask God to help you is a good plan. He knows what he put you on earth to do. God gave you the talent, the resources, the time, the energy, and everything you need to accomplish the dreams in your heart. Go for it. Today is a great day to believe that you can do it. I believe you can.


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Never Give Up
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Write Down Your Goals

“Write Down Your Goals” by Joan Y. Edwards

Do you have a plan for submitting your work?  Do you have your goals written down. If your goals are written down, you will be more  likely to accomplish them. Try it out on a simple goal and see what happens.

Writing it down makes a deal with your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind sets wheels in motion to help your plan become reality. Maxwell Maltz in his Psycho-Cybernetics book says that our subconscious mind is an automatic success mechanism.

You increase its effectiveness, if you write down your goal, and put it where you can see it every day. Write it on the back of a business card, write it on the back of a 3×5 index card, write it on a sentence strip like they use in elementary school, write it in large print on an 8.5 x 11 piece of typing paper, put it on a piece of white card stock. Just write it. You can even put it in your pocket and take it out and look at it several times a day. Bob Proctor in You Were Born Rich and Earl Nightingale in The Strangest Secret say that’s a great idea. Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup books uses it consistently. It keeps your goals up front in your mind. It helps you focus on what you want.

When you write it you are making a commitment to carry it out.

If you share your goals with a friend, you are doubling the commitment and creating a bond.

If you write out action steps to accomplish your goals, you’re helping yourself see your plan carried out and your goal actually come into existence.

In researching the study, I found the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. way of allocating goals. You are smarter when your goals are:

S – Specific:

  • Make your goal meaningful. You decide the goal, not someone else.
  • Make your goal as specific as possible.
  • Make your goal “get 10 new clients” instead of “get new clients.”
  • Make your goal be an instruction telling you what to do.
  • Make your goal one that inspires you to be determined to accomplish in spite of obstacles.

M – Measurable:

  • Describe and define how you will measure your progress.
  • Seeing progress on a chart will help you feel good and spur you on to greater success.
  • Measuring produces evidence for your progress.
  • Keep a log and record each action and reaction taken toward goal.
  • Accept and celebrate each step you make toward success.

A – Attainable:

  • Make your goal ambitious, but not impossible to reach.
  • Do not set yourself up for failure.
  • Make your goal one you are confident you can reach.
  • Choose a goal that will help you grow, learn, and stretch.

R – Reasonable:

  • Set a reasonable goal that you can and want to reach.
  • Break large goals into small chunks.
  • Write appropriate small action steps necessary to meet goal.

T – Time Based:

  • When will you finish your goal?
  • You need to choose a time, the sooner the better.
  • I will accomplish this goal in one week, two weeks, three weeks, four weeks; year, two years, three years, five years, ten years.

E – Evaluated

  • Assess your progress at set intervals.
  • Relax and use your intuition, education, or inspiration to get you back on track.
  • Set revised goals and action steps.

R – Rewarded

  • Celebrate you and all you’ve done.
  • Choose a small tangible reward for each step you take: a dessert, a call to a friend, a trip window-shopping, a sticker, a dollar bill for your piggy-bank.

Good luck with all of your goals: personal, writing, and/or financial. Having a written goal will help you get where you want to go.

If you don’t know where you want to go, take time to contemplate your choices. It’s worth your time. It’ll lead you to greater happiness and self-esteem.



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Updated January 20, 2018.

Believe in Yourself
Submit Your Manuscript Today
Joan Y. Edwards
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Interview with Vivian Zabel and 4RV Publishing

“Interview with Vivian Zabel, President of 4RV Publishing” by Joan Y. Edwards

Today I welcome Vivian Zabel, President of 4RV Publishing, LLC.

In October 2010, I did an online chat pitch for “Joan’s Elder Care Guide” with Vivian at the Muse Online Writers Conference. I was impressed by the quality of 4RV’s books and that they worked one-on-one with authors and illustrators. I was excited when she told me, “It sounds promising. Send me a proposal and the first three chapters.” In April 4RV Publishing sent me a contract to publish it with a release date of June 2015. I am still dancing on the roof.

Thank you, Vivian for allowing me to interview you and 4RV Publishing on my blog. Let us begin:


1. How did 4RV Publishing get started? What is the symbolic meaning of the name? How did you and Aidana WillowRaven, VP of Operations, meet? Is she a partner?

I saw a need to fill the gap between vanity and self-publishing and the major publishing houses.

4RV represents my family: Robert (my husband), Rene (our daughter), Robert Jr. (our son), and Randy (our son) – the four Rs – and me, the one V.

Aidana and I met online. Actually we met when she wanted 4RV to accept a manuscript for someone she knew. No, she’s not a partner, but the company couldn’t manage without her.

2. What are the goals of 4RV Publishing?

The goal of 4RV publishing is to produce quality books from the best authors we can find and with the best illustrations and cover art around.

We expect thorough and complete editing so that as few errors and the best writing can be the result.

3. What was the first book you published?

I believe Trockle was our first picture book, and our only foray into hardback picture books. The logistics of hardback picture books is another story.

I’m not sure which was our first young adult or adult book, but it may have been my book The Base Stealers Club, a YA mystery. A side note: All my works have to go through the submissions process, too, anonymously. I have been rejected by a 4RV acquisition editor.

