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The Picnic – Truth or Fiction – Fatal, Funny, or Fantasy

Mason Dahl's picture of a picnic in a park with trees, lake, and city in distance
Thank you, Mason Dahl and Unsplash.com for allowing me to use this picture.

I love picnics. Today I invite you to write about a picnic. You can share pictures to illustrate it, too. It can be truth or fiction and fatal, factual, funny, or fantasy…you decide.

How do these characters meet? Why are they having a picnic? Where is the picnic? What happens at the picnic that changes their lives forever?

Here are three characters. You can use them or not, it’s your choice. They are food for thought.

Theodore – Always late but helpful, drives an 18 wheeler for a grocery chain, can’t cook

Sally – Falls in love with every guy she meets, works at a department store in Men’s Cosmetics, good at sales, can’t cook.

Randy – Great organizer,  works for a newspaper as a reporter; can’t cook.

Focus on the description. Use “How Much Description Is Necessary for Your Story?” as a guide.

Remember to tell the following in your story.

Question words in balls hanging from celing
Thank you Gert Altman and Pixabay for allowing me to use this image.

It is such a great story prompt. If you write a few paragraphs about it, please share it with us in the comment area.

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