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Magical Monday – Limit Your Distractions

“Magical Monday-Limit Your Distractions” by Joan Y. Edwards

Today is the 4th week of Accountability Corner. I hope to encourage you to continue your venture towards completing a project or two  that you’ve put on hold for varying reasons in or out of your control. You can do this. Mondays are magical in that they offer you the chance to start over. A chance to renew your enthusiasm for yourself and your project.  Perhaps try a different way to get it finished. Sometimes you may have distractions. If distractions are keeping you from being on task, perhaps reserve a special time during the day to allow distractions…to take phone calls, answer text messages and emails.
Step 1 Turn off the sound alerts on your cell phone.
Step 2 Sign out of your email app on your computer.
Step 3 Answer all text messages and emails. To your family and close friends, you can send a text message at 8:00 a.m. saying: Working on a project for the next 1-3 hours. If you text me, I will answer you when I take a break at time 15 minutes after your goal time.
Step 4 Go to bathroom, drink a half-glass of water. Set your timer for your allotted time (1-3 hrs) and work without non-emergency distractions.
Step 5 At the end of the hour, stand up and shout. I am great. I did it. I worked an hour on my project  without distraction. Answer text messages, phone calls, and emails: Repeat steps 1-5.
I am sure there are other ideas for limiting distractions. You will find the way that works for you. For me, putting my cell phone in another room where I can’t hear it works for me. Make a plan that works for you!
Please leave a message for me. It fills me with joy! If you’ve finished a project or worked on one, let me know in the comments. I will celebrate with you. I will stand up and say, “You did it.”
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