Accountability Corner – Step 2 – Project Ideas

“Accountability Corner – Step 2 – Project Ideas” by Joan Y. Edwards

If you’re like me, there are a few things you’ve put off doing for varying reasons and excuses. Here in Accountability Corner, I want to help you focus on getting a few of these projects done.  It could be you’ve promised yourself that you’ll do something new, bake a cake, go to a local museum, take your kids to the park, watch your favorite movie. Let’s brainstorm a few project ideas. Below I’ve listed a few ideas. I listed sites with projects for varying amounts of time. There are millions more in your imagination. But there is one dwelling in your heart that you really want to work on. That is great. If you’re already sure which one that is, go for it. These are here if you want to brainstorm more…food for your thought.
15 Minute Projects

Declutter – Feng Shui (Keep, Toss, Donate/sell)
“10 Decluttering Projects You Can Do in 15 Minutes or Less:

“Organizing Projects You Can Tackle in 15 Minutes:”

“30 Most Unexpected Yet Super Simple Crafts You’ve Ever Seen:”

30 Minute Projects
“Easy Craft Ideas for Teens and Adults:”
“100 of the Easiest 30 Minute Meals We’ve Ever Made:”
1 Hour Projects

…Write or revise  a draft poem, page of a story, song or draw a draft of a picture. Decide to work on it a certain amount of time until it is finished. Revise it. Let someone critique it.
Market your work. 
…Mow the grass, trim the hedges, or weed the flower garden.
…Do a draft painting, woodworking,  or other craft.
…Cook “One Hour Recipes:
…Cook “30 Easy DIY Projects that Can Be Done in an Hour:”
…Read in a book.

2 Hour Projects
…Wash the car.
…Go to the movies.
3 Hour Projects
…Visit a local museum.
…4 Hour or More Projects
…Go to dinner and a play.
…Read a good book: New York Times 2023 Best Sellers: 
ow that you’ve read and studied all the ideas of projects you want to accomplish in 2023, choose the one(s) you wish to focus on first.
Make a note of it.
What is your project?
Needed tools and supplies to complete it.
Can you complete it in 5 days? If not, how many days will it take you to finish this project? Make a guess.

Now that you have your idea for a project, you can go to fill in your Accountability Project Plan and designate when you will start and when you plan to complete it.

Remember: Do it and the energy will come. Start and the energy (excitement, knowledge, skills, resources, and stick-to-it-ness) you need will come to help you finish.

Leave a message on the Accountability Corner blog post when you begin!

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“Accountability Corner – Step 3 – Your Weekly Project Plan:”

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6 thoughts on “Accountability Corner – Step 2 – Project Ideas”

  1. i like the approach of fifteen minute, 30 minute, and hour projects.
    There are days i feel like i am sliding behind if i’m focused on
    a SINGLE project.
    But with this approach, it’s okay to do something else… make time to clean the basement (30 minute project.) or simply take a walk…15 minutes.
    I see the importance of varying activities.
    PLUS, i get more done this way.

    1. Dear Bill,
      Thank you for writing. I’m glad that you like the idea of 15 minute, 30 minute, and hour long projects. Giving yourself the opportunity and right with no penalty to do something different will help you feel better about yourself and spur you on to completing the time you promised to spend on your focused project. This is your plan. Make it work to benefit your health and well-being and finish a project! Sometimes while you’re working on something else, a great idea comes to you for your main project. I hope it helps you to be nice to yourself and get your LAUGHTER ALLEY done in a timely manner as you usually do on Fridays. Thanks again for sharing your Friday Accountability with us and allowing me to share it with people on my website. I’ve heard back from 3 people who like the idea and may plan to join us. Hip Hip Hooray!

      Never Give Up

  2. I like the idea of timed projects–makes it easier to continue with something very large–can break it down into smaller bites

    1. Dear Joan,
      Thank you for writing. I am glad you like timed projects. So good that helps you get projects completed. Hip hip hooray for you! Let me know how you and tour projects are coming along.

      Never Give Up

  3. Joan, your accountability posts have inspired me to work on two projects. One is now finished and I have finished half of the other. I’m not following the suggested way to go about this, but I know it inspired me to get things done. Thank you very much for that.

    1. Dear Linda,
      Thank you for writing. I am glad that my accountability corner posts helped you figure out a way you liked to get projects you had put on the back burner started and finished. Hurray for you!!! Go, Linda, Go!

      Never Give Up

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