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Don’t Ignore Unexpected Treasures

“Don’t Ignore Unexpected Treasures” by Joan Y. Edwards

In 1988 Bjorn Secher, Bjorn Secher Achievement Systems said, “Any road can become a scenic route, depending upon your attention.”

What does this mean to you?

How can you use this with your writing?

My mother, Ethel Darnell Bruffey Meyer, said, “I’ve never been lost, but I’ve taken many interesting detours.”

How many times do you fuss and squirm when you take a wrong turn? How many times do you get upset when your GPS directions takes you to a dead end road nowhere near where you wanted to be? You hate these unexpected detours. They are prickly thorns in your side.

Money Grows on Trees

I loved the following story about a man who came back from Chicago.

Dan said, “Man, they’ve got money growing on trees up there in Chicago.”
Jake said, “Really.”
“Yeah. I picked a 50 dollar bill off of one tree,” said Dan.
Jake said, “Wow! That is awesome. I think I’ll take a trip to Chicago and find that money tree.”
Dan said, “Good luck.”

So Jake hitches a ride with his buddy who drives an 18 wheeler. They delivered furniture to a store in downtown Chicago.

“You go on to Wisconsin without me. I’m going to find that money tree.”

He walked around town and found a tree with one dollar bills in it. He said, “Shoot fire. I’m not going to mess with measly one dollar bills. I want to find that tree with fifty dollar bills on it.”

You know the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say. Jake never found the other one and missed the treasure because it was not what he was expecting.

Don’t miss something fun, spontaneous, and worthwhile because it wasn’t on your goal for the day! Don’t miss the beautiful sunrise because your GPS took you in the wrong direction. GPS to me stands for God’s Positioning System. When you listen to God, he has you right where he wants you. Focus on what you want, but be grateful and acknowledge what you have.

Sometimes we plan for a character to be the hero and he decides to be the bad dude. Perhaps you thought this was a fantasy mystery but it turns out to be a mystery similar to Monk or Columbo.

Celebrate you.

Pick up the unexpected treasures from your day and rejoice in them. I promise you they are there even in detours that you thought were interesting.  Leave a comment and tell me your treasure detour, your unexpected treasure today.

Celebrate you.

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