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Wonderful Surprise at Barnes and Noble Book Signing

Signing Berdetta Culver's copy of Joan's Elder Care Guide

Signing Berdetta Culver’s copy of Joan’s Elder Care Guide


Oh my goodness! What a great book signing event we had on Saturday, February 25, 2017! Thanks to Barnes and Noble and The Charlotte Writers Club for providing the opportunity to take part in this Book Fair at the Arboretum store. It was over the top wonderful in every way! Thank you to the following people for coming by: Dy English, Lorrie York Hackett, Mollie York Chewning, Mark Chewning, Kylie Hackett, Luke Chewning, Wyatt Chewning, Janet Meyer-Jackman, Barbara Lunow, Dan Lunow, Janis Silverman, Richard Silverman, Jeff Dubrielle, and Patricia Duran.

First came, Dy English, an illustrator friend from The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). Thank you, Dy.

Dy English and me

Thank you to my daughters and their families, Lorrie Hackett, Mollie and Mark Chewning, Kylie Hackett, Luke and Wyatt Chewning for coming to my book signing. A few minutes after they came, I got a big surprise that brought tears of gladness to my eyes. My sister, Janet Meyer-Jackman flew down from Michigan to be there! So sweet! Everyone enjoyed keeping the secret!

My Big Surprise – My sister, Janet Meyer-Jackman and me
Kylie Hackett, Lorrie Hackett, Mollie Chewning, Janet Meyer-Jackman, and me.
Front left to right: Luke Chewning and Wyatt Chewning
Second Row, Joan, Mollie Chewning, Lorrie Hackett, Kylie Hackett
Third Row,Barbara Lunow, Patricia Duran
Fourth Row: Richard Silverman, Janis Silverman, Dan Lunow, Mark Chewning, Janet Meyer-Jackman
Mark and Mollie Chewning, Lorrie Hackett
Luke Chewning and Maw Maw Joan

Here’s the way it went. Lorrie, Kylie, Mark, and Wyatt were sitting on the long bench in front of the magazine section. Mollie and Luke were standing in front of the magazines. I asked them what they’d been doing today. Mollie said, “We’ve been shopping.”
“What were you shopping for?” I asked.
Mollie said, “Turn around and see!”
There stood my sister, Janet Meyer-Jackman! Oh my goodness! Tears ran down my cheeks.

Video of my sister, Janet surprising me at the book signing!

Thank you to Jeff Dubreuil for coming. I hadn’t seen him in about 20 years. He and his sister are caring for their Mother. I am praying for them.

Jeff Dubreuil and me

Thank you, Janis Silverman and Richard Silverman for coming. Janis was the leader of the writing group that helped me get Flip Flap Floodle in shape for publication. She let me know that my frog illustration needed work. She couldn’t tell that the frog was a frog!

Janis and Richard Silverman with me

Thank you to Barbara Lunow and Dan Lunow for coming. Barbara was in the Savvy Wordsmiths critique group in Fort Mill that closed down last year. I miss seeing them once a month.

Barbara and Dan Lunow with Joan Y. Edwards

Patricia Duran, thank you for coming and for helping me pack up my books and things and carrying them to my car. Patricia and I are movie friends who make each other laugh.

Patricia Duran and me

I was wound up, high in the clouds, feeling great!
When it came time for my reading, I was excited.
I am so thankful to God. There was a crowd of about 15-18 people watching and listening. Most sat in a semi-circle. Others stood to my left. I am thankful to Liz G. Williams and Ione O’Hara, two of the other authors at the book fair who listened to my readings. That was so sweet.

I read first from Joan’s Elder Care Guide encouraging caregivers to ask questions and to keep asking them until they get the answer they need. I told that it is very important to leave a plan that includes what the elder can and cannot do because it helps the substitute caregiver do a good job.

Flip Flap Floodle by Joan Y. Edwards

Afterwards, I read from Flip Flap Floodle. I planned to stop after Flip meets Mr. Bear, but I said, “One more page won’t hurt, right?”

Ione O’Hara said, “Show us the fox. We know he’s in there.”
So I showed them Mr. Fox who didn’t like Flip’s song and swallowed him whole. Flip was inside the Fox’s belly still playing his song. Flip’s Mother bopped Mr. Fox with her pocketbook and sprinkled pepper on his nose. Mr. Fox sneezed. Out flew Flip Flap Floodle still
playing his song on his flute. Flip Flap Floodle, Floodle Floodle. Click below to hear me sing Flip’s song.


Thank you very much to Whitney Schuner, the Community Business Development Manager of Barnes & Noble-Arboretum. She did an outstanding job of organizing the Book Fair at the Barnes and Noble – Arboretum. All of us authors appreciate you.

Whitney Schuner, Community Business Development Manager
Barnes & Noble-Arboretum

I sold 6 copies of Flip Flap Floodle and 5 copies of Joan’s Elder Care Guide. Thank you to all of you who came and a special thanks for purchasing my books and those by other authors! The event was such a success that Barnes and Noble and Charlotte Writers Club may agree to have an annual bookfair!

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Joan Y. Edwards, Author
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Flip Flap Floodle Will this little duck’s song save him from Mr. Fox?
Joan’s Elder Care Guide A guide to help caregivers and elders find solutions.