Is Writing Your Passion? Part 2

Is Writing Your Passion? Copyright 2018 Joan Y. Edwards

“Is Writing Your Passion? Part 2” by Joan Y. Edwards

Is writing your passion? How can you tell?

If writing’s your passion, you might do the following:

  1. Stay up late reading a book
  2. Watch people wherever you are
  3. Watch movies of the same genre that you like to write
  4. Write something every day – even if it’s only a list

“Why do you like to write?”

  1. If I don’t write, it’s hard to breathe.
  2. Telling a story isn’t enough; I have to write it down.
  3. I write because it’s fun to relive or imagine  experiences using different points of view.
  4. I like to see characters come alive on the paper.

What are your reasons for writing?

I know you’ve heard reasons for writing. I want to hear your reasons for writing. Please share in the comment area. I’ll add them with your name if you give me permission in the comment.

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Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright 2018 Joan Y. Edwards
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4 thoughts on “Is Writing Your Passion? Part 2”

  1. Hola from Spain Joan,

    Yes I have a passion for writing, where it comes from, is a mystery but, I do.
    My genre is crime; having served 30 years in the UK police as detective sgt investigating many serious and not so nice crimes, I have a background to assist me. Compassionate when interviewing victims and ruthless when interviewing offenders it has all added to the journey.
    I drifted away from that slightly on my last book, which was on the horror side. It came from a dream; it was so vivid I wrote it in longhand in pencil in a day. Then had to decipher my scrawl. But it was real in my minds eye so had to get it down before it faded in the mists of awakening .
    Have I made mistakes? Yes loads of them, including giving my first book to a proof reader who gave the thumbs up, but she’d read and not corrected it, so pushed it forward for print. Never again. Have I learnt oh yes and still am, am I happy with my writing? Not always, there is always room for improvement as my teacher would write on my reports.
    So in short I love to write and get frustrated and angry sometimes and then hit the wall, but somehow manage to push on through.
    Don’t be disheartened by bad critique, that’s easy to say, we love the good praise and smile, but it’s the one bad comment that sticks in the throat, and then to yourself say why bother, but it passes and in the end its an opinion. There that’s my four pennyworth, for what its worth.

    1. Dear David,
      Thank you for writing. I am very proud of you for 3 reasons:
      1. You love to write and you write in spite of obstacles.
      2. You write even when others give you strong critiques of your work. Reminding us that it is just an opinion is wise advice.
      3. You never give up on yourself, your writing, and other aspects of your life.

      I hope you subscribed to my blog. I would be honored to have you follow my posts and offer advice along the way.

      Never Give Up

      Joan Y. Edwards

      Keep writing. Keep

  2. I, too, am passionate about my writing. Sometimes to the point that my work wakes me up in the middle of the night with solutions to difficult plot points, or my characters are talking to me.

    One day, I would love to be able to add NYT and/or USA Today Bestselling Author to my book covers.

    1. Dear Melanie,
      Thank you so much for writing. I love hearing from you. It’s fascinating how characters can talk to you and tell you what’s really going on in their story. Funny!

      Thanks for trying multiple times to leave a message. I’m glad the comment gremlins seem to have left my blog!

      I believe you will achieve NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author!

      Never Give Up

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