Reblog: “Elderly Suicide: The Risks, Detection, And How To Help” by Aging in

Reblog: “Elderly Suicide: The Risks, Detection, And How To Help” by Aging in

Everyone is under a lot of stress today because of the Corona Virus and other diseases, unrest all over the world. We all need to monitor our family and friends as best we can to help them so they do not even think of committing suicide. In case this article might help you or someone you love, I’ve posted the first paragraph and a link to read the rest.

Suicide rates have increased by more than 30 percent since 1999 in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). States that have seen the largest increases include Utah, Wyoming, Kansas, South Carolina, Vermont, and New Hampshire, among several others. Nevada was the only state reporting a decrease, and that was by only by 1 percent.

To read more about his and find out how you can help: Click on the link below:


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