The Forgiveness Tunnel Leads to Better Health

I wanted to share with you the Lenten Reflection video I did for our church, St. Matthew, on The Forgiveness Tunnel for March 7, 2019:

Forgiveness Tunnel Video

Here is a link to my blog post  May 24, 2018 about the Forgiveness Tunnel.

Joan Y. Edwards. “Do You Need the Forgiveness Tunnel?”

And an earlier one in 2016 with the first mention of the Forgiveness Tunnel.

Joan Y. Edwards. “Let Anger and Frustration Go:”

Feel free to share with others.

Another Article about Forgiveness

Amanda L. Chan “Forgiveness Health Benefits”

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2 thoughts on “The Forgiveness Tunnel Leads to Better Health”

    1. Dear Linda,
      Thank you for writing! I am glad that you liked the video. Thanks for reading the 2018 post about The Forgiveness Tunnel. I’m honored that you believe it contains good stuff. Have a fun day!

      Never Give Up

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