Flip Flap Floodle Won Two Firebird Book Awards: Children’s Humor and Picture Book for Ages 4-8

Firebird Book Award
Children’s Book – Humor
Picture Book for Ages 4-8

Oh my goodness! I am very excited. You’ll find me floating around in the clouds with my big winter coat on.
Flip Flap Floodle won two Firebird Book Awards for 2021
1st Place, 
Children’s Book Humor
3rd Place, 
Picture Books Ages 4-8 

Flip Flap Floodle written and illustrated by Joan Y. Edwards wins two 2021 Firebird Book Awards

All 2021 Firebird Book Award  Winners  

Thank you to Speak Up Talk Radio for having this contest with entrance fees that are used to  provide pillowcases for women and children in homeless shelters.


I’ve told Flip Flap Floodle since I was 5 years old. I told it to everyone who would listen. I told it to the children in my class when I taught school. When I became pregnant with my first child, I thought it would be great to get Flip Flap Floodle published as a book so my child could read it. After trying for years and years to get someone  to publish it, I decided to take a chance on myself. I illustrated it and self-published it in 2004. I am thrilled that I can now say I am an award-winning writer! Hip Hip Hooray!

When you and your child read Flip Flap Floodle, I hope it will capture your heart and fill you with the belief and courage to keep on going even when things seem really bad.

One parent said,
“My daughter sleeps with the book every night.”

A grandma said, “My grandson goes around singing Flip Flap Floodle all day.”

Many adults say, “Flip’s song bubbles up in my mind when trouble meets me in the eyes.  I sing and hum his song. It helps me believe I can get through it and I don’t give up.”

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Book Trailer

Book Summary: Flip Flap Floodle is a happy little duck who goes to show Grandma how well he can play on his new flute. Flip believes  his song will save him from Mr. Fox. He is in big trouble when Mr. Fox doesn’t like even like his song. Will Flip’s mother find him before it’s too late? Will Grandma get to hear Flip’s song?

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Don’t just take my word for it. Here is what others say:


FULL OF FUN***** 5 stars

Flip Flap Floodle, a sweet trusting musical duckling encounters several characters on his way to Grandma’s house. There’s Mr. Chicken, Mr. Bear, and the baddy-wad Mr. Fox.

This is a delightful story on several developmental levels: colorful illustrations to entertain toddlers; a funny story that will enrapture kindergarten-age children; a self-reader for first and second graders; a good message for older children; and a musical book to please all children.

A great twist at the end!
…Best regards, Joan Reid

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Kindergarten Teacher, Natalie Sanchez and Second Grade Teacher, Dan Barber review my class visits and Flip Flap Floodle below:

For Teachers

Flip Flap Floodle  Multiple Intelligences Matrix for Kindergarten

Sample Lesson Plan using Flip Flap Floodle Flip Diversified Intelligence Lesson Plan


Never Give Up
Joan Y. Edwards, Author
Copyright © 2009-2023 Joan Y. Edwards

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20 thoughts on “Flip Flap Floodle Won Two Firebird Book Awards: Children’s Humor and Picture Book for Ages 4-8”

  1. Hi Joan,

    Reading through your blog and listening to the videos of the two teachers and the positive and memorable impact you have left with them and their students put a smile on my face. 😊❤️👍🏼💙.

    I’m so blessed to have been a small part of helping you bring this inspiring and encouraging children’s story in print back in 2004 during my early career in the publishing industry.

    I’m sure you will continue to inspire educators and students with “Flip Flap Floodle” for many years to come.

    Blessings to you, your family and your writing!


    1. Dear Roy,
      Thank you very much for writing me here on my blog. You were the first professional I talked with on the phone about Flip Flap Floodle. You believed in me and Flip Flap Floodle and helped me navigate the waters to get it published through BookSurge in Charleston in 2004. Thank you for your always believing in me and my stories. You have a special place in my heart because of that. It was such a joy to meet you in person and to be friends on Facebook and follow you and sweet wife and lovely children there. Good luck in all your endeavors.

      Never Give Up

    1. Dear Melanie,
      Thank you very much. Thanks for writing. I’m excited that you’re doing the happy dance with me! I love reading your books. I look forward to seeing “It Happened at Perce Rock” during 2021!

      Never Give Up

  2. Wow, that’s great! Flip Flap Floodle will provide the music for your happy dance. So happy for you and Flip Flap Floodle!

    1. Dear Linda,
      Thank you for writing. You are right. I’m singing Flip Flap Floodle while I’m dancing! Thank you for being excited with me about winning the Firebird Book awards!

      Never Give Up

    1. Dear Gretchen,
      Thank you for writing. Thank you for buying my book and sharing how your grandchildren went around singing Flip Flap Floodle’s song when you introduced the book to them. So fun! I hope it continues to ring in their hearts to help them through tough times. Love you.

      Never Give Up

    1. Dear Juli,
      Thank you for writing. I am definitely proud and very thrilled that Flip Flap Floodle won Firebird Book Awards!
      I am over the moon with excitement. Love you.

      Never Give Up

    1. Dear Shawn,
      Thank you for writing. I am over the moon excited. Thank you for believing Flip Flap Floodle deserves those two awards. Thanks for dancing along with me!

      Never Give Up

  3. Dear Joan,
    Congratulations on the awards for your Flip, Flap, Floodle. I am very happy for you.



    1. Dear Maureen,
      Thank you very much for writing. It is good to hear from you. I appreciate your congratulations! It is an awesome honor!
      I hope you have a Flip Flap Floodle day!

      Never Give Up

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