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Consider All the Possibilities

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Consider All the Possibilities.
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“Consider All the Possibilities” by Joan Y. Edwards

Many times you might put yourself in a box. You may think you can’t get out. But that time has gone. You can get out of that box.
An elephant trainer tied him with a heavy chain to an immovable steel stake. He couldn’t leave the area. There was only a circle of destinations he could reach. After a certain amount of time, the trainer removed the stake. The elephant thought he was still trapped by the stake.
When I took care of my Mother for 14 years, it got where I couldn’t go places or do things I usually did unless I had someone come in to watch her. Like the elephant, I had a stake and rope keeping me from going places.
These imaginary yet real ropes and stakes keep you from doing what you want.
Covid sort of acts like a stake for many of us. We don’t go here or we choose not to go there based on Covid or other beliefs totally unrelated to illness. Personal Note: Covid, The Flu, and Other illnesses seem to be prevalent. Find a way to interact with more people safely. Wear a mask. Wearing a mask is helpful. Do what makes you comfortable. Protect yourself and your loved ones.

Today I would like for you to consider the possibilities for all the things you planned to do but didn’t. All the things you thought you could do, but haven’t. Perhaps there is a change you could make in your mind and in actuality to make it come true.

There are limitless possibilities. Sometimes we limit ourselves because of past experiences.
There are several categories:
1. Spiritual
2. Personal
3. Home
4. Finance
5. Your Choice
You choose an area that’s causing you distress. Write down your beliefs. If you’ve had a goal and haven’t reached it, there may be negative statements hidden that are acting for us like the chain and steel stake. They keep us from pursuing our goals. They keep us stuck.
I believe I can’t get another job.
I can’t get a book published.
I can’t save enough money.
I can’t get married.
I won’t list more. You get the idea. I’m sure there are a few resting in your brain.
Pull out that stake that’s holding you back. Pull off the chain personal experience may have attached to you. It is time to go through a time to renew yourself.
Any time a voice (yours or someone else’s) says something negative about you. Say the opposite. Say the good thing about yourself.
List 10 things you’d like to do but you haven’t been able to do it yet.
Say aloud:
Walk: I can and do walk.
Take a Trip: I can and take a trip to _______.
Call Old Friends: I can and do call old friends once a week.
Take Time to Pray: I can and do take time to pray each day.
Have Enough Money/Abundance of Money: I have enough money to do what I want and need to accomplish. I have enough and more…that’s an abundance of money so I can share with those less fortunate.
Save Money: I save money in high-paying savings or money market account. If you get a tax refund, put that money in a money market account. Usually money market has a higher interest than savings accounts. Don’t take it out unless you are using it for house repairs or new appliances.
Learn new skills: I can and do learn new skills with __________.
Reward: I reward and celebrate myself when I accomplish small things and big things. Celebrating the small steps helps you get to the big steps of accomplishments.
You decide and add to your list. Food for thought. Food to feed your inspiration.
I learned the hard way when I was a teenager. I used to put money in a savings account. However, I took the money out in the next few weeks. That defeated the purpose of my savings account.  If you can do it, spend only the amount of interest you make each year.  Now I use my savings/money market only for house repairs or new appliances.

Remember to think in and consider all the wonderful possibilities!

Personal Note:
I closed the shop on my website. Thank you to all who bought the books from me. You honored me. The shop stopped working properly. It didn’t automatically make the books available to those who purchased it. They had to contact me and let me know. I was able to email them their puzzle book(s). I couldn’t fix the program. Therefore, I deleted it and closed it down. I will announce how you can purchase the puzzle books soon.

Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you. What do you do to empower yourself?

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