God’s Daily Delivery Service

Basket of daily abundance from God
God’s Daily Delivery Service – An Abundance of All You Need

“God’s Daily Delivery Service” by Joan Y. Edwards

“God’s Daily Delivery Service” by Joan Y. Edwards

 I hope you enjoy my Lenten Reflection for March 10, 2022 for St. Matthew Catholic Church.

God’s Daily Delivery Service – Watch Video on Youtube.

Did you know that God provides a daily delivery service? God himself drops a basket of gifts to you every morning and places it in the cupboard of your heart. God says to you, “Be at peace. Here is everything you need to survive today in abundance: faith, hope, love.”

When you try to change the past and control the future, you run out of love, wisdom, and compassion. The grip of anger, sadness, and grief puts you in a very deep hole of hopelessness. Fear blinds you from seeing solutions to your problems. Wanting control of the future keeps you from hearing God’s voice. You feel empty.

Be of good cheer. God is faithful to you. He delivers a basket of mercies to you every day of your life (Lamentations 3:21-23). He never holds back his love for you. God gives you all you need. He fills you up. Breathe in peace. Exhale fear. Breathe in faith. Exhale distrust. Breathe in hope. Exhale despair. Breathe in love. Exhale hate.

Talk with God. He is a good listener. Explain everything that keeps you from believing that you have enough. Tell him your problems. Ask him your questions. Tell him what scares you. Tell him what makes you happy or sad.

God loves you. Love yourself as you are right now. Picture the positive. Walk where nature can nourish you and replenish calmness. Visit a place where you feel close to God. Make something. Listen to your favorite music. Be kind. Smile. Be thankful. God will be there for you every day of your life. You can count on it. God’s love for you is everlasting!

I was going through a rough time in January and February 2022 when Jim Alvarez from my church, St. Matthew in Charlotte asked me to do a Lenten reflection. I was so excited when I figured out that I was thinking I didn’t have enough…I was sad. There were so many people in my life who were sick and some nearing death. It seemed like everything was caving in on me. Then I remembered God gives us an abundance of all we need. I looked for scriptures and I found in the New Century Version of the Bible:

21 But I have hope
    when I think of this:

22 The Lord’s love never ends;
    his mercies never stop.
23 They are new every morning;
    Lord, your loyalty is great.

I hope you enjoyed this devotional/reflection of God’s Love for You. Please leave a comment and let me know if you would like for me to do more of these video reflections.

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6 thoughts on “God’s Daily Delivery Service”

  1. It is ALWAYS a good thing to meditate on God’s mercies to His people–who totally don’t deserve them. Thanks, Joan!

    PS I’m having a great time at Joyce’s–as she pushes me to go deeper and deeper with Half-Truths!

    1. Dear Carol,
      Thanks for writing. You are right. It is always a good thing to meditate on God’s mercies. So glad you are having a great time on your writing retreat with Joyce Hostetter. You are a lucky lady!

      Never Give Up
      Love, Joan

  2. Hi Joan,

    I am going to hold this close to my heart. Each and every day will remind me of the baskets of blessings God delivers! Thanks so much for sharing this.

  3. Dear Joan,
    Thank you for these words from your heart. They bring tears to my eyes because I needed to hear this.
    Since Clay left this earthiness 2019 and then my only sibling, my older sister, Debbie less than a year later, and my dad in 2015, I have become the sole caregiver fo my mum. She is 91 with dementia. I moved her from Pittsburgh, in with me and there is no one left now, just us.
    After these extreme, drastic life changes, it feels like God forgot about me and all my closest, loved ones. Your words and thoughts and prayers in this blog are a much needed reminder. You continue to amaze me.

    Sending you much love and gracious thanks,

    1. Dear Karen,
      Thank you for writing. I am very glad that my blog post about “God’s Daily Delivery Service” helped you to feel better about you and God. To me, God always helps those who help their parents. I was constantly amazed at how God had the right doctors, the right information given to me to care for her. Believe and it shall be given unto you. I haven’t found it in the scriptures, but I know that God is very merciful. And that if we feel we don’t have enough, he will help us realize that he is there for us in ways we don’t necessarily feel or realize.

      I admire you and your positive attitude and your willingness to listen to God’s call to help your Mother. My mother had dementia and I sometimes felt lost with her thinking she was 18 years old…but then I thought how confusing must it be for her and how hard to fathom.

      I am praying for you and your Mother right now. That both of you be surrounded by God’s love and abundance and my love and care for you both.

      Never Give Up
      Joan Y. Edwards

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