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Pitch Exercise #2 Romance – Would You Accept or Reject These Pitches?

“Pitch Exercise #2  Romance  – Would You Accept or Reject These Pitches?” by Joan Y. Edwards


Is this a pitch that you don’t like?
Reject it and tell the reasons why. There are 7 possibilities listed. Check the appropriate answers.

Is this a pitch that sells you on the manuscript?
Accept it by asking for 3 chapters and a summary.

If it’s an already published book or movie, choose that option and make note of the title of the book.

Here are the statements that accompany each pitch:

1.  Reject it.
2. This pitch is missing main character.
3. This pitch doesn’t tell what main character wants or needs.
4. This pitch doesn’t tell why main character can’t get what he wants or needs.
5. This pitch is missing emotional hook.
6. This pitch is missing conflict.
7. This pitch is missing change in character.
8. This pitch is missing universal theme.
9. Accept it. Ask for first 3 chapters and a summary. Why? (Put answer in box below)
10. This is a pitch from an already published book or movie. (Put title in box below)


1. How could I improve the exercise?
2. What did you learn from doing this exercise?
3. Did Pitch Exercise #2 Romance help you discover a better way to write your pitch? How?

Please tell me your three favorite children’s books: picture books, chapter books, middle grade novels, and/or young adult novels. In January I’ll do an exercise on pitches for Children’s books.

In January or February,  I’ll do a chat or webinar. I’ll announce the dates later.

Thank you very much for reading my blog. You light up my life.

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