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You Will Achieve What You Desire

“You Will Achieve What You Desire” by Joan Y. Edwards

In your mind is a gold mine. It believes everything you say. It wants you to be right. It goes out of its way to make what you think come true. It searches the world for experiences to put you in the exact place and time to make what you believe in your mind and say with your tongue.

You will achieve what you desire when you put the right words and beliefs in your mind and put actions to your beliefs.

You can’t be a good writer if you don’t write.
You can’t be a good teacher if you don’t teach.
You can’t be a good artist if you don’t use your artistic skills.

Be the best you can be.

Believe in you.

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards
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I Hope in Your Lifetime

Joan and Carl Edwards wearing hats
Copyright © 2013 Joan Y. Edwards
Joan and Carl Edwards Wearing Hats

“I Hope in Your Lifetime” by Joan Y. Edwards

In my lifetime, I’ve met people who believe in me, thank me, accept me as I am, empower me to meet my goals, love me without any conditions, and live, laugh, and cry with me. These people leave me feeling better because I know them. My husband, Carl L. Edwards is one of those people for me. Thank you, Carl. Happy Father’s Day!

The poem below is one I wrote to honor my husband, Carl and to spread good wishes for you.

I Hope in Your Lifetime

by Joan Y. Edwards

I hope in your lifetime that you meet someone who:
Thanks you.
Believes in you.
Accepts you as you are.
Empowers you to meet your goals.
Loves you without conditions.
Lives, laughs, and cries with you.
Leaves you feeling better because you know him.

When you do:
Thank him.
Believe in him.
Accept him as he is.
Empower him to meet his goals.
Love him without conditions.
Live, laugh, and cry with him.
Leave him feeling better because he knows you.

Love is an eternal gift.
It keeps on giving forever.
What goes around, comes around.
You reap what you sow.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed this poem. Please leave a comment or email me at I’d like to know what you think. Thanks. Happy Father’s Day!

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Updated June 16, 2019