Winter Writing Exercise: The Rest of the Story

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Winter Writing Exercise: The Rest of the Story

Here’s the deal. Write 200-300 words.

I’m giving you a few parts. You figure out: The Rest of the Story. I used to love  to listen to the late Paul Harvey’s radio show where he would say, “Now you know the rest of the story.”.


Event – Birthday Party
Time – 12:00 noon, February 5th 
Place – Mountains, Chalet
Weather – Snowing
Transportation – Snowplow, Van,  Convertible, Ski, or Other
Outdated or broken instrument:  Odometer, Cover for the Convertible, Compass, or Other

snowploy on wide road with snow mound beside it
Snowplow Thank you Pixabay Skentophyte.
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Please do this exercise and submit yours in the comment area. It will brighten my day and other readers, too. Thank you for reading my blog. 

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Would it be even more helpful if I did a video for each blog post where you could hear and see me?

Never Give Up
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10 thoughts on “Winter Writing Exercise: The Rest of the Story”

  1. It was one of those cold nights, the snow was steadily falling. The roads were slowly becoming impassable. Chet was in the hospital some 20 miles from home. He was a an obstetrician, he had been on hand in case one of his patients who was having a difficult birth needed any assistance. But in the end it was all good, mother and baby were now doing well. Joanne looked at Chet expressing her gratitude for his help. He touched her hand as he smiled. He looked over to the table and saw a lovely bunch of flowers.
    ‘They are nice flowers Joanne’ ‘yes they are; my husband is away and couldn’t make it in time for the birth, so he asked Victor the florist to deliver them this morning.’
    Chet spoke with the nurse then waved at Joanne as he left saying ‘get some rest.’ Joanne smiled as she closed her eyes.

    Chet was hungry he passed by the hospital restaurant, the smell from freshly made bread was inviting, so he stepped inside breathing in the aroma of the bread. He smiled at Sadie the local baker who had just delivered the freshly baked bread.

    ‘Sadie you make this restaurant come alive every time you visit.’ She smiled as she ran her hands through her hair, she was an attractive woman with a nice figure, although her delivery clothes were not becoming. She laughed as she said ‘we both deliver the same way, you babies me bread. They both laughed as they chatted for a moment, then she said ‘I must go as the roads are getting bad. I heard on the car radio that snow ploughs had been deployed so I better try to get home as this is my last delivery.’

    Sadie smiled as she smoothed her hands down her trousers then shook his hand and smiled ‘I would like to get snowed in with you Chet, we could make babies.’ She laughed as she kicked up one of her legs. He said as she left ‘you are an incorrigible flirt.’ But you love it Chet, as she blew him a kiss.


    The snow was coming down harder Teresa the local vet had a passion for old cars. Her double car garage contained loads of rubbish including a broken down jet-ski; it had been one of those, – I must get round to fixing before winter projects that never happened- but, now looking at the snow falling she wished she had.
    But there next to the Jet-ski was her pride and joy a convertible Chevy Corvette. It had been her dad’s; he had surprised her with keys on her birthday. He had taken it to a valet and had it cleaned ready for her birthday the 4th of February .
    Teresa took a moment to reminisce as he mind went back to that day. It had been a bright sunny winter morning, her birthday was celebrated with her aunts and uncles. Then on the dot of 12 noon they all started to arrive. Her dad had hidden the gleaming corvette under a car cover in the garage. Whilst Teresa was greeting and talking with all the guests her dad had slipped away and wheeled the Corvette out and tied a pink bow around the steering wheel.

    Teresa’s dad said to her ‘close your eyes sweetie, and don’t peak.’ He took her hand and leading her outside followed by the guests. When they were all assembled he said ‘okay you can open them.’ Teresa remembered his smile as he handed her the keys. She was dancing from foot to screaming with joy.

    That was a long time ago now but during her youth she had been taught by her dad how to maintain a car so she had a good grounding for mechanical knowledge.

    That knowledge came in handy now, as things on the old girl kept breaking. The latest defect was the speedometer cable; it had broken which also stopped odometer from working.

    Teresa looked in the mirror in the garage and laughed at the sight of her face which had a greasy oil mark across her forehead. That was enough for tonight she thought, as she covered over her pride and joy.

    Chet left the hospital placing his gloves on his hands as he walked towards his van in the car park. He turned up his collar as he neared his van. He zapped the the locks and sat in his seat as he warmed the engine to heat up the inside and melt the frost from windscreen, then set the Sat Nav for the journey home via another patient, hoping the roads were not too bad………….To be continued

    1. Dear David,
      Wow! What a great story you wrote! That’s amazing how you wove all the parts together. You’re amazing! Thank you for sharing your writing here with everyone here!
      It would be fun to see how you continue and get to the rest of the story!

      Celebrate you.
      Never Give Up

      1. Thank you Joan, it was fun putting all the characters and items you chose to be included.
        To be honest it only took about 15-20 minutes, once I started it just flowed. Sorry there was a couple of typos but I think the gist was there.

        1. Dear David,
          You are very welcome. I am glad you had fun putting all the characters and terms in your story. That’s awesome that it didn’t take you long to write it. The gist of the story was there in good form. Thanks again for sharing your writing with us.

