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I Am a Certified Scriptreader!

“I Am a Certified Scriptreader” by Joan Y. Edwards

Script University offered a course in Scriptreading  Certification. I took it from August 13, 2020 until October 8, 2020. Our instructor was Brian O’Malley.

I thought by learning to be a scriptreader, I would learn how to improve the two screenplays I wrote, plus have a new way to make money.

I learned what happens to a script in a film studio based on what a script reader says about a script.

I learned the correct formatting for screenplays that is accepted by the movie industry.

I learned how to write a good synopsis.

I learned how to analyze a script’s logline, concept, plot, structure, setting,  character, and dialogue.

I learned how to give my honest objective opinion and ways to improve the script without being biased or expressing personal whims.

I learned how to get a job as a script reader. I created a sample cover letter, resumé, and two script evaluations. For my script evaluations, I chose My Cousin Vinny and Romance in the Outfield: Double Play.

I learned that screenplay contests use scriptreaders. I may apply at one of the contests.

Brian O’Malley from Script University gave great feedback on each lesson.

If you have a screenplay you would like for me to evaluate, email me at joanyedwards1@gmail.com.

My charge right now is $75.00.  This includes a line-by-line notes and a grading sheet with 100 points possible score.

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