8 thoughts on “How to Comment on a WordPress Blog without Signing-in”

    1. Dear Scotti,
      Thanks for writing. You’re right. You can sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account. I’ll add this information to the blog. The people who were having problems didn’t want to sign in at all. But if you happen to remember one password over another, it would help, wouldn’t it? Celebrate you and your willingness to share.

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  1. Very interesting post. I would like to link back to it. You have composed an extremely good article.

  2. I just saw this I was curios about my cherry tree that we purchased and planted the year we built our home. It was a “cherry tree per the tag and every year we would see, like you, mail size little balls growing on the tree. We planted in 2006. And by about 2014 I began to notice that my tree had about 2” in diameter green apples. I never ate one bc I was not sure what it was on my cherry tree. When we moved out in 2016 it was bearing fruit (and or small apples ) like crazy. It began at the top and started moving down. When moved out they were still growing up top and moving a little higher than midway the tree but still nothing at the bottom. Which we never trimmed it on purpose because of the way it was growing. I find that someone else with that experience is great

    1. Dear Cleigh B,
      Thanks for Writing. It’s interesting that you bought a cherry tree and it turned out growing apples. Yeah I think they planted two trees in the same place in my case. One was a Cherry tree and the other was an apple tree. Because I had both cherries and apples. It was amazing. Just like you I was surprised, surprised, surprised. It is definitely interesting to hear that you and I had similar experiences.

      Thanks for sharing.

      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

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