          Never Give Up

  2. Joan,
    What a fun exercise! I hope to do it later. Recorded audio or video would not work for me. I usually read you at 5:30 in the morning tho today I’m late. Your columns are always helpful.

    1. Dear Joan Leotta,
      Thank you for writing. I’m glad you believe this was a fun exercise. I do hope you will do it later. Thanks for saying that my blog is fine as it is. That audio or video wouldn’t help you! Wow! Thanks for saying that my columns are always helpful. What a nice compliment! Thank you for being a loyal subscriber. Thank you for writing me often to tell me that my words have helped you.

      May fun and peace surround you
      Never Give UP

  3. February 5th – a milestone birthday for Teresa, the local veterinarian. Chet had arranged a surprise party at the nearby ski chalet to mark the event. Fifty years young, and she looked as good as she did at twenty-five. They were the envy of the village – the perfect couple.

    Noon was the scheduled start time for the festivities. At eleven-thirty, guests would begin to arrive. All Chet had to do was get his wife there. She enjoyed lunches at the mountain resort. A meal out on her birthday wouldn’t arouse her suspicion. If they left half an hour before the party was to start, they’d arrive in plenty of time. Perhaps fashionably late by a few minutes.


    Victor, the florist, fussed over the arrangements on the tables. He had worked on them tirelessly since the day before. They were perfect then, but some were damaged from being jostled in the back of his van when he placed them on the tables.

    Sadie, the baker, put the finishing touches on the cake and wheeled it on its cart to the room’s centre.


    Chet helped Teresa into his Range Rover, and they started. The snow which had fallen lightly earlier was now a blizzard. At least he had four-wheel drive. As luck would have it, they got stuck behind a snowplow. It made for slow going, but at least the road was clear. The digital odometer stopped clicking off the miles. He tapped on it a few times, but it refused to cooperate.

    The champagne flowed like water. Chet handed a glass to his wife and proposed a toast.
    “Happy Birthday, Teresa,” said Chet as he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. “By the way, I’m leaving you.” He stretched out his arm and welcomed Sadie into his embrace.

    1. Dear Melanie,
      Wow! It is amazing how you wove the many parts I gave you into the story you wrote. I loved your surprise ending. Thank you very much for sharing it here so that others can enjoy it. You have a way with words!
      Thank you for being a loyal subscriber. You are a treasure!

      Never Give Up

  4. Betty’s Birthday
    The town of North Ridge was giving a birthday party for Betty Thornton, an incredibly special lady, on her 100th birthday.
    Betty was the mid-wife who had delivered the most newsworthy birth of Sadie Baker’s twins. Not that twins were so unusual, but Mrs. Baker could not believe she was with child that late in her life alone having two babies! Mr. Baker did not share his wife’s shock. He always knew he would be a father one day.

    A meeting of her closest friends was called, and all agreed that it should be held at the prestigious Mountains, Chalet. Nobody could agree on a date.

    Finally, Doctor Chet who was always the voice of reason spoke up.
    “Everybody quiet down. I believe I may have come up with a solution Would it not be best to have it on February 5th Betty’s Birthday? How does twelve noon sound to all of you?
    “Oh, my goodness,” Sadie, gasped, that would be perfect! Why didn’t any of us think of that? “
    Chat was relieved.

    Sadie, who owned the North Ridge bakery, graciously offered to make the cake. Dr. Teresa, the veterinarian, was going to take pictures at the party. (Photography was a hobby of hers)
    Victor who owned the florist said he would supply the flowers for Betty and help where needed. Everything was settled or so they thought.

    The morning of the party, it had started to snow and what the town was hoping would only be a few inches and would stop, continued all morning. This was an unexpected occurrence and one that did not look like it would end before 12 PM.

    At 11 o’clock , Dr. Chet received several distraught calls from party goers. No one more than, Sadie Baker
    “Doctor Chet, what are we going to do? We cannot drive in this snow; we have never had so much! Our cars are not equipped for such emergencies! We have no choice but to cancel the party.”

    “Sadie, calm down,” he sighed. “We cannot cancel this late. We have already booked and paid for the room. Let me see what I can come up with.” That seemed to have satisfied Sadie.

    A sudden “light bulb” moment helped him to find a solution to his dilemma. Vincent’s offer to help. He dialed Vincent’s number. “Why wasn’t he answering the phone?”

    On the fifth ring he answered. “Vincent, it’s Dr. Chet.” “Hi Doc, it’s snowing pretty hard out there.”
    “Well, that’s why I’m calling. I know this a stretch, but do you happen to have van?”
    “Well, Vincent hesitated, “I do have an old van. It is a bit worn out and the heaters broke, but it still runs well.”

    Nobody minded that the vans heater was’nt working the all brought blankets. They were only too happy to be going to the party. Even snow could stop them from to celebrate their dear friend Betty Thornton’s Birthday.

  5. Dear June,
    Thank you for participating in tge writing exercise for winter. What a wonderful story you wrote! I loved reading it! You have a way with words.

    Have a fun day!
    Never Give Up

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