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The Picnic – Truth or Fiction – Fatal, Funny, or Fantasy

Mason Dahl's picture of a picnic in a park with trees, lake, and city in distance
Thank you, Mason Dahl and Unsplash.com for allowing me to use this picture.

I love picnics. Today I invite you to write about a picnic. You can share pictures to illustrate it, too. It can be truth or fiction and fatal, factual, funny, or fantasy…you decide.

How do these characters meet? Why are they having a picnic? Where is the picnic? What happens at the picnic that changes their lives forever?

Here are three characters. You can use them or not, it’s your choice. They are food for thought.

Theodore – Always late but helpful, drives an 18 wheeler for a grocery chain, can’t cook

Sally – Falls in love with every guy she meets, works at a department store in Men’s Cosmetics, good at sales, can’t cook.

Randy – Great organizer,  works for a newspaper as a reporter; can’t cook.

Focus on the description. Use “How Much Description Is Necessary for Your Story?” as a guide.

Remember to tell the following in your story.

Question words in balls hanging from celing
Thank you Gert Altman and Pixabay for allowing me to use this image.

It is such a great story prompt. If you write a few paragraphs about it, please share it with us in the comment area.

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Are Things Heavier Than They Look?

Joan pushing against huge bale of hay taller than her!
April 1, 1997 Joan moving bale of hay at Walden’s Stables, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

“Are Things Heavier Than They Look?” by Joan Y. Edwards

How heavy do you think each bale of hay is? Can you push it? Can I push it? Would a farmer like it if I rolled his bales of hay down the hills into a different part of the field?

In 1995, I saw bales of hay near my friend, Sylvia Callahan’s home in Midland, North Carolina.  As Sylvia and I walked along the edge of the highway, I had this thought cross my mind. “Get out there in the field and push the bales of hay down the hill. Push at least one of them and watch it roll down the hill. That would be such fun!”

Then I told Sylvia, “Your neighbors might not appreciate me moving their bales of hay around their field.”

Forward in time to April 1, 1997. Carl and I traveled to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We went riding horses at Walden Stables. Outside the barns were three huge bales of hay. I told Carl. I’m going to ask to see if they will let me move these bales of hay. So I did.

“Sir, I’ve always had a hankering to move one of those bales of hay when I’ve seen them on the road.  May I move one of your bales of hay?”

“Ma’am, feel free to move those bales of hay anywhere. However, I must tell you that each of them weighs about 700 pounds.”

My eyes got as big as turkey platters!

You guessed it I tried to move one of the bales of hay! Did it move? not a bit. Not even one millimeter! But it was fun!

Was it better than not trying at all? You bet it was.

Today there may be something you need a little bit of humor to help you handle it.  Besides humor, you may need a lot of power. I pray that God sends you the humor and the power to achieve your goal. He can add the power you don’t have to help you move the “bales of hay” in your life.

I hope this made you laugh!

Please leave a comment sharing a funny experience you’ve had in your life.

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Flip Flap Floodle Will this little duck’s song save him from Mr. Fox?
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