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Gratitude Rocks

My friend, Linda Gutheil shared an audio recording of The Secret in 2009. It intrigued me and caught my fancy. Why? Because it reflected many beliefs I held from my study of positive thoughts and thinking in abundance that began in 1987.

Later in 2009, my late husband, Carl, and I watched The Secret movie on DVD. He liked it so I bought him a copy of the book, The Secret  written by Rhonda Byrne. Through the years Carl and I watched the movie many times. Each time we learned something that we could use to help us live with less stress.

When we first watched it, Carl told me, “That’s what you’ve always told me.” That made me smile.

One of Carl’s favorite things he learned was the importance of thankfulness.

The more thankful you are for things, people, money, ideas, good health, the more you get. It sets you off to get more of something when you say thank you.

I had a traumatic experience when I was sixteen because I didn’t say “Thank you”  and didn’t show appreciation for something. So its been a personal thing of mine to tell God and his people, “Thank you.”

Lee Brower tells in the Secret DVD that he picked up a rock from a river close to his house. He put it in his pocket. Each time he touched it he said, “I am so thankful for … (and named what he was thankful for in his life).”

I think this gratitude rocks are a great way to remind you and me to be thankful.

Carl and I both liked rocks and collected a few from souvenir shops here and there. Considering them gratitude rocks made them even more meaningful to us. He chose one and carried it in his pocket. I put one at my computer, in my car, and in my pocketbook.

Lee Brower tells in the movie that a friend of his from South Africa visited his home one day. Lee’s rock for thankfulness dropped out of his pocket. His friend asked him, “What is that?”

Lee said, “It’s a rock. When I put it in my pocket in the morning, I say “Thank you for something that means a lot to me. When I touch it during the day, I say thank you for something else or the same thing. At night when I take the rock out of my pocket, I say thank you again.

His friend said, “Oh, it’s a Gratitude Rock.”

That man called Lee from South Africa a few weeks later and asked him to send him three Gratitude Rocks  His son was sick with a life-threatening disease and needed an operation.  Lee sent him three rocks from the river banks close to his house. His friend called him later and told him that people in his community had sold lost of Gratitude Rocks and raised enough money for his son to have the operation. The operation was successful and his son survived.

I know with different things that are going on in our world today, we all need more positive ideas floating around in our minds.  I hope that by reading this post, it helps you fill your mind with thankfulness for the people, things, and ideas that give you peace and joy. It is my hope that God, your creator, fills your life with meaning, an abundance of all you need, feelings of well-being, and experiences that make you smile and fill your heart with joy beyond measure.

Please leave a comment. Share what you are thankful for.  I am thankful for you. You help me survive. Thank you.

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