Helpful Site: The Best Self-Publishing Services and the Worst. Rated by the Alliance of Independent Authors

“Helpful Site: The Best Self-Publishing Services and the Worst. Rated by the Alliance of Independent Authors” by Joan Y. Edwards

Wow! How do you find out whether a self-publisher is good, mediocre, or dangerous to use. Which one is a trusted organization?

Many of my subscribers have asked me these questions. I found this site that I believe will help you make a wise decision if you’ve decided to self-publish.

I don’t recommend using this as your only source of information to use to help you decide. But, it may give you a good idea of which publishers to definitely put off your list.

The Alliance of Independent Authors: Self-Publishing Advice Center.  This site rates self-publishers as to the best and the worst.  I looked through this. It is very informative.

I asked Sarah with ALLi these two questions:

Question 1: In the list, have all the publishers critiqued in the list joined ALLi as partners – have they paid you a membership fee in order for them to be critiqued?

Answer 1.  Everyone featured on our list has been vetted (critiqued) by our Watchdog Desk, whether Partner Member or not. No fee has been paid to be vetted, but those accepted as Partner Members do pay an annual subscription.

However, they will not be accepted as a Partner Member by ALLi unless they align with our Code of Standards –

All ratings are the opinion of the watchdog desk. ALLi is willing to work with any self-publishing service that wants to align with current best practice.

Question 2. Would you explain the process on how you find out the information to grade them?

Answer 2.  ALLi Watchdog ratings are based on careful appraisals of multiple criteria: pricing and value, quality of service, contract terms and rights, transparency, accountability, and customer satisfaction.

Check out the publisher you’re using, the one you’re considering, or one you already know isn’t the best for you. It may help lead you to the right publisher for you.

I hope you find the right traditional publisher for you, but if self-publishing is the right venue for you, this site will help you make an informed, wiser choice.

Self-Publishing Advice

Self-Publishing Services Rated

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10 thoughts on “Helpful Site: The Best Self-Publishing Services and the Worst. Rated by the Alliance of Independent Authors”

  1. I think about writing books sometimes, i love imagination, well got to stick with the screenplays, thank you Joan, keep in touch

    1. Dear Billy,
      Thank you very much for writing. I enjoy hearing from you. Perhaps I’ll do a post about screenwriting and list resources there.
      Enjoy being you!
      Live safe and well.
      Never Give Up

  2. Joan,

    You provide quality information with love. So good of you! You are appreciated!

  3. Thank you, Joan. I don’t happen to need such services, but if I did I’d find this valuable. Mind you, I haven’t checked, but do “partner services” pay a fee?

    My one disagreement is approval of Amazon’s KDP. I had a very poor experience with them, and don’t recommend the service.

    1. Dear Bob,
      Thank you for writing. It is always fun to hear from you. I wrote the ALLI organization and asked them to explain whether all the companies that were reviewed paid them a membership fee. I’ll revise the post and put the information they share with me. I’ll also let you know here in this comment. I’ll revised it and tell you what I discovered.

      Live well and safe.
      Yay! We’re alive.
      Never Give Up

    1. Dear Carol,
      Thank you for writing. It is indeed quite a list. I hope it helps people decide which publishers to ponder and which to cut off their list.

      Never Give Up

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