Writing Exercise: Easter Sunday Scavenger Hunt

young girl holding gray bunny to use for writing exercise about scavenger hunts
Thank you, Pexels for the image.

Writing Exercise: Easter Sunday  Scavenger Hunt

Thank you to everyone who reads and uses the writing exercises from my blog.  It is fun to read your writing passages in the comments area.

Write for the fun of it.

I think scavenger hunts are fun so I incorporated one  in today’s writing exercise for Easter Sunday 

Writing Exercise:  The Scavenger Hunt, Easter Sunday

Use a timer for 15 minutes. Goal is to write 200-300 words.  After the timer rings, write 3 sentences to end your story. Feel free to add your passage in the comment area.

The genre is comedy or mystery.

Event is Scavenger Hunt
When: Easter Sunday
Describe what characters see, smell, taste, hear, and touch.

Words to use:
1. Easter
2. egg
3. bunny
4. basket
5. lost
6. found
7. child
8. love
9. police
10. dye
11. clue
12. prize
13. stranger
14. flowers

Wikihow.com. “How to Create a Scavenger Hunt”
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6 thoughts on “Writing Exercise: Easter Sunday Scavenger Hunt”

  1. The police were called to the house of a missing child. The parents were distraught with worry. The mother Mrs Jones sat wringing her hands as she gave the police the information they needed to begin a search for her lost child Bunny, that was her nick name for her. She was only 7 years old. Mrs Jones burst into another bout of tears as she thought the worst.
    The police began to search for Bunny, by going from house to house looking for clues. At one house they received information that a stranger had been seen in the area.
    A search party was mounted to look for Bunny, many of the locals joined in a the walked through woodland looking for any signs that might indicate where Bunny might be.
    The last known clothing she had been wearing was a dyed pink dress.
    The police dogs were given the scent of her clothing and also began to search.
    Mrs Jones tried to busy herself by preparing an Easter basket with chocolate eggs. She always made a great day of Easter Sunday with an Easter egg hunt; Bunny’s friend would come around where various prizes would be given to the one who found the most.
    Mrs Jones looked at the bunch of flowers her husband had brought her for Easter and broke down in tears at the thought of having to place them on Bunny’s grave.
    The phone rang as Mrs Jones looked at it, wringing her hands at the thought was this the message she was fearing to hear.
    Her hand was shaking as she picked up the handset trying to push the accept button. She could hardly hold it to her ear. The white noise was so loud in her ears she couldn’t hear what was being said. ‘Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones, are you there?’ ‘Yes so sorry, who is it?’ ‘It’s the police Mrs Jones.’ ‘Oh my god please no, please no, don’t tell me.’ Mrs Jones, we’ve found Bunny, she’s alive, were bringing her home to you and will explain when we get there.’
    Mrs Jones sank to her knees as she cried with joy that Bunny was alive. She called her husband who was also overjoyed at the news.
    She rushed upstairs to brush her hair and make herself look tidy and tried to smooth out the worry lines under her eyes.
    After about 20 minutes the police arrived with Bunny wrapped up in a blanket. On seeing her mum she ran to her throwing her arms around her crying with joy at being home.
    The police officer explained that Bunny had been gathering wild flowers in the wood and had tripped and banged her head and was a bit dazed so she had a sleep. The doctor had checked her over but she only had a minor bruise.
    Mrs Jones thanked the police as she took Bunny inside and hugged her saying ‘oh Bunny thank god your safe I love you so much. We will have a great Easter after all.’
    The end

    1. Dear David,
      Thanks for doing the writing exercise and sharing it with us. What a treat! What a great story! I love the way you showed Mrs. Jones emotions and body language when her daughter, Bunny, was lost! Such a believable story. Have a fun day being you!

      Never Give Up

  2. Happy Easter, everyone. What a beautiful girl and bunny in this blog’s photo. I hope all who accept your challenge have a lot of fun with the exercise. Joan, I know you have many fond Easter memories of dying eggs with grandchildren, organizing egg hunts, and being with family. May this Easter be extra special too.

    1. Dear Linda,
      Thank you for your Happy Easter greetings to everyone. How sweet! I’m glad you thought the girl with the bunny for this blog’s photo was pretty, too. I do have many wonderful memories of dyeing Easter eggs with my grandchildren, organizing egg hunts and being with family. Times I treasure and plan to have every year! We even dye eggs any time of year if we miss doing it because of Covid or other reasons. It is fun to do. Each time is different. It’s like the clouds in the sky. The eggs never turn out the same. It’s fun seeing the grandchildren change their approach to dyeing the eggs! I hope you have a great Easter that revitalizes your body as well as your spirit. Thanks for being my friend.

      Never Give Up

  3. Not one of my better efforts but fun nonetheless…

    The delicate scent of spring flowers wafted in the air. Easter Sunday’s traditional egg hunt was the highlight of the season in the small village.

    A brightly coloured wicker basket containing a huge mint chocolate bunny would be awarded to the winner. The delicious combination of mint and chocolate was discernable even through the clear cellophane wrapping.

    This was no ordinary hunt. The police were present, having provided a number of cryptic clues to the locations of the hidden dyed eggs. This year their presence was especially welcome. In the weeks leading up to Easter, a stranger had been spotted in and around the common where the hunt always took place. In fact, the council debated cancelling the event.

    Who was this person? Was he lost? Was he searching for a child? Had he found something that belonged to one of the village children? Was something sinister afoot?

    However, the love of the annual activity prevailed and the hunt went ahead.

    At the end of the day, it was the stranger who presented the prize to the winning hunter.

    Who was this stranger, you ask? Only the Police Chief, himself, wearing a disguise and determining where to hide the eggs.

    1. Dear Melanie,
      Thank you for participating in the Scavenger Hunt writing exercise. What a great story with a surprise ending. I like the questions you asked. Those are questions your readers would want to know. Have a fun day! I hope you continue to get stronger and stronger. Thanks for being my friend.

      Never Give Up

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