Believe That You Have an Abundance of Everything You Need


Abundance, Plenty, Adequate, Sufficient, Ample, Enough

“Believe That You Have an Abundance of Everything You Need” by Joan Y. Edwards

In the 1980’s I went through a rough time in my life. I had to come to grips with having too much debt and not enough money coming in to pay all of my bills. I realized that my mindset wasn’t working to help me. I had too many negative thoughts. I set my mind to figuring out how to have a better frame of mind. I NEEDED A POSITIVE OUTLOOK. My positive outlook had gone down the drain.

Here are 3 things that helped me:

  1. My church helping me pay my mortgage  for 3 months and then they said they couldn’t do that any more. That was a good thing. It forced me to do something different.
  2. A priest told me to go for counseling. My belief in myself was nil.
  3. I read Dr. Robert Schuller’s book: Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do!
  4. I read What You Think of Me Is None of My Business by Terry Cole-Whitaker.

Through counseling, praying, and reading, I dug my way out of the situation I was in. I made arrangements to pay what I could to those to whom I owed money.

I did not use a credit card until after I had all the credit cards paid off. I did not borrow any money on credit cards unless I was able to pay all of what I owed in 30 days from the day I borrowed the money.

If you’re having a problem feeling there is not enough of what you need now, listen to the thoughts going through your mind. They may be negative. They may be pulling you to scarcity.

Thank you, John Hain and Pixabay for this picture.

Change your thoughts. Say: I am thankful for what I have. Every day I am getting more and more of what I need. I have an abundance of all that I need. What I need is coming to me from sources known and sources unknown.

  • Focus on what you have, not on what you don’t have. What you focus on is what you get in life.
  • Be thankful. What you are thankful for, you get more of.
  • Take action to achieve what you want, first in your mind. Then in other ways. Stealing is not an option. What you need will come to you in legal ways.

Kai says that “To open to The Law of Abundance, we must be willing to become aware of where we focus our attention and what we believe to be true.”

Evelyn Lim says “Believe that there is a loving Source – a Sower of Dreams – just waiting to be asked to help you make your dreams come true.”

The Bible says, “Ask and you shall receive. Believe and it will be given unto you.”

Don’t blame someone else for your problems. To achieve an abundance you must take complete responsibility for yourself and your feelings, for what you have and what you don’t have.

Be thankful for the person that you are. You are a wonderful person. You can solve this problem. There are others who will help you find your way. Do not ask them to do it for you. They can help; however, you must change your frame of mind, yourself. You must take action.  Surround yourself with positive minded people.

Read positive things. Watch positive things. Live a positive life. Accept that you are not perfect. Go ahead. Look in the mirror. You are human. You are not perfect. You are a good person. However, even the best human being is not perfect. So love yourself. Love that you are thinking more positive thoughts and doing more positive things than you were a few minutes ago or a few days ago.

Believe in you.
Believe in your worth.
Believe that God is helping you and guiding you.
Believe that an abundance is possible and that you can have it. Chances are you have it now, but are not seeing it. Look for an abundance. Name everything for which you are thankful.

There is always someone better off than you. There is always someone worse off than you. Rejoice and be glad that you are you. God created you to give our earth and its people something special that only you can provide. Believe and it will be given unto you.

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