Image Props for Stories #7 Pay Phone, Blue Wildflowers, and Fast-Moving River

“Props for Stories #7 Pay Phone, Blue Wildflowers, and Fast-Moving River”


Here are three props: Pay Phone, Blue Wildflowers, and Fast-Moving River. You can add them to one manuscript or use to give more life to your characters in several stories. I hope you enjoy using them. Here’s are key words for a paragraph or first page: abandoned, lost, afraid, danger, tent, campground, broken, blue, fast-moving, fire, only a few hours left, coyote, and kitten.


I hope you see how using props adds interest to a story. It gives your characters something to fiddle with. These props will put images in your mind to help describe a character and what he cares about or despises.

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9 thoughts on “Image Props for Stories #7 Pay Phone, Blue Wildflowers, and Fast-Moving River”

  1. Maureen,
    You know how to take a little and make it into a lot. Way to go!

    I have no story to contribute, but I do love the refreshing photo of Clear Creek River. It’s a setting worth writing about.

  2. Dear Linda,
    Thanks for writing. Maureen must be into Flash writing, huh? Short and to the point. Boo hoo! No story to contribute. Not even if I give you my “poor puppy eyes” look?
    I’m glad you liked the picture I took while Carl and I were on the Georgetown Loop narrow gauge railroad train ride. There were some awesome views. It was a great day spent with friends and beautiful landscapes.
    Enjoy your day! Celebrate you!
    Joan Y. Edwards

  3. Joan,
    Ok–here’s a bit more. Those eyes are hard to resist.

    Sandy strolls along Clear Creek River, staying within view of the rented cabin. She crouches near the rushing waters that appear strong enough to wash away all doubt, even those she holds on to with a string wrapped round and round her finger. She gazes out at the distant field of blue chicory swaying in the gentle breeze. She bobs her head in rhythm.

    Ringggg…her cell phone rudely interrupts. For a moment, Sandy considers ignoring it. Claiming reception was poor. But she reaches for it and said, “Yes?”

    1. Dear Linda,
      Thanks for not resisting my poor puppy eyes and sharing your creativity with us. I loved your passage. You used the rushing waters as a way to get to how they mean something to your character emotionally. Immediately we can grasp it because it’s a visual. We can almost see the water washing away all the doubt in her mind.
      You’re right. In many places cell phone service is unavailable or has poor reception.
      Send me a first page of one of your manuscripts to… I’ll be glad to critique it free of charge!
      Celebrate you and your compassion for my poor puppy eyes.
      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

  4. Joan,

    That’s very generous of you but I didn’t meet all the requirements for a free critique. I want to be fair. It was a terrific exercise for me though. I never thought of holding on to doubts like we hold on to something we don’t want to forget. Powerful thought!

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