Violette Early, Author of “Blacklisted in America”

Violette Early, Author

Today we are honored to have as our guest, Violette Early, author of Blacklisted in America and editor of Reflections. Welcome, Violette.

Thank you, Joan. I am excited to meet your readers!

Great, Violette. Let’s begin.

  1. Where were you born? Chicago, Illinois
  2. Where is your favorite place to visit? Nantucket
  3. Did you ever want to hide when you were a child? Only when my father came from work. He always stopped to visit with mom. After settling in a bit,  he would make his rounds. My room was his first stop. If mom still had all her senses and hadn’t pulled all her hair from her head that meant I’d been a good girl. However, if I’d been bad, I’d have to pay when dad made his rounds. Then the next day, I’d go easy on mom.
  4. What are your favorite places to read a book now? Lying down.
  5. Why did you decide to write Blacklisted in America? Jon passed in 2005 and it wasn’t until about 2014 Jon’s oldest living cousin contacted me on Facebook Chat. After introducing himself as Rev. Dr. Alfred Early, he wanted to know what happened to Jon? Magazines like the Billboard stated that “A New Star Has Risen.”

“Because of quarrels with his father over his major at Notre Dame University, he left the university in the summer. He was eighteen and had no where to go. Jon noticed on a huge window, a picture of Uncle Sam pointing down at him saying “We want you.”

Alfred asked, “Do you have Jon’s discharge papers? Have you noticed anything unusual on his papers?

I said, “Yes, as-a-matter-of-fact all along the bottom of the paper are  numbers mixed with letters.”

Alfred said, “Please read them to me.  Meet me back here on chat in twenty minutes.”

When we went back, Alfred asked, “Are you sitting down? Jon was Blacklisted by the US Army.” This is why I began my research and began to write his story.

6. Why did you write this book?  This is my main purpose for writing our story, Blacklisted in America. I want people to know the truth about my husband, Jon Early’s life. No one knows the details better than me. I was an eyewitness. People may ask, “Is Jon Early’s biography the truth, the whole truth?”

My answer to them is, “Yes,  Jon Early’s biography is the whole truth.”

Jon Early
Jon Early
Jon Early loved to train dogs.

7. Writing, reading, researching, and revising this story has helped me deal with the facts with which Jon and I lived. I wrote it to help others who may find themselves in similar situations. No one deserves to live a lifetime of uncertainty.

Going back to the Army: They were very confident of their ability to fool the world. There was never a doubt with the Top Brass that they had the right man for their job. However, they  didn’t know how to manage Jon.

I decided people deserve to know the facts and in turn, may improve life for themselves, as well as others.

One of my favorite quotes is: “Never heard another singer sound more like Belafonte than Jon Early.”

Violette Early

8. Did you cry while writing Blacklisted in America? Yes, I did in Chapter 33 where I talk about Jon’s kidney failure. Most of the time I was too furious to cry because Jon abused his body a lot. Although Jon abused his body a lot. Amazingly he always seemed to pull out.  Each time it seemed like it would never happen again, however, it did. Only after Jon died on the third of March 2005 was he out of pain.

9. What do you want people to learn from reading Blacklisted in America? That the farthest possible reason why all of a sudden, the art world rejected Jon. It went so far as to deny him the theme song to a big movie that he actually recorded by United Artists, but they denied it. To us that meant he was blacklisted in America.

10. Who designed the cover for your book?  April Agbayani, our daughter, Sula Early, and I designed the cover.

11. Who edited it for you? Chris Morris and I edited it.

12. Who has been the most help and inspiration to you as a writer? Besides my late husband, Jon Early, Joan Y. Edwards, John P. Weiss, and Tony Black have inspired me.

13. Do you plan on writing another book? I plan to write a children’s book and a novel.

14. What has been the most exhilarating moment for you as a writer? When Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing accepted “Blacklisted in America.”

15. What was your husband’s stage name? Jon, was his stage name. His regular name was John. In my first edition of Blacklisted in America,  I used Jake for his name and Isabella for mine to protect our son and grandson named John Early.

15. What happened to Jon in the military? It’s quite a long story but true that the military planned and expected Jon to perform. Jon was just short of a genius. He was able to learn another language like a speeding bullet. It’s all in the book details. Jon’s oldest living cousin Rev. Dr. Alfred Early D, Min., Ma, BS, discerned from a code on Jon’s discharge papers that the military had blacklisted him. We always thought his dark complexion was the problem, but everyone seemed to love Jon and his talent.

17. Were you able to find proof of Jon’s music and movies? It took me two to three years to locate his music and movies he was in. Everything seemed hidden or destroyed. United Artists and other recording studios denied his recordings.

In 1964 Jon recorded for United Artist the theme song to The Best Man.  Here’s a picture from Billboard Magazine. Jon Early with Edie Adams April 18, 1964 Premier of movie, The Best Man. Jon is the new United Artists Records singer who recorded the title song, “The Best Man” by Mart Lindsay and Noel Sherman.

Billboard Magazine. Jon Early with Edie Adams April 18, 1964 Premier of movie, The Best Man. Jon is the new United Artists Records singer who recorded the title song, “The Best Man” by Mart Lindsay and Noel Sherman.

The recording label for Jon Early’s song, “The Best Man” theme song for the movie of the same name.

Reviews of Blacklisted in America by Violette Early

  1. 04/10/18 by Owomi Oduburu, an artist, writer, performer and singer from Nigeria, West Africa said, “Undoubtedly, the didactic works of John Early should be compared with that of notable writers like Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, etc. For his impeccably highly educative analytical works of arts. Blacklisted in America by Violette Early is dedicated to her noble husband, Jon Early, who contributed immensely in the entertainment industry before his demise in 2005.”
  2. Mr. Harry Belafonte noted “A deeply moving memoir with its share of humor, determination, and a leader of vividly colorful figures. A colored person’s Elegy has defeated his downfall. The story of a patriotic young American and his disappointment at becoming disillusioned with despair from their lies and deception. After all, when they had no more use for him their plans where to shoot him in the back and call it ‘an attempt to escape.’ Though Jon was very young and ignorant in the ways of U.S. Military, his family and all very influential friends needed-to-step-up and save him from the unknown. Instead, he was fed to the wolves.”

Blacklisted in America by Violette Early
Reflections by Jon Early edited by Violette Early.

About Violette Early

Violette Early (1943) grew up on the Southwest side of Chicago. After attending one year in a nursing program Eastern Airline’s flew her to New York City to work in their Manhattan Reservation Office. Then in 1974 after being married for six years, she had a daughter, Sula and six years later a son named John. Subsequently; following her husband passing in 2005, she returned to school majoring in English Creative, Writing, Research, and Literature in 2012. Violette was added to the President’s Honor Roll at Mt. San Jacinto College in 2014, for her outstanding academic achievements.
Violette Early’s family: her brother Jim and to his right, his wife Marie Pacetti, 5 children and many grandchildren. They live in Naperville, Ill.
Picture of Violette Early’s Grandchildren
Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you, Violette Early for stopping by for this interview.

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