“A Friend to Lean on” Author Unknown

A Friend to Lean On
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“A Friend to Lean On” Author Unknown

Life takes some crazy directions sometimes,
Causing changes we can’t hope to anticipate. Even though we try to cope as best we can,
Some things are beyond our control.
We can only accept them
And try to move forward as best we can.
We may have to
Lean on someone else’s shoulder for awhile
But that’s what friends are for.
With a friend, you can make it through anything!

I found this poem a couple of months ago. It is especially meaningful to me since Carl died August 31, 2020. You have let me lean on you. Thank you. Thank all of you for being there for me by sending me emails every day, or calling me, meeting me for lunch, inviting me over for a meal, inviting me to visit, or praying for me. Even though I don’t know you are praying for me,  I can feel your love. I appreciate your love and compassion. Your thoughtfulness and cheerfulness. Thank  you for letting me lean on you. I hope and pray that God will bless each of you in a special way so that you know how much He loves you and how much I love you.


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6 thoughts on ““A Friend to Lean on” Author Unknown”

  1. Children are lucky, they can have imaginary friends to talk and to listen about the problems. I the bedroom or out in the playground on their own they can solve problems.
    As we get older we lose that ability and rely on others as a confidant. Some turn to religion others hold their troubles inside.
    But sometimes you can find a friend who doesn’t judge you and offers a shoulder to lean on in troubled times.
    The friend can be next door or thousands of miles away but having that contact can help in making decisions by unloading your problems can be such a relief.
    If you find that special friend hold on to him/her it’s a true treasure.

    1. Dear David,
      Thank you for writing. You are right. Having a friend to have fun with in the good times and to lean on during troubled times is a treasure. Thank you for being my friend.

      Never Give Up

  2. Thanks for being my friend too! The author of this poem must have been blessed by good friends. So glad you shared this poem with us.

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