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7 Strategies for Success

Copyright 2015 Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright 2015
                    Joan Y. Edwards

“Seven Strategies for Success” by Joan Y. Edwards
All of you, both men and women,  like to get what you want when you go shopping. You want what you want. You have certain ideas about what you’re shopping for. In your mind, you designate rules that this new purchase must meet:

Fits you to a “T”
Simple to Use

In life when you make goals, you also designate rules for what things will look like when you reach your goal. Some of them are assumptions based on what you’ve learned about the situation from others and part of it you learn from personal experience. Sometimes your assumptions and reality are different. That’s when you have to realign your thinking to make sure you get where you want to go.
I realize that each person has different goals and aspirations. I’m not going to tell you what goals to make. This blog post focuses on beliefs, thoughts, and actions that will help you reach your goals successfully, no matter what they happen to be.

  1. Immerse and surround yourself with positive thoughts, words, actions, and people. State your goals as affirmations in the present tense. I am a best-selling author. I am a prize-winning illustrator. I find the best deal for a computer, dress, suit, shoes.
  2. Believe in you
    If you think you can’t do it, learn how. If you don’t think you can do it, change your thoughts. If you made a mistake, forgive yourself and let it go. When you’re down, give yourself three days to rest, recuperate, and realign your thinking. Talk with God. He understands. Talk to a friend, they can help you look at the broad picture. Be your best friend. Never give up. Be determined to get to your goal.
  3. Be thankful to God/Universe.
  4. Encourage others and share your time and talents with them.
  5. Use available resources: library, books, videos, blogs, Google search, and others. Ask questions. Talk to people who’ve done what you want to do. Ask for help, information, support, sales. Ask people to buy your book, illustration, or other product. Give them something extra free when they buy.
  6. Take action. Take a chance – Do what brings you joy! Put your money where your goal is: Take lessons. Build an audience (a group of followers who could possibly buy your product or help you find what you’re looking for. Write, draw, create. Get your work critiqued by your peers and by professionals, too. Submit your work to a publisher or self-publish.
  7. Celebrate baby steps and achievements. Reward yourself. Have a writing or illustrating party with other writers and illustrators.

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Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards, Author
Copyright © 2015 Joan Y. Edwards
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