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15 Minute Writing Exercise – You Are Unique

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“15 Minute Writing Exercise – You Are Unique” by Joan Y. Edwards

If I asked you to choose fifteen pieces of your favorite rainbow colored candy and place them in a design in front of you, your choice would be unique. They might choose the same colors, but probably not the same number of each and they wouldn’t create the same design as yours.  You are unique. 

Below are two exercises: Exercise A and Exercise B.  Even though everyone uses the same fifteen words, the stories you write will be different. Your life experiences, interests, and imaginations will determine what you write. Add to a work in progress, an old story, or write freely as it comes to you, but try to use all fifteen words in one of the exercises in your passage in fifteen minutes. Each exercise has six nouns, five verbs, and four adjectives. Verbs may be used as nouns. Nouns may be used as verbs. 


You’ll find this exercise and others to stimulate your brain and put life into your writing in Writing Open the Mind by Andy Couturier.

Using random words stirs up wondrous experiences and helps you create passages filled with life.   No one will use the same characters or situations. If you and another person have the same idea for a book, it will not turn out the same. It will not be identical. Why? It will be different because each author is unique.

Enjoy being you. Try this exercise. Ask a friend to try it, too. Compare your stories. They’ll be  different, but fun to read. Enjoy yourself. You are a Master Writer. You have a gift. Go for it.

Get out a sheet of paper or open a new document in Word or other word processor software.

  1. Copy the 15 listed words at the top of the page.
  2. Take one minute to read, study, and think about the 15 words.
  3. Set the timer for 15 minutes.
  4. Write for 15 minutes. Try to use all  fifteen words in your passage.
  5. At the end of your 15 minutes, read your passage aloud.
  6. Share your writing in a comment on this blog post or email it to me (joanyedwards1@gmail.com). 

Exercise A: There are five verbs, six nouns, and four adjectives.

  1. ice
  2. memory
  3. daughter
  4. color
  5. detail
  6. account
  7. begin
  8. volunteer
  9. modify
  10. discuss
  11. familiarize
  12. uppity
  13. necessary
  14. ripe
  15. wandering

Exercise B:  There are fifteen words: six nouns,  five verbs, and four adjectives.

  1. newscaster
  2. muscle
  3. tongue
  4. photograph
  5. post office
  6. barrel
  7. evaluate
  8. indulge
  9. advertise
  10. unveil
  11. annex
  12. sapling
  13. incredulous
  14. slippery
  15. spirited


I posted my Exercise A in the comments. I hope you will, too. Have a great day being you!

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