You Fill My Heart with Thankfulness

Copyright 2015 Joan Y. Edwards

“You Fill My Heart with Thankfulness” by Joan Y.Edwards
When you read my blog,  you give me confidence.
When you subscribe, you give me courage.
When you leave a message for me, you give me life.
Thank you.
May your Thanksgiving be filled with love and an abundance of all that you need! You are a blessing from God to me. You fill my heart with thankfulness.

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards

14 thoughts on “You Fill My Heart with Thankfulness”

  1. Here’s hoping yours was extra special and that your next blessing is contract from a publisher. Love, Sarah

    1. Dear Sarah,
      Thank you for writing. My Thanksgiving was awesome. I hope yours was, too. Thank you for wishing me a blessing in the shape of another book contract from a publisher!
      Never Give Up

    1. Dear Judy,
      Thank you for writing. I appreciate the good wishes for me and all I love for a wonderful Christmas season. That was so sweet! I’ve already ordered a few gifts online! I hope you enjoy time with those you love during the Christmas season.
      Never Give Up

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