Use Search to Find Your Pet Words

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Use Search to Find Your Pet Words by Joan Y. Edwards

Most writers have pet words. Words they use over and over again…especially in a draft manuscript.

My pet word is then.  Other pet words used by writers I know are just, some, because. 

Here is how I use the (search) Find in Microsoft Word.

  1. Open the word document I want to go through.
    In the right hand side you will see Find with a magnifying glass to its left.
    Replace is right underneath it.
  2. Click on Find. An empty box will come up. Type in the word you are looking for.
  3. Now click on the word you typed in the Find box. 
    It will show you the word and how many instances are in the document.

I suggest going to each instance it shows you and decide if you want to keep it or delete it. If you delete a word, you might have to change the punctuation. Capitalize a word, put in a comma, etc.

There are little arrows to the right for you to go to the next one.
What year Word do you have?

Here is a YouTube video of using the search and find in Microsoft Word.


Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright 2019 Joan Y. Edwards

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