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Writer Essentials for Submitting: 4 Steps

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Writer Essentials for Submitting
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“Writer Essentials for Submitting: 4 Steps” by Joan Y. Edwards

I am not an editor, publisher, or agent. I am an author and illustrator who wants to encourage you to submit your work so it can be published.

Below I have outlined steps to follow to submit  a great article, poem, puzzle, devotion, illustration, short story, chapter book, middle grade novel, young adult novel, adult novel, song, stage play or screenplay.

You’ve got a great story. Follow these 4 steps and you’ll have the Essentials for Submitting: Go for it.

Writer Essentials for Submitting 

Step 1 Get your work critiqued, edited, and proofed.

Step 2 Choose the publisher, editor, agent, or contest for this writing project.

Step 3 Write the pitch, query letter, cover letter, resume, bio, and/or proposal as required by the guidelines of the editor, agent, or contest you chose for submission this time.

Step 4 Time to Submit to publisher, agent, editor, or contest.

Resources to help you improve your writing and/or to inspire you to write more!

A. Learn from reading the works of other authors:

  1. Best-Selling Authors for Children

2. Best-Selling Authors for Adults

3. Books on the craft of writing.

At the top of my site, you will find headings for:  Writer Essentials for Submitting; Step 1; Step 2Step 3; and Step 4.

Please leave your questions and comments here or email me at joanyedwards1@gmail.com/
Keep writing. Keep submitting.
Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards
Copyright © Joan Y. Edwards 2010-2022

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Essentials of Science Fiction

Essentials of Science Fiction

“Essentials of Science Fiction”  by Joan Y. Edwards

In writing a time travel novel, I’ve been studying to figure out what essential pieces of science fiction. This is what I’ve learned so far. Please add any essentials you’ve discovered in this genre in the comments.

  1. What if – What if a certain science experiment was done or technological invention was created? It depends on your personal preferences whether the experiment or invention is plausible.
  2. Impact – How would this experiment or invention impact the human race, specific individuals
  3. Setting – Time, Culture, Place, Environment.

Often science fiction takes place in the far future. However, it could take place in the past or near future.

An author can narrate straight through from the beginning to the middle and go to the end.  He/she can also start near the end and back to the beginning and come back to the present. 

Science fiction novels that take place in the near future can fill readers with greater fear and trepidation than those 10,000 years into the future. It seems more plausible and therefore puts the readers facing the problems themselves in a real situation.

Here are my favorite Science Fiction Movies:
Star Wars
E.T. Extra Terrestial

Please let me know your favorite Science-Fiction books or movies. I listed 9 resources for you!


  1. Alan Donohue. “How to Write a Sci-Fi Screenplay:”
  2. Amy C. Chambers. “Why Science-Fiction in Near Future Is So Terrifying:” https://theconversation.com/why-science-fiction-set-in-the-near-future-is-so-terrifying-73474
  3. Amy Sterling Casil. “Three Elements of Science-Fiction Literature
  4. Dan Livingston. “25 Best Far Future Science-Fiction Books:” https://best-sci-fi-books.com/25-best-far-future-science-fiction-books/
  5. “Difference between General Fiction and Science Fiction Structure:” https://penandthepad.com/difference-between-general-fiction-science-fiction-structure-3400.html
  6. Goodreads. “Best Near Future Science Fiction:” https://www.goodreads.com/list/show/45509.Best_Near_Future_Science_Fiction
  7. M.T. Wroblewski. “Linear Narrative:” https://penandthepad.com/linear-narrative-1805.html
  8. Nancy L. Erickson.  “Importance of Setting in Your Story:” 

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Stay well. Be safe.
Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards, Author
Copyright © 2020 Joan Y. Edwards

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