Sunset on the Western Mediterranean Sea

sun setting near Livorno, Italy on Western Mediterranean Sea
Sun is getting ready to drop
The sun is dropping closer to the Western Mediterranean Sea near Livorno, Italy.
Sun is dropping closer to the Western Mediterranean Sea near Livorno, Italy on October 1, 2023.
The sun has dropped into its place in the Western Mediterranean Sea near Livorno, Italy.
The sun has dropped into its place in the Western Mediterranean Sea near Livorno, Italy.
Painting trying to show the beauty of the sun dropping on the Western Mediterranean Sea near Livorno, Italy on October 1, 2023 by Joan Y. Edwards
Sunset on the Western Mediterranean Sea on October 1, 2023 – Painting by Joan Y. Edwards

“Sunset” by Joan Y. Edwards

The Sun rises to work for us every day.
Like you and me, it gets tired and sets in the evening.
Sometimes in the evening you and I plop into our chairs from fatigue.
Does the sun just plop into its chair to rest until morning?

My daughters, Lorrie and Mollie, and I enjoy watching the sun rise and set. On October 1, 2023, when I was on a cruise ship close to Livorno, Italy I experienced a beautiful sunset like no other I had seen before.  About 7:01 p.m. after we left the port of Livorno, Italy I joined Mollie watching the sun set.

Usually, I see the sun gradually go down. It did that this time, too. But this time instead of steadily moving little by little towards the hole in the sky where it meets the ocean, it looked like it dropped right into a little parking place for it in on the top of the ocean. Perhaps there’s an easy chair for the sun to plop into every day wherever it is. I am glad I got to witness it happening in Italy.

I took the photos and painted the picture, too. I hope you enjoy them.

Please leave a comment. If you have photos of one of your favorite sunsets, please share them with me. I will post at least 3 of them here for all to enjoy.

(Before Covid, I told my daughters that I would like to go to SanRemo, Italy and Rome, Italy to do research to add details to a novel I wrote called Immigrant Heart and one I am writing about going back in time to save Julius Caesar from being assassinated.  So they helped me plan this cruise to the Western Mediterranean  from September 23-October 2, 2023 to do my research and to have a wonderful time adventuring with them. We decided that doing a cruise and leaving luggage on board the ship while we toured different areas was a great way to explore Spain, France, and Italy in the Western Mediterranean Sea. And it was!)

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18 thoughts on “Sunset on the Western Mediterranean Sea”

  1. Gorgeous! I love how you described the sun dropping into its place. I’m thinking I should plan a book whose location would be New Zealand and have to go there for research of course! Lol Wishing you all the best with your writing. projects!

    1. Dear JQ,
      It is so good to hear from you. Thank you for writing. I’m glad that you loved my description of the sun dropping into its place. I wish you good luck in planning to write a book about characters in New Zealand and going there for research and adventure. Thanks for wishing me luck with my writing adventures. You are sweet.

      Never Give Up

    1. Dear Carol,
      Thank you for writing. What a sweet compliment to say it is a beautiful blog! You’re welcome for my sharing my pictures, painting, poetry, and reasons for traveling to the Western Mediterranean Sea ports which are definitely a lovely part of our world. Good luck with getting your book entitled “Half-Truths” published. It’s a great story.

      Never Give Up

  2. Hi Joan!
    Beautiful to see this post from you. How blessed you were to have taken this trip. In 2008 I took a trip to Greece with my family. That Mediterranean Sea is so beautiful. I am glad you had a great trip with your daughters. I have 3 books now and attended a writers brunch on Sat. to share about them.

    God Bless,
    Megan Vance

    1. Dear Megan,
      Thank you for writing. It is good to hear from you. Thank you for being happy that I had a great trip with my daughters. Please share the names of your 2 other books you have published. I pray you continue to be successful in your writing endeavors.

      Never Give Up

  3. Joan,
    Thank you for sharing a small part of your wonderful cruise. Sunsets are always amazingly beautiful and you captured one via your phone and your paint brush.

    1. Dear Sandra,
      Thank you for writing. It was my pleasure to share a part of our wonderful cruise with you. You are right. Sunsets are always amazingly beautiful. Thank you for saying I captured one via my cell phone and my paint brush, too. How sweet! I wish you continued success with your writing!

      Never Give Up

  4. Joan! Loved the sunset and painting. The way you describe it “plopping into its parking space” made me smile. How blessed you are to travel with your daughters, making memories. I am truly happy for you. AND writing a historical piece on saving Julius Caesar really intrigues me. 😍👍

    1. Dear Joan Reid,
      Thank you for writing. Thank you for saying you loved the sunset and painting. I’m glad that my description of the sun plopping into its parking space made you smile! I am definitely blessed that I am able to travel with my daughters making wonderful memories. Thank you for being truly happy for me. I am glad that my writing a historical piece on saving Julius Caesar really intrigues you. You make me smile. Good luck with your writing projects!

      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

    1. Dear Maureen,
      Thank you for writing. I am glad that you love sunsets, too. I am honored that you think I captured a beautiful sunset. May you see many beautiful sunsets to help brighten your world.

      Never Give Up

  5. Hi Joan,
    What a wonderful inspiration for your painting. Both are very beautiful.
    I, too, am writing a novel about ancient Rome, but mine takes place in the Republican period. I’ve done research in Rome twice, once with my granddaughter. We also, make beautiful memories.

    1. Dear Barbara,
      It is great to hear from you. Thanks for saying the pictures and the experience were great inspiration for my painting of the sunset.

      So neat that you are writing a novel about the Roman Republic. I am so happy that your daughter toured Rome with you and that you made wonderful memories!.

      Pkease let me know when yiur book is released!

      Never Give Up

  6. I love your description of the sun resting in an easy chair. 🙂 How wonderful that your daughters planned a cruise for you. My husband and I love cruising. It’s like a floating hotel, right? Much easier way to see the world. Your pics and painting are beautiful!

    1. Dear Shawn,
      It is so good to hear from you. I am delighted that you love my description if the sun sitting in an easy chair. So sweet of you to let me know. You and your husband are right. A cruise ship is a floating hotel!!! I am glad you liked my pics and my painting of the sunset.

      Never Give Up

  7. Such gorgeous pictures! Sounds like such a joyful time with your family. I’m so glad you were able to go there! I love your painting too. I bet you have many good ideas for your story, now. Sending love to you ❤️

    1. Dear Sweet Kathleen,
      Thank you for writing! Thank you for being happy that I got to take this cruise with my daughters. You are right. I do have good ideas for my stories now. I am glad you liked the pics and my painting. I send prayers for healing and peace to you.

      Never Give Up

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