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How to Reach Your Goal – Persistence

“How to Reach Your Goal – Persistence” by Joan Y. Edwards

I straightened up my bookshelf today. I found a folder with notes and trinkets from the past. In it on a check book cover, I found where I wrote hints on how to reach your goal using persistence. I thought these are still good. I edited them to improve them and make them more useful.

Persistence is the firm and stubborn, obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty, opposition, or criticism. Persistence is a friend you want with you every day of your life.

  1. Set a goal that demands your best and that means a lot to you both on the inside and in the natural world.
  2. Develop a burning desire, an unquenchable thirst, an inner excitement that will lead you to make your goal a reality.
  3. Ask God, your creator, to help. God believes in you and has promised he, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit will help you reach your heart’s desire. After all he put that desire in you.
  4. Keep your eyes, mind, hands, and feet heading to your goal.
  5. Refuse to listen to negative criticism from inside or outside your head that say you can’t do it. 
  6. Surround yourself with encouraging people and words.
  7. In what seems to be defeat or a big mistake, look for a personal lesson and start again with vigor and confidence. Be flexible. Change  your direction when you reach a dead end. Be stubborn. Don’t give up when others would. Be stubborn. Go forward one step at a time. Reward yourself for each step you take. Take time to have fun along the way. Your fun times will fuel your tank to get you over the hump.
  8. When you believe there is a way, a way will appear to help you reach your goal. There is another way to reach your goal that you didn’t know about. There’s an expressway that God is building to get you there. Look for it.
  9. Believe you can reach your goal.  If you believe you can, you are right. If you believe you can’t, you are right. It’s your choice.
  10. Take action toward your goal every day. Keep believing that you are capable of being who you want to be. Do something small each day to move you to the goal. Don’t take no for an answer. You can do it.

One of my readers, Anthony Mondal shared his ideas to help meet your goals with art: (Thanks, Anthony.)

“Back in NY days I defined ART in my writing notebook journal as….

A = Aspirations
R =Rebellion of the Self refusing to be confined.
T = Tenacity”

Do any of these ideas seem meaningful to you? I hope so. Please leave a comment! I enjoy “hearing” what you have to say.

Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards, Author
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