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Who’s Outside the Door? – Stories

brown doorframe and door about a fourth open
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“Who’s Outside the Door?” by Joan Y. Edwards

The writing prompt was to write about guessing who is outside your door and finding out who it really was…a mystery or a comedy. For instance, you were expecting your sister and her boyfriend to be outside the door, but and instead, you found a cow.

So exciting. Thank you to the 4 writers who submitted their stories. They are listed below in ABC order. I gave each of them a Blue Ribbon award after their stories.

“Who Is Outside the Door?”
by David Parle pen name Roger Rapel

It was one of those stormy nights, where ominous clouds began to roll-in, which complimented the earlier forecast. Sandra just made it home before the heavy drops of rain began to fall.
Sandra rubbed her hands together as she entered her apartment. The heating had just clicked-on, So she kept her coat on until it warmed-up.

She made a nice hot instant soup, sitting on the sofa she wrapped her fingers around the mug keeping them warm. The remote was clicked on, she found the news channel.
Sandra sat watching all the bad news that was being reeled off by the news readers. Then the weather report was read out, but she could hear the driving rain being pounded against the windows so didn’t need the report.

The heating had warmed up the apartment allowing Sandra to remove her coat. Just as she slipped it off she heard the news reader saying, ‘and now for a news flash.’ Sandra was half listening, when she heard the name of the town where she lived, and the possibility of a dangerous escaped criminal who maybe heading towards the town.

Sandra sat down watching the report, there was a picture of a hard-faced looking man who was on the run. She shook herself muttering something about how evil he looked. The report said not to approach him but call the police immediately if seen.

There was a ring of the doorbell, she all of a sudden went into hyper mode, who was at the door, she wasn’t expecting anyone. Sheepishly she looked through the spyhole, but could see no one, she reached for the door handle as she heard a 1,000 violin’s strike up as fear overtook her, who was at the door, was it the escaped prisoner???


Wrong Door Made Right
by Joan B. Reid

Knock-knock, tap-tap.
Who could be at my door at 8AM on such a snowy morning?  Unexpected, unknown.  I grabbed my fuzzy pink robe, took a glimpse in the mirror.  I wasn’t expecting anyone.
“Who’s there?”
“Lady, this is not a knock-knock joke.”  A gruff male voice responded.
“I know and that’s why I’m asking. Who are you?”
“Oh, a philosopher here. Who am I?”
“OK, then what do you want?”

I heard an impatient sigh.  Oh dear, this was no joke, nor philosophical, nothing but frightening. Meanwhile, my kitty-cat, Jerome, began weaving around my ankles, a sure sign he was      hungry.
“I have to feed my cat.”
Tap-tap-rappity tap.
“I don’t have all day, lady.”

He called me lady, he’s a respectful unexpected visitor. Still unwilling to open the door, I called my neighbor. Thank goodness she was home. In fact, she was almost at my front door when she answered her mobile phone.

“Hi, Bonnie, do you see someone at my front door?”
“Yes, I’m here by you. He’s the repair man to fix my dishwasher.”
I flung the door open to see Bonnie and a man in work clothes. He had the bluest eyes and a sheepish expression.

“Oh boy, wrong door. I’m sorry lady.”  My eye lashes fluttered.
“It’s okay,” I replied.  But it wasn’t really okay.  It was better than okay.  I fed my cat and hastily joined Bonnie for morning coffee while the repair man, Teddy, fixed her dishwasher.

The next evening there was a knock at my door.  I wore an off-the-shoulder dress with gold earrings and necklace.
“Who’s there?”
“It’s me, Teddy.”
“I’ll be right there!”


Who’s Pounding On My Door?
by Joan Leotta

In the middle of the night, I heard a pounding on our front door. I hopped out of bed, not even waiting to put on my slippers, I ran across the tile hallway. Who’s there, I called loudly. No answer. I turned on the porchlight and peered out the side window panels. No one on the porch. Who had pounded on the door? A neighbor in need? An animal?

No one was expected at three in the morning. My husband was still asleep. I woke him–“Didn’t you hear the door? he replied he had not and I began to wonder what was going on –was it a dream? But the pounding had continued as I ran to the door, stopping only when I arrived.

I tried to go back to sleep but could not. I went into the kitchen to make myself a cup of herbal tea to help me at least relax, rest for the two hours remaining before my alarm would propel me into the day’s tasks.

As I reached across our gas stove to the microwave, I saw the red light that meant the oven was on and I noticed that the temperature had reached the highest point and the indicator was blinking. Quickly I pressed off. At eight I called the repairman who told me he would come right out and to not use the stove or oven since the oven was likely ready to explode.

Who had pounded on my front door in the middle of the night? I am sure it was an angel.


Who Is Outside the Door?
by Maureen Crites

Who is outside the door?
When I heard I hit the floor
Yesterday, my daughter’s neighbor rang the bell
It was his effort to tell
He had smashed my car
Tried to open the driver’s door and I did not get far
This is my sad effort to tell
Who was outside the door and rang the bell
My poor car will never be the same
And climbing over the passenger seat is a pain!


Blue Ribbon to show that You Make a Difference

David Parle – Blue Ribbon for Good Description
Joan B. Reid – Blue Ribbon for Good Dialogue
Joan Leotta – Blue Ribbon for Good Mystery
Maureen Crites – Blue Ribbon for Good Surprise

I appreciate your sharing your stories with us.

 Please let us know how you liked the stories. Would you like for me to do another writing exercise?

Joan Y. Edwards, Author
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