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Does the Weather Determine Your Feelings?


“Does the Weather Determine Your Feelings?” by Joan Y. Edwards

When you look out the window in the morning, does the weather determine your feelings?

Do you need an umbrella to keep you protected from the things you fear in life?

Do you need rubber boots to help you slosh through your day even when it’s not raining?

Are you sad and need an excuse for feeling that way? Has the weather stopped an event from occurring? An event you’ve been looking forward to ? Are the clouds with the rain blocking the sun’s rays that keep you perky in usual circumstances?

At first I was thinking about emotional feelings. Then, I remembered how when I was teaching school, everyone got restless before a storm. Even as much as a day ahead of a big storm. People were irritable for no known reason.

Does that happen because the cells in your body are unbalanced? Do they get positively or negatively charged? If so, during the storm, the electrons must change places and balance everything out because you calm down after the storm.

You know how you get shocked in the winter when static electricity makes the electrons pop off to a different atom. Sometimes you can see little sparks when you move a blanket during the winter. That’s the electrons moving from one atom to another.

Thank you, Pixabay. Protons are in the center. Electrons are on the outer rings.

Maybe this will explain it better.

In the middle of an atom are both protons and neutrons. They fit tight. Normally this center nucleus stays the same.  Usually they have the same number of protons and electrons. However, some of the electrons in the outer ring are loose and move from one atom to another. When an atom loses an electron, it has more protons than electrons and becomes positively charged. As best I understand it, positive ions are missing electrons from their outer ring.

An atom that has more electrons than protons is negatively charged.  Negative ions have an extra electron in their outer ring. To me this means, negative charged ions have an electron to share. I think we all feel better when we think we have something to share, something extra. We feel better when we have an abundance of all we need.

Negative ions generate positive feelings for human beings and animals. Where can you find these ions that give you positive energy? Waterfalls, forests, parks, grassy areas, and the ocean.

Help designate a public place for people to rekindle their spirits with these negative ions. Set up a place in your home to help you keep balanced, healthy, and calm. Take off for the beach, Niagara Falls, a forest, a park near you, or a garden in your back yard. Battery powered water fountains give off wonderful negative ions to give you energy. Gardens give off good energy, too. Many people use negative ion generators. If you use a negative ion generator, make sure it does not create ozone gas. Some people use negative ion bracelets. I do not know if they work. I have never used one. It may depend upon your belief.

You can also stimulate calm and inner peace by praying to God. When you ask, he will give you the positive energy you need to bolster your health and to look at life in a healthy manner when it’s raining and when the sun is shining. God loves you very much.

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