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Reblog: To Traditionally Publish or Self-Publish by Karen Cioffi

Repost: “To Traditionally Publish or Self-Publish” by Karen Cioffi

Whether to publish traditionally or self-publish is the question I get most from my ghosting clients. Most new to the writing arena don’t understand what’s involved with either path. This article will helpfully shed some light on the topic.

Here’s a link to the rest of Karen Cioffi’s article with great advice and resources:


Which Social Media Meets Your Needs?

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Which Social Media Meets Your Needs? by Joan Y. Edwards

There are many social media brands. It is difficult for one person to use all of them successfully. I use Facebook and Twitter most, followed by Alignable, Linked-In, Instagram, and GoodReads.

Choose the one that’s comfortable for you. Choose the one that meets your social needs and your business advertising needs.

Alignable – You can connect with people who live in your community or far away. Message people to set up a coffee meeting and learn more about sharing your services and find out more about others services in your neighborhood. People in your network may share your messages about your business.

“How to Use Alignable for Your Small Business:”

Facebook – Set up a page on Facebook and advertise your books and blogs. You can also pay for Facebook ads.
7 Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing

GoodReadsGet your books reviewed and review books. Build a network. 
Tck Publishing. “Three Ways to Creatively Market Your Books on GoodReads” https://www.tckpublishing.com/three-ways-to-creatively-market-your-books-on-goodreads/

Instagram Pictures and posts only last 24 hours.
52 Tips How to Market on Instagram

Linked-In – Connect with professionals you know. Linked-In gives you a chance to post your blog links right in your account so that others will see it.

How to Use Linked-In Beginners Guide

Ten Reasons to Use Linked-In

Pinterest – Post images.
12 Strategic Ways to Use Pinterest for Marketing

Collect Images for Fun and Research – Use Pinterest

Twitter –  Set up a Twitter account to spread the word about your books and blogs. You can set up to do automatic posts on Facebook and Twitter from your blog.
What Exactly Is Twitter?

25 Ways to Use Twitter for Marketing https://www.practicalecommerce.com/25-Ways-to-Use-Twitter-for-Marketing


The 21 most popular social media sites in 2019


Which Social Media Is Right for You?

21 Book Marketing Tips for Authors

I hope these resources help you find a great way to market your books, blogs, or other items.

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