I Said a Prayer for You Today

I Said a Prayer for You Today

by Joan Y. Edwards

Listen to me reading this prayer.

I said a prayer for you today.
I know God heard it fine.

I prayed your fears disappear from view.
I prayed God’s love encompass you.
I prayed that peace be in your heart.
I prayed calm fill your day at start.

I said a prayer for you today.
I know God heard it fine.

I prayed you have the best of health.
I prayed you have abundant wealth.
I prayed love follow you near and far.
I prayed you realize the gift of God you are.

I said a prayer for you today.
I know God heard it fine.

I thanked God for sending you as my friend.
I prayed you know God loves you without end.

You saw the answer to my prayer.
I know you saw it fine.

You saw the beauty in the face of a child.
You saw the wonder of an animal in the wild.
You saw a mother protecting her young with her life.
You saw the unselfish husband providing for his wife.

You felt the answer to my prayer.
I know you felt it fine.

You felt God’s presence within you.
You felt God’s warmth in your heart and soul.
You felt God’s energy and power from above.
You felt confidence from God’s acceptance and love.

You tasted the answer to my prayer.
I know you tasted it fine.

You tasted the absence of hunger.
You tasted the hope of compassion.
You tasted the healing of forgiveness.
You tasted the guidance of wisdom.

You smelled the answer to my prayer.
I know you smelled it fine.

You smelled the scent of friendship.
You smelled the sweat of employment.
You smelled the leather of toughness.
You smelled the woods of safety.

You heard the answer to my prayer.
I know you heard it fine.

You heard the voice of the needy.
You heard the music of kindness.
You heard the cries of the lonely.
You heard the footsteps of courage.

You heard God whisper in your ear.
I know you heard him fine.
He said, “I love you, my dear child.
I’m glad that you are mine.”

Copyright © 2002-2011 Joan Y. Edwards


Thank you for reading my poem.  I hope you liked it. I started writing it in 2002 and finished it in April 2011.

During the Christmas holidays in 2012, Lucille P. Robinson sent me a beautiful turquoise prayer beret and scarf. Her ministry is so wonderful. She makes prayer shawls and gives them to the sick or those who need comforting. She also sends them to say “Thank you.” I know the people are healed and their burdens made lighter by the love that Lucille puts in the making of the shawls, berets, and scarfs.

She sent the beret and scarf to me to say “Thank You” for writing the poem and for writing my blog. Isn’t that sweet?

Thank you, Lucille for warming the hearts of God’s people. Thank you especially for warming my heart with the prayer beret and scarf you gave me.

Thank you, Lucille Perkins Robinson.


Celebrate You.
Never Give Up!

Joan Y. Edwards

Copyright © 2013 Joan Y. Edwards


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6 thoughts on “I Said a Prayer for You Today”

    1. Dear Vivian,

      Prayer is indeed powerful. It connects us with God and his answers connect us with each other.
      Thanks for stopping by. Do something fun for you today.
      Joan Y. Edwards

  1. Joan,
    This is POWERFUL and SO LOVELY! We are endeed enriched by your prayer!

    And where is this being submitted? Somewhere, for sure!

    Linda A.

    1. Dear Linda,
      Thanks for saying my prayer was powerful and lovely. You are kind. I don’t know where to submit it. They might not want it since I put it on my website, but perhaps they would.
      Have fun today!
      Joan Y. Edwards

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