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Winter Writing Exercise: The Rest of the Story

snowy weather, woman with snowhood on
Thank you, Pisabay.

Winter Writing Exercise: The Rest of the Story

Here’s the deal. Write 200-300 words.

I’m giving you a few parts. You figure out: The Rest of the Story. I used to love  to listen to the late Paul Harvey’s radio show where he would say, “Now you know the rest of the story.”.


Event – Birthday Party
Time – 12:00 noon, February 5th 
Place – Mountains, Chalet
Weather – Snowing
Transportation – Snowplow, Van,  Convertible, Ski, or Other
Outdated or broken instrument:  Odometer, Cover for the Convertible, Compass, or Other

snowploy on wide road with snow mound beside it
Snowplow Thank you Pixabay Skentophyte.
snowcovered chalets
Thank you, Pixabay.

Please do this exercise and submit yours in the comment area. It will brighten my day and other readers, too. Thank you for reading my blog. 

Question: Would it help your enjoyment factor if I recorded my blog so you could hear it?
Would it be even more helpful if I did a video for each blog post where you could hear and see me?

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