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Writing Exercise: Easter Sunday Scavenger Hunt

young girl holding gray bunny to use for writing exercise about scavenger hunts
Thank you, Pexels for the image.

Writing Exercise: Easter Sunday  Scavenger Hunt

Thank you to everyone who reads and uses the writing exercises from my blog.  It is fun to read your writing passages in the comments area.

Write for the fun of it.

I think scavenger hunts are fun so I incorporated one  in today’s writing exercise for Easter Sunday 

Writing Exercise:  The Scavenger Hunt, Easter Sunday

Use a timer for 15 minutes. Goal is to write 200-300 words.  After the timer rings, write 3 sentences to end your story. Feel free to add your passage in the comment area.

The genre is comedy or mystery.

Event is Scavenger Hunt
When: Easter Sunday
Describe what characters see, smell, taste, hear, and touch.

Words to use:
1. Easter
2. egg
3. bunny
4. basket
5. lost
6. found
7. child
8. love
9. police
10. dye
11. clue
12. prize
13. stranger
14. flowers

Wikihow.com. “How to Create a Scavenger Hunt”
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