Why Write?

    1. “Why Write?” by Joan Y. Edwards

Why Write? Here are 17 reasons to write

Seventeen Reasons to Write

      1. For money
      2. Fame
      3. Inform
      4. Entertain
      5. Share  opinions
      6. Evaluate
      7. Educate
      8. Motivate
      9. Document time and dates of events
      10. Journal personal and world history
      11. Raise money for worthwhile causes
      12. Compile data
      13. To do list
      14. Complete a job application
      15. Share news
      16. Keep in touch with relatives and friends
      17. Persuade


Thanks for reading my blog. Why do you write?

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards

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10 thoughts on “Why Write?”

  1. Joan,
    Why does a musician play an instrument or an artist paint? A writer writes because that is what he/she does.

    Sometimes I think my writing is to entertain myself more than anyone else, but I do write fiction to entertain children. As an educator, I co-wrote newspaper articles for adults called “Tips for Parents.” Obviously that was to inform and educate. My nonfiction articles for kids also educate. I write goals that evaluate myself. I write to correspond with friends and family, especially by email. I add comments to blog posts to share thoughts and opinions and motivate the author to keep posting. I do make to do lists too. Recently I wrote an article for a professional magazine to persuade others to take action on a matter. I have kept a diary and written a poem a day for a year. I’ve jotted down the date I saw my first dragonfly and other signals of season changes. I thought these might come in handy with other writing. It was a way of compiling data–a timeline. I wrote activities for my church for free for ten years so I obviously am not motivated by money, but I do send to paying markets too. I’ve written under a pen name for a Christian magazine per their request; which shows I don’t do it for fame, although I do desire to have my name on a book one day. I’ve written way more job applications this past year and a half than I care to think about. Thankfully, success did eventually result. I’ve written grants to raise money for worthwhile events. I share activity for kids on my blog because I hope teachers and parents will consider adding activities in their month based on calendar events. For example, learn about a zookeeper’s job for National zookeeper Week.

    I write because it was a gift I was given to share and it brings me joy. I never dreamed I would touch on each of the items in this list when I began, but I have.

    Joan, my answer is longer than the blog post! It would have been much easier to have said, “I write for most all of these reasons, how about you?” :)I did enjoy sharing–probably because I’m a writer.

    1. Dear Linda,
      Wow! You write for all 17 reasons. That is great. I loved the way you shared each way you wrote and why. This tells us how truly you care about yourself and others. I know that filling out job applications was very stressful when you received so many no responses. I am glad that you found a job. You are very resourceful. You indeed have a gift of writing. Thank you for sharing it with me. I like the way your blog lists activities for each month. Some of the celebrations, I had never heard of. When is National Writer’s Day? If there isn’t one, we need to start one.
      Have fun today.
      Joan Y. Edwards

        1. Dear Linda,
          November seems to be a good month to celebrate writing then. Especially, November 15th – I love to write day. Thanks for sharing. You’re a jewel.

  2. I write because it entertains my brain. I like to do something mentally stimulating and while I’m ocean sailing, I seem to have time on my hands. I love the feeling at the end of the day when I have words on a page.

    Writing is something I do just for me. That’s not to say I wouldn’t love to have my novels published, of course I would, but I write for the pure pleasure of writing.

    1. Dear Kristina,
      Thanks for writing. I love the way you phrased, “I write because it entertains my brain.” Doing something mentally stimulating is a great way to keep your mind in shape and help you live longer, too. Plus as you say, it’s entertaining. I’ve only been sailing in a sailboat on the ocean one time, it was definitely an experience to write about. It was scary, yet humorous.
      Good luck with all your writing and publishing goals. It’s great that you are happy where you are! That helps you get where you want to be.
      Have fun today.
      Joan Y. Edwards

  3. I used to write to help make a living… this was back in the day when I was writing three novels a year on contract. In those far-gone days, my workday ran from 8:00 AM until 2:00pm… 6 days a week! Now, I write for pleasure and fun. It’s a much different quotient!

    Thanks for the intriguing post, Joan…..xx

    1. Dear Maureen,
      It’s good to hear from you. Writing three novels a year on contract must have been both exciting yet stressful. Yet it put money on the table for you to survive during those times. I’m glad that now you are able to write for the pure pleasure and fun of it. And you blend your artistic skills of painting with your writing, it’s simple awesome for me to experience. On behalf of all the people who read your blog and your books, thank you.
      You’re welcome for the post. I started out with 5 reasons to write and kept on going until it expanded to 17. I’m glad you found it intriguing.
      Have fun today.
      Joan Y. Edwards

  4. Wow! I didn’t know that there even were 17 reasons to write!
    I write first and foremost because I can’t help myself. I’ve been doing it ever since I learned to write. Reading and writing have been the fabric of my life forever.
    However, after I learned how to write legibly and then learned how to write meaningfully, I received a call to write faithfully.
    I have been following that call since the late nineties. Over the years, I have been led to many different kinds of writing. Currently I write to help Christians live with the increasingly oppressive secular dominance in our culture. I try to help people understand all the ways secular thinking has wormed its way into Christian attitudes and behaviors. I try to encourage Christians to stand up for their faith and to reject secular twists on the truth with confidence. I try to lead people to discover in the Bible the truths that will sustain them in this conflict with the culture.
    And sometimes, now that I have discovered Yahoo Voices, I write to critique and tweak the secular thinking that is the voice of the Enemy of the faithful.
    I’m glad God provides for all my needs, because I’m not making a living at this job, and I am glad God has found me useful for his kingdom’s work. I love being a writer.

    1. Dear Qathy,
      Thanks for writing. It is very good that you write to encourage and persuade others to stand up for their faith. God is proud of you for using your gift of writing to share with his people.
      Do something fun today.
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

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