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Order for Sixteen Copies of Joan’s Elder Care Guide

“Order for Sixteen Copies of Joan’s Elder Care Guide” by Joan Y. Edwards

On June 7, 2018 I had a new exhilarating experience! Park Road Books called and asked for 16 more copies of Joan’s Elder Care Guide for a customer! 16 copies…16 copies…16 copies!

Here’s a picture of me with the 16 copies of the book

and of John Osborne with Park Road Books accepting the copies!

I was so excited that the roof came off our house and I went flying through the air. Thank you, Park Road Books for believing in me and Joan’s Elder Care Guide.

Thank you to the customer who ordered 16 copies to give to participants at a workshop for caregivers! May God give them all the help they need!

A couple of weeks later, Pat Mayhew, the lady who bought the 16 copies emailed me.  She and Nina Arten, coordinators for the  “Parenting Your Parents” workshop invited me to be a presenter! Oh my goodness!

Of course, I said, “YES. It would be an honor to be a presenter for the workshop.”

Not only that, they want to set up a table so that I have a place to sell copies of Joan’s Elder Care Guide and  Flip Flap Floodle!!!

I am looking forward to meeting the coordinators, speakers, and participants! Thanks for reading my blog. I’d love to hear from you! A comment from readers brightens my day!

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