4. What has been the best-selling book? Why?

So far, Dogsled Dreams by Terry Lynn Johnson has sold the most copies, mainly because of the author’s participation in dog sledding and her promotions. Of course it’s a well written book. Terry and her editor worked together to make it the best it could be.

5. What are the three (or more) major problems of being a small traditional publisher? How have you overcome them? What are your strategies for success?

The Consumer Product Safety Act’s directive to have all products for children under 13 tested by a third party testing site nearly destroyed us, and we’ve never quite recovered, even though now books are exempted. Of course, all materials used to make books are tested for lead. How the government thought putting materials without lead together would create lead, I have no idea.

So, money is a major problem. Also costs: printing, fees, shipping, returned books, and other expenses. Un-cooperating authors and/or illustrators cause headaches, too, as do design problems that aren’t caught.

The money factor has no solution. At least the company is now paying its own way, no profit yet, but I’m not having to bankroll the company except for expenses for festivals and such.

Authors who won’t work with editors or fight all the way can be released, and have been. It’s still a headache dealing with them. Illustrators who won’t give progress reports or who drop a project after agreeing to finish leave us dangling. No solution for that problem unless they expect a good reference. Design problems mean more expenses to redo a project. Of course some of those problems are a result of authors not doing a good review of the proofs sent them.

My strategy for success is to continue to put out the best books possible, with the help of some of the best authors, editors, illustrators, and staff around.

6. What are three advantages of being a small traditional publisher?

  • We get to work one on one with authors and illustrators and staff.
  • We can better control the quality of our books.
  • We can watch others succeed.

7. What has given you the greatest feeling of satisfaction and pride?

  •  Discovering people who have thoroughly enjoyed any of our books.

8. What are your current submission guidelines?

Our submission guidelines are at Submissions (4rvpublishing.com)

We suggest anyone interested follow them carefully.

9. What kind of books are you looking for? Children? Adults?

Check the submissions pages: Submissions (4rvpublishing.com)

 10. What kind of books do you reject? (subjects, quality)

We do not accept anything with graphic or detailed sex or violence. I don’t want my company to put out anything that would cause me to be embarrassed if one of my grandchildren or great-grandchildren picked it up.

11. What distribution do you have for your books?

We pay for Ingram to handle our books. It’s the largest distributor in the world. We also have a website and an online bookstore for our books.

12. How does a book get in a book store?

Any bookstore can obtain any 4RV book through Ingram or directly from 4RV.

Recommendations and requests from customers let stores know to carry books, too.

13. When a big book store like Borders closes, do they return the books, or do you have to take them as a loss?

 Actually, both. Yes, the books are returned, but the company has to pay full retail for the books, therefore double paying for some aspects and paying more than the returning store did. We get the books back (or we can choose for the books to be destroyed and not returned), but no matter what we take a loss.

14. What do you do to market your books? I love the trailers you do for your books. They are high quality.

I’m glad you like the trailers, but several people create them: sometimes the author or illustrator, sometimes one of our designers.

We have our books at book festivals. We promote online. We have them distributed through Ingram. We send out catalogs to libraries and bookstores. We expect our authors and illustrators to promote their books: some do, some don’t. The ones who do, help their book sales.

15. What do you expect your authors to do to promote their books?

Whatever it takes. They can have readings, presentations, visits to schools and libraries, promotion on the Internet, attend festivals and conferences with their books, and seek reviews for their books.

16. How is 4RV Publishing meeting the customer demand for eBooks?

We’re beginning to format some of our books for ebooks, however we haven’t seen any of that so called “demand.”

Formatting for ebooks is as much work as formatting for print, and we can’t use one format for the other. We have to do two completely different setups.

17. Where can people buy 4RV Publishing books?

4RV books can be bought through a physical bookstore or online bookstore, as well as through the 4RV online bookstore/catalog: http://4rvpublishingcatalog.com. Titles are listed with the imprints:

Look for books according to the last name of the author at http://www.4rvpublishingcatalog.com/contents.php


18. What are your three suggestions for writers who wish to be published?

  •  Know your craft and have a well-written manuscript. Find at least one person to edit who knows what is required for publication. Follow suggestions, revise, rewrite. Realize that there is no magical number of edits or revisions.
  • Research publishers to find one that accepts your genre. Never think your work is so great that any publisher will make an exception.
  • Follow the publisher’s submission guidelines exactly. If the company doesn’t have guidelines online, request a copy of the guidelines.

19. What are three suggestions for illustrators who wish to receive a contract to illustrate a cover or picture book?

Most companies have submission guidelines for illustrators, too. 4RV does, and we ask people to follow them.

Our guidelines for designers and illustrators can be found at: 4RV Publishing Submission Guidelines for Illustrators

20. How do you know when a book is right for you to publish? What are three signs that a book is right for you?

  • he manuscript is extremely well-written.
  • The manuscript is interesting from the first few sentences.
  • The writer is anxious to follow suggestions to make it even better.

Thank you again, Vivian for allowing me to interview you and 4RV Publishing on my blog and for believing in me and “Joan’s Elder Care Guide.”

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My book,  Joan’s Elder Care Guide: Empowering You and Your Elder to Survive is now available from 4RV Publishing: Thank you, Vivian Zabel for believing in me.

Thank you for reading about Vivian Zabel and 4RV Publishing. I hope the information inspires you to take a step forward to make your publication dreams come true.

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