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In What House Would Your Main Character Reside?

“In What House Would Your Main Character Reside?”

After writing the post about shoes characters might wear, it started me thinking about what house a main character might reside to bring about tension in the story or calmness in the middle of a stormy lifestyle.

Here are books that’ll start you on the road to visions of houses in your head for your main characters. They got my creative juices going.

I used http://www.morguefiles.com to find the images to help get you thinking. Thanks, morguefiles.com.

1. Perhaps your main character likes an apartment to mingle with lots of people but ends up getting in heated arguments over noise, pets, or water leaks. Why does your character choose an apartment in this building?

2. Would he live in a beach home? Does he work as a lifeguard? Work for a restaurant? Work for a local fire department? Why does your main character live in a beach house?



3. Does your main character need a birdhouse? Perhaps he runs a bird sanctuary? Or a bird adopted him? Why does your main character need a birdhouse?


4. Has your main character inherited an unknown house out in the middle of no-where that according to documents might need a little work? How does your main character handle this? Why would he take on the challenge? Or would he give it away only to find out there is oil on the property?


5. Does she live in a mountain cabin so she can ski? hunt deer? enjoy a nearby waterfall? Get away from people when a nearby resort bus breaks down near her cabin? Why did your main character choose this cabin?


6. Does your main character fulfill a lifetime dream of living on a farm? Raise horses, cattle, or sheep? Why did your main character choose a farm?


7. Is your main character so rich he lives in a mansion with 100 rooms and 100 servants! Why did he choose a mansion?


8. Is your main character find himself devastated by a tornado that devoured his home and wiped out his family? What if he’s always helping others and now he has to accept help? Why did he choose this house?

9. Would your main character be dependable and concerned with the safety of boats and ships and as such live in a lighthouse? Why?

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy this post. Please leave what kind of home your character would live in gladly and which one would add tension to your main character’s life.

Celebrate you.
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