Duck Tape to the Rescue

My late husband, Carl Edwards, was frugal with his money and his belongings. He tried to make them last as long as he could. Probably because he was so poor when he was little. If he couldn’t get it to last, he didn’t have it. He told me at lunch time at school, he would eat slowly to savor every bite.

After he died, I was going through his things and found an old wallet. The one he used before he bought a new one last year. I opened all compartments to make sure there wasn’t anything in it. What to my wondering eyes should appear, but Duck tape duly stuck to the change pocket on his wallet. I laughed and laughed. Duck tape to the rescue!

Seeing that reminded me that the last couple of years he did something that made me cringe. He used Duck tape on his boo-boos to make it stick better and last longer.

One time he asked me to put Duck tape on a scrape he couldn’t reach.

I said, “Carl, doesn’t it hurt when you pull it off. Like pull your skin and yank your hairs off.”

He said, “No. I’m tired of the bandages coming off. They don’t stick.”

So, I cringed and put Duck tape on his boo-boo.

Duck tape to the rescue!

Remembering this made me smile. It reminded me of  his overall good attitude about trying to make everything last a little longer and I laughed.

So my wish for you is that you always have duck tape to keep things you treasure lasting a little longer and that if you choose, although it may make me cringe, that you have the bandage you like for your boo-boos, even if it’s Duck tape.

I’d love to hear your stories about making things last and about uses of Duck tape. 

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards, Author
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8 thoughts on “Duck Tape to the Rescue”

    1. Dear Melanie,
      Thanks for writing. So you’d be like me, right? Cringing at the use of Duck tape on the skin! But you are right, if Duck Tape doesn’t stick, nothing will! Enjoy your day!

      Never Give Up

  1. Great article because it made me laugh and remember. When I was helping to care for my dad after his first stroke, his physical therapist brought in duct tape to put on the outside steps to make the steps less slick or slippery. She (the physical therapist) was a surfer who believed duct tape fixed everything like Carl.

    1. Dear Maureen,
      Thanks so much for writing. Thanks for sharing how the physical therapist who helped with your dad after his first stroke used Duck tape on the outside steps to make them less slippery. You are right, that physical therapist and Carl believed that Duck tape fixed everything! I’m so glad it made you laugh and remember. Enjoy your day!

      Never Give Up

  2. We were also poor as children and remember my mum and dad putting cardboard in our shoes when holes appeared in the soles, until they had enough money for a new pair. I always wanted a T-shirt to be like the other kids, but the label showed through when I wore my vest back to front to try and make it look like a T-shirt.
    Yes we had nothing and had to make do, I am still frugal, always turning lights off and saving food.
    I’m afraid this throw away society we live in today have no idea.
    Some complain they have nothing, but are wearing designer trainers and use up to date mobile phones.

    Anna my partner and myself went to an orphanage just before Christmas, where we made a monetary donation and bought a lot of gifts too. We were pleased to see the welcoming smiles of the organisers who gladly accepted the gifts. We didn’t do it for anything other than wanting in some way to bring a smile to a child/children who has/have no parents or relatives or come from abused homes.
    Sometimes duck tape will help hold things together, but will never mend. So at this time of year especially, lend a smile to a child who has even less than you.
    Merry Christmas

    1. Dear David,
      Thank you for writing. Thank you for sharing about how poor you were as a child and your Mother using cardboard to make your shoes last longer and that you wanted to have a shirt like other children. Carl was like that, too. Thanks for sharing about you and your partner, Anna, giving money and gifts to a nearby orphanage. How wonderful to bring a smile to a child who has less than you! I am so glad I know you and Anna. Enjoy your day. Rejoice because God is working through you! You are a blessing to me and others who know you.

      Never Give Up

    1. Dear Carol,
      Thank you for writing. Thanks for sharing that you’re sort of like me and might cringe at the thought of using Duck tape on a boo-boo. How neat that Creighton used Duck tape to keep his favorite Bible together! Awesome use! Enjoy your day. so glad I know you.

      Never Give UP

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