Lost and Found

Sunrise at Tybee Island Beach, September 26, 2021
Photo taken by Joan Y. Edwards, Tybee Island Beach, GA September 26, 2021

Lost and Found by Joan Y. Edwards, Copyright © 2021

Hello. It’s good to see you.
I hope you’re doing well.
I hope you’re safe and free from harm.
I hope your smile is big.

I don’t know where to turn.
I don’t know where to go.
I can’t find the familiar
Of long, long ago.

I want to live a long time.
I want to do God’s will.
I seem to be lost in the world
Just standing still.

My spunk has disappeared.
My drive is hidden.
My life seems to be on hold.
The valley got deeper.

What am I waiting for?
Why aren’t I going?
Where is my map?
Where am I going?

God is my source.
He usually sends me word.
His words are lost
Behind this shield of my humanity.

I must have a purpose.
I am still here on earth.
Are you lost, too?
I see lost people on my path.

Ah, yes. That’s where I met you.
On my earthly path.
You asked me, “Where am I going?
What is God’s plan for me?”

I answer boldly, “Let’s find out together.
Will you come with me?
We will turn this way and that.
We will climb up hills and slide down.

We will make it through this life
Because of the love
That we’ve shared with each other
During fun times and sad times on this earth.”

What??? You’ll come with me.
That makes me very happy.
My path is clear now.
Like a sunrise, it is bright and shining the way for you and me.

We were lost but now have been found.
Each day we will face the fun times and sad times together.
It is easier when we do things together.
At the end of the day, God will be happy with us.

happiness at the end of the day
Thank you, Pixabay. At the End of the Day God  is happy with us!

I hope you enjoyed my poem.
I wrote this a while back.
I’m feeling better now since I know you’re here with me and I’m not alone.

Perhaps you’re like me and have felt this way.

Have you ever felt lost?  Like you were heading to a goal, but then something happened to stop you. You begin to disbelieve everything your strengths were founded on.  You seem to be floundering around in the water.

I hope that you found what you were looking for. I hope you discovered that God will show you what he wants you to do.  Sometimes he wants us to lean on him a little. he wants us to recognize what we are already doing for him. He whispers in your ear, thank you.

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards, Author
Copyright © 2009-2021 Joan Y. Edwards

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10 thoughts on “Lost and Found”

  1. Hi Joan,
    yes negativity can be the one thing that drags you down, whether it be a loss of someone or somehing it can have a devastating effect on the mind.

    A belief in god whatever you conceive him to be, can be a help, but nothing will replace the self belief in yourself.

    No athlete has ever won a race by saying I can’t do it, by doing so is self defeatist. The help of others and taking part can and does help.

    Reaching out to others can be stimulating so can solace. Take time to reflect, but not to withdraw inside yourself.

    Do not worry about what people think of you, do it and be happy you did it.

    Reach out and accept friendship and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. But don’t hide away, as loneliness can aid in sadness and negativity.

    Strive to be happy


  2. Joan,

    I had a friend write me yesterday and say she wanted to be there for my gray days. Your friends, family, and I want to be there for yours. So glad you are doing better. The Lord does penetrate that shield of humanity. Just keep walking. He is with you. Find comfort in Him and his company, even if He is silent. He’s there!

  3. I understand the despair, fear, and loneliness behind your poem Joan. I assume you wrote this after Carl died–when you felt anchorless. We must turn to God who is the rock that is Higher than us!
    “From the end of the earth will I cry unto Thee when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” Psalm 61:2. He is the only One who doesn’t change. EVER!

  4. Joan,
    Thanks for this. I’ve been struggling with figuring out my purpose after I hit 60 in July. Covid is making it so hard, don’t you think? I can’t get out there and volunteer as I used to. All the best, my friend, Juli

    1. Dear Juli,
      Thanks for writing and telling me you are also struggling to figure out what your purpose is. I pray that it will be evident to you. When God has a different direction for you and me, it will be visible. It will be clear. Covid is readjusting our world. We can pray for our world.

      Do something fun every day
      Never Give Up

  5. Thank you so much Joan for sharing your poem and your heart. In Japan they gave a word- ikegai,the definition is finding your way in life or finding your purpose. I thing your words “His words are behind this shield of humanity”” It is easier to do things together.At the end of the day God will be happy with us” is a beautiful journey to find our ikegai. It gives me hope because there are times I struggle. Sending a hug and love ❤

    1. Dear Kathleen,
      Thank you for sharing about the Japanese word ikegai….finding your purpose. I believe you have served many purposes in your life. Many times God may have us serve a purpose and we don’t know that we have had a positive impact on someone’s life. Sometimes we are not sure of ourselves and where God wants us to go. When we keep our ears and hearts open, I believe he speaks when he has something to say. I keep telling God that I love him. I ask hm to help me and others to do his will.
      I pray for you. I am so glad we are on life’s path together. Love you.
      Never Give Up

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