Wordsearch Puzzles for Children’s Liturgy

PDF Editions – Gospel Based Wordsearch Puzzles for Year A,B,and C

All three of my Wordsearch puzzle books use words from Sunday or feast days.  Each puzzle has a devotional related to the Gospel to remind children of God’s love for them.
These books allow you to print copies for  Children’s Liturgy, Children’s Church, Sunday School, and Home Bible Study.
If you are interested in purchasing these books, contact me at joanyedwards1@gmail.com.

What’s Inside?

Below are links to the inside of each book with the table of contents and the first puzzle in each book.


Please email me if you are interested in purchasing these ebooks in PDF format: joanyedwards1@gmail.com

  1. 80 Gospel-Based Wordsearch Puzzles for Year A – PDF Edition
  2. 80 Gospel-Based Wordsearch Puzzles for Year B – PDF Edition
  3. 80 Gospel-Based Wordsearch Puzzles for Year C – PDF Edition

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2 thoughts on “Wordsearch Puzzles for Children’s Liturgy”

  1. This is a great resource for Sunday School or CCD. I used the word searches as the word bank for Joan Y. Edwards’ 80 Gospel-Based Crossword Puzzles. My middle school students always begged for more puzzles by Joan! YOu can’t argue with students wanting more Bible study!

    1. Daar Pam,
      Thank you very much for writing. It makes me smile to know your Middle Grade students bugged you for more puzzles! May God bless you and all your studetns!

      Never Give Up